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Pastors Seek To Quash WEALTH & PROSPERITY GOSPEL In BLACK CHURCHES! It Is A Highly Criticized Theology That Teaches “Wealth And Good Health Are A Sign Of God’s Blessing”. Is That Why Jesus Was So Lacking In Worldly Comforts And Died So Young! Does This Mean God Did NOT Love Jesus Christ, HIS ONLY SON, But Does Love Rich Tithers At 1st Baptist Church? Ask Bishop Michael V. Talbert To Explain That Anomaly! + Why 1st Amendment Is Dead & Education On Life Support In Wyandanch!

The WEALTH & PROSPERITY GOSPEL is a highly criticized theology that teaches wealth and good health are a sign of God’s blessing. – Adolf Hitler proved that you can justify anything. George W. Bush proved that you can ignore Bible teachings while justifying anything. Now these Wealth & Prosperity Black Preachers are following the lessons of Bush & Hitler to an ungodly, non-Biblical theology! Follow these Capitalist Clerics like Bishop Michael V. Talbert at your own peril! I understand that Hell is infinitely large. Continue reading

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