DREAM ACT – OBAMA ADDRESSES ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION? The President Wants Compromise Between BLANKET AMNESTY & DEPORTATIONS (TINA: There Is No Alternative) – He Ignores Sanctioning US Businesses, Which Hire Them = HYPOCRISY!





Obama Calls for Compromise in Immigration Reform

President Obama delivered his first major speech on immigration Thursday with a call for Congressional approval of comprehensive reform. Obama said he hopes to reach a middle ground between granting full amnesty and mass deportations for undocumented immigrants.

Tabacco: This is the single issue with which Democracy Now! cannot be trusted. Note how they use the euphemistic term “undocumented immigrants” instead of a more accurate, but pejorative term such as “illegals”, “illegal aliens” or “housebreakers”!


President Obama: “Ultimately, our nation, like all nations, has the right and obligation to control its borders and set laws for residency and citizenship. And no matter how decent they are, no matter their reasons, the 11 million who broke these laws should be held accountable. Now, if the majority of Americans are skeptical of a blanket amnesty, they are also skeptical that it is possible to round up and deport 11 million people.”












In ignoring the 3rd POSSIBILITY, Obama implies there is no other Consideration re Illegals (T.I.N.A. There Is No Alternative). He wants us to ONLY CONSIDER between “Blanket Amnesty” and “Massive Deportations”. Obama MISDIRECTS us or focuses our attention away from BUSINESS SANCTIONS! That’s very, very clever SOPHISTRY! You’d better watch this guy very closely! He’s certainly no fool!


Obama has turned this TRIANGLE into a STRAIGHT LINE! TINA Proponents always do that! They ignore a Viable Alternative they HATE or FEAR, saying, “There Is No Alternative”! Generally they give us only 1 Alternative (by the way, that’s a dot.)


But this VERY CLEVER CHIEF EXECUTIVE has done something else, even more SINISTER: He attempts to give us a Choice between the IMPOSSIBLE (Massive Deportations) and the HATEFUL (Blanket Amnesty). How do you compromise between the IMPOSSIBLE & the HATEFUL! Of course, you cannot! Do we deport all we can and Dream Act all who escape the net?


No Compromise is Tenable or Possible on that Obama COMPROMISE STRAIGHT LINE! Is Obama conning Hispanics as he conned the General Public with that “Bait & Switch” Public Option in the Health Care legislation?

(Aren’t Visuals extremely informative!)


Oh, yes! He will do one other thing that Bush tried 3 times in 2007 and failed each time:




What the Dream Act does is give Poor Illegals a Path to Citizenship by selecting either of 2 Alternatives:


1-Higher Education (for which these Poor folks would have to pay out of their own pockets), or


2-United States of America MILITARY SERVICE, which pays them!

(PS That’s 2 dots, one of which is invisible)


Fat Chance those poor Illegals can opt for “Higher Education”!




Without that Circumventing of The Law with  “Military Draft for Illegals”, the whole issue doesn’t make any sense politically, except for Democrats and/or Hispanics.


Now you see why Republican President Bush and Republican wannabe President McCain both supported “Comprehensive Immigration”. You didn’t think they supported Illegals out of compassion, did you!






“And no matter how decent they are, no matter their reasons, the 11 million who broke these laws should be held accountable.” – Holding them accountable will be accomplished by MILITARY SERVICE, not for you and me, but for the War Profiteers. Obama isn’t serving the Public with this PLOY, he’s serving OBAMA’S CORPORATE INTERESTS!


Bush couldn’t run again anyway so losing public support was a non-issue.


And McCain or any U.S. President would need a new SOLDIER SOURCE to implement America’s ILLEGAL WARS! Of course McCain lost the election and his last chance because of his age, now has to fight for his Arizona Senate seat, and now has changed his tune! Don’t ever forget that he favored Comprehensive Immigration Reform when he was running for President! Republican FLIP-FLOPS NEVER get Mainstream Media Coverage! I wonder why! It must be that “Liberal Media Bias”!


No other Republican wants 12-20 million poor people (mostly Hispanics) and POTENTIAL DEMOCRATIC VOTERS LEGALIZED! (Obama, in his speech, also undercut current “estimates” in saying 11 million – this guy never misses an opportunity, does he!) 


How better to significantly increase the Military Pool and at the same time gain millions of Democratic voters than to bypass America’s “No Military Draft” Law for current U. S. citizens by enforcing essentially a “MILITARY DRAFT LAW FOR ILLEGALS”! Even Myopic Hispanic groups are oblivious to this ploy or are at least willing to make the sacrifices of who knows how many Hispanic Illegals to Death and Mutilation In Wars of Profit for Have-Mores! OK, Illegals, you can stay; but first you must play Russian Roulette – with loaded guns!  


Who needs Karl Rove to do Machiavellian thinking!


Do you truly believe Lawyer-Politicians leave all these Legal Loopholes through Negligence, Ignorance, Myopia and Stupidity! Of course not! It takes planning to not only achieve your goals under the Radar but under the Public’s very nose in plain sight! After 5 years of Blogging, I know a Conspiracy when I see one. All you need to do is read between the lines. Multiple Goals under the same Scenario can camouflage the Prime Goal if you play it right.


It’s almost always that carefully shrouded, but ultimately significant ISSUE to those at the Top of the Pyramid, which is barely mentioned or glossed over! This time the Bush-McCain support as the only 2 Republicans on board made my job of “Reading Between The Lines” a SLAM-DUNK!


All Tabacco had to do was answer one question, “Why only Bush and McCain?”


PS If you hire 11 million Illegals to man Military posts, you pay their salaries, feed, house, clothe them. And that doesn’t even include immigration processing costs before Military induction! It costs Taxpayers huge money.


If you attempt to round up and deport these guys, you pay additional police, judges, lawyers, equipment, fence construction etc. etc. It costs Taxpayers huge money.


If you SANCTION BUSINESSES WITH GRADUATED FINES FOR REPEATED VIOLATIONS, it costs you, the Taxpayers, NOTHING! In addition, those Fines go into the government Treasury – a Win-Win Situation! How’s that for Karl Rove-like Machiavellian thinking! Tabacco is learning to think like a Republican!


Slight Oversight!


There is the possibility of course, extremely slim but nevertheless possible, that President Obama is unaware of Business Sanctions against Employers, which hire Illegals.


From the Google Search Capture above, we see that this “possibility” is in fact impossible. Obama knows!


Will Business Sanctions Work?


Arizona’s Employer Sanction Sending Illegals Back Home

The beauty of federalism is evident in Arizona. Arizona’s new employer sanction law, which went into effect on January 1st, virtually requires that all employees in Arizona are citizens or have the appropriate paperwork from the Federal government.


As a result, illegal Mexican immigrants are doing one of two things, moving to other states or returning home. Since our Federal government has not lived up to its obligations, states are taking matters into their own hands.


And as a result of Arizona’s actions, other states will see an influx of illegal immigrants and more than likely, they will also adopt laws similar to those of Arizona. Oklahoma already has. Those states who don’t, will be stuck will all the ills that illegal immigrants bring with them.


The other thing that strikes me is something the amnesty crowd said would never happen. Remember what they said? That it was a pipe dream, an impossibility that that even a small percentage of illegal aliens could be deported. Instead, wholesale amnesty was the only solution.


Instead, we find, as exemplified by Arizona, that without employment, illegals aren’t interested in our way of life. They aren’t interested in life, liberty or property. The concepts of a republic don’t matter to them. Just money. When they can’t earn a living, they return home.


The amnesty hucksters were wrong. We can repatriate the mass of illegals in this country through attrition.


The full effect of the law, which calls for punishing Arizona employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants but hasn’t been used yet, is troublesome and unknown for Mexican lawmakers along the border.


“We have yet to feel the full impact, but the moment (immigrants) leave Arizona, we’re going to have problems,” said Enrique Flores Lopez, director of the state migrant advocacy department in the state of Sonora.

A delegation of politicians from Sonora plans to travel to Mexico City next week to seek help to house and feed workers who may flee Arizona.


“We’re going to demand resources,” said Irma Villalobos, a state legislator who heads the commission of border affairs in Sonora.


Nogales legislator Leticia Amparano, who met with Arizona lawmakers to learn more about the new law and its enforcement, said Mexican lawmakers have collected anecdotes about crowded classrooms and more people roaming the streets of downtown Nogales, Mexico, in search of assistance. Read more…


Maybe it is time for the American people to make an end run around the President, the Congress, and the Department of Homeland Security. Maybe this problem needs to be tackled at the state level and if 20 or 25 states adopt this an Arizona type of legislation, thus removing the economic incentive that attracts illegal immigrants in the first place. And for those states too liberal to adopt such measures, how long before the influx of displaced illegal immigrants into their states forces them to adopt employer sanction laws? Just a thought.


**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.


See what other members of CAII are writing these days:


Suddenly the government thinks the Mexican border is a mess


Does President Obama have his own CONFLICTS OF INTEREST? What do you think! At the top, it’s almost never so simple as Racism. But it’s almost always about MONEY!




LINES! Fun? You Bet It Is!



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May 12, 2011, ADDENDUM


Well, they are doing it at last! Senate Democrats are bringing back that same old DREAM ACT! It is merely a PLOY to deceive and placate HISPANICS! Yes, Dems can pass it in the Senate – if Republicans don’t filibuster it, that is! And GOPers CAN SUCCESSFULLY FILLIBUSTER IT IF THEY CHOOSE!




Had We-the-People given the Democrats a FILLIBUSTER-PROOF 60+ MAJORITY, and had We-the-People allowed the Democrats to maintain their House Majority, the Dream Act would already be the Law of the Land. I would be helpless to prevent it! In this SINGLE INSTANCE, the People have prevented a COVERT Abomination for Hispanics (both Legal and Illegal), Americans in general, and innocent Muslims residing in OPEC countries!


However, in all other Political Matters and re the 2010 Elections, AMERICA SCREWED UP BIG-TIME!


So the whole Issue of the DREAM ACT is a MOOT POINT legislatively! But just to demonstrate to my Democrats-in-Charge that We the People (including Hispanics and Blacks) know what they are up to, I placed today the following Comment on the Senate websites of New York’s 2 Democratic Senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand!


Dream Act is clever ruse to create larger MILITARY POOL for illegal/immoral Wars in OPEC countries, written by the Military!


Only Bush & McCain (among GOPers) favored it (President & Wannabe). Prez is also Commander in Chief! Illegal, poor Hispanics are natural Democrats (why Dems favor & GOPers oppose).


Remove Russian Roulette from legislation (Military service), and I will support it!


Since 9/2010 my Blog Post has >72,000 Hits – fastest/most prolific in 6 years!



PS I am black, 69yrs, Howard U, lifelong Democrat – not an Hispanic hater! This concerns Truth & Fairness, not Ethnic hostility!






We’ve been over 72,000 Hits for several days now; I knew it was time for the Dems to play games again!



April 22, 2013, UPDATE


Originally published at Blog-City on July 2, 2010, and republished May 12, 2011, the following was the ‘Closing Total’ for this Post on September 14, 2011, when Blog-City shut us down for good:

Here are the September 14, 2011, Stats^ for this Post originally published July 2, 2010, and republished May 12, 2011. That’s 81,544 Reads in 14-months. This is the fastest rising Post Tabacco has ever published.



No Individual, No Ethnic Group, No Group Whatsoever should have to PLAY RUSSIAN ROULETTE just to become an American Citizen!



Tabacco did not and would not sign onto this e-mail request unless and until I am certain that the Military Requirement for Illegals is NOT included. And, to date, I still DO NOT KNOW! When I find out, I will let you know!




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Tabacco‘ left this comment on 17 Jun 11

Pamela Prince:

Fox News has deceived you!

Read my Post: http://tabacco.blog-city.com/attention_birthers_president_barack_obamas_birth_certifica.htm


There are 8 ways to eligible to become US President. One is, “Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien and as long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in the U.S. for at least five years (with military and diplomatic service included in this time)


So even if you were not born in the U.S., there are stipulations that permit you to become President.


McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone! But nobody questions McCain’s qualifications because he is WHITE!


If you don’t research it, how can you intelligently discuss it! I do not publish ignorant comments made at the WRONG POST! Had you posted this inane comment at the Post referenced above, I would have published it and made you look even more stupid than you already appear to be!


It is your good fortune that your reading and cogitative skills are limited!




A visitor‘ left this comment on 17 Jun 11

Maybe Obama did not have an original birth certificate for ‘born in USA’ It is my belief he ‘was adopted into a USA family… as his father was not married to his mother at time of conception, as well as the Kenya family will say he was born in Kenya! Check the rules with Adopted Americans, as I believe there is no real proof they were adopted – at time Obama was born, and many to this day believe their adoptive parents are their real birth parents… DNA might tell you different, but who did DNA tests in the 1960′s??


Tabacco‘ left this comment on 12 May 11

Tabacco is so proud! I just googled, ‘Dream Act’. Page after page after page of Posts about it! But most take a point of view, mainly for it, without giving any information. They speak to your sympathy or empathy, but none that I found even mention the “Trap” of MILITARY SERVICE!


Is it that Tabacco is so much smarter than other bloggers? Or is it that other bloggers are just plain dumb? This isn’t nuclear science or genetics even. Yet after going through 12 pages of Googled Posts, I found no other blogger discussing the Military aspect of this “Dream Act”.


Perhaps life is merely my own imagination and everyone else is merely a figment thereof!




Tabacco‘ left this comment on 9 Dec 10



For Hispanics, it’s the ‘Dream Act’, which is nothing more than a Draft for Illegal Hispanics!


For Blacks, it’s Junior ROTC in predominantly Black High Schools. http://tabacco.blog-city.com/columbus_sailed_west_to_reach_east_but_drugs_dont_work_lik.htm


Jr. ROTC in only predominantly Black High Schools demonstrates how antagonistic White parents are to government “Candy Cigarette” Propaganda for their kids and how gullible Black parents are regarding their own kids. It also emulates the Strategy deployed by Tobacco Companies when they financed and promoted CANDY CIGARETTES as a “Gateway Drug” to actual cigarettes. And remember that “friendly” Camel! OK, you’re right! Tony The Tiger, shilling for Frosted Flakes and its SUGARY CONTENT, is just as bad – almost!




Tabacco‘ left this comment on 22 Sep 10

GREAT NEWS: BLACKMAIL “COMPROMISE” FAILS! Why? Because both Issues favored Obama – one Bad & one Excellent! But “Heads I win; Tails you lose” is NOT Compromise!


Senate GOP Blocks Vote on Repealing Military Gay Ban


Senate Republicans have blocked a Democratic effort to repeal the military’s ban on openly gay service members known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” On Tuesday, Democrats fell four votes shy of the sixty needed to advance a defense authorization bill that includes the ban’s repeal. Democratic Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor of Arkansas sided with Republicans in the 56-to-43 vote. The outcome also stalls a separate provision that would allow undocumented young people a chance at citizenship, called the DREAM Act. Senate Democrats say they expect another vote before the end of the year. http://www.democracynow.org/2010/9/22/headlines


“Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” is Hypocritical from a Military Point of View! It is Hypocritical from a Political Point of View. And it is Hypocritical from a Human Point of View. To link its Dissolution to that equally Horrendous “Dream Act” is a Strategy worthy of the Bush administration or the Hitler administration.


Media, even DN!, makes “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” the more important issue – IT ISN’T! The “Dream Act” may appear to be the “tail, wagging the dog”, but it’s the whole pie, not the crust! This is how Politicians deceive America! They make the lesser the greater and the greater the lesser!


Had Tabacco been a Senator, I would have voted with Republicans on this Combo also because there’s no way I’m going to support America’s attempt to pass a Draft for Illegals (Dream Act) to facilitate these Immoral OPEC Wars, even if the “separate provision” were the Emancipation Proclamation!


If Gays are too self-concerned to recognize these facts, I’m sorry. But this ObamaScheme is an ABOMINATION, worthy of Biblical Censureship!




PS President Obama, separate these two separate Issues and let them rise or fall individually, not as a PACKAGE! Politicians will do anything to get what they really want! How Rare is it for Tabacco to side with Republicans!


Tabacco‘ left this comment on 14 Sep 10

Tabacco recommends you read the following Post. It hits the Nail on the Head!



Tabacco could not have said it better!




Tabacco‘ left this comment on 16 Aug 10

This Post refers to Mexico’s former President and Drug Legalization with which I completely agree. But it does not relate specifically to Illegal Aliens.


Vicente Fox Calls for Legalization of Drugs


In an attempt to combat the increasing violence resulting from drug trafficking, former Mexican President Vicente Fox has come out in favor of legalizing drugs in both Mexico and the United States. Fox described legalization as a “strategy to strike and break the economic structure that allows the mafias to generate huge profits in their business.” Fox went on to say, “What is happening is that this huge market of the United States in drug consumption, the largest in the world, is generating the weapons that are sold to Mexican cartels, and is generating the money that is laundered in the United States and brought to Mexico.” It is estimated that 28,000 people have been killed in the drug war in Mexico since 2006. http://www.democracynow.org/2010/8/10/headlines


Tabacco: Drug Lords in both countries won’t like it! Many Blacks won’t like it either, but that’s because they are thinking with their butts instead of their brains. Remember, Tabacco is Black – I can say stuff like this because it’s true and because I am black. Hallelujah! Finally, a Black person gets a break – I can insult Blacks, who favor strict drug enforcement, which hurts the Black community, whereas legalizing drugs would not, and/or those who support homophobia.


I knew if I waited long enough, my day would come.


Tabacco‘ left this comment on 31 Jul 10

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien just received the NABJ’s (National Association Of Black Journalists) Award as Journalist of the Year. Soledad is not only wholesomely beautiful, engaging and the most likeable journalist or person on TV, but she is also intelligent for a woman or a man.


However, Soledad, you got the “Atlanta Child Murders” dead wrong! I realize it wasn’t entirely your fault, but you do know better. You know Wayne Williams was not convicted of murdering any child – EVER! He was not even indicted for even one child murder! You might just as easily credit O J Simpson with being the Atlanta Child Murderer as credit Wayne Williams. You are too smart to mislead the Public that way. Thank God I am not a paid hack!


2 questions for Soledad O’Brien:

1- How many children was Wayne Williams convicted of murdering?

2- How many children was Wayne Williams indicted for murdering?

So, even though I like you personally and admire most of your work this past year, I now induct you, Soledad O’Brien, into the BLACK HALL OF SHAME for your disingenuous “Atlanta Child Murders”.





Tabacco‘ left this comment on 31 Jul 10

July 2010 Anomaly!

For the very 1st time, this blog has gotten more Hits from the rest of the World than from the United States.


Telling the Truth about America’s Republicans and America’s Democrats is a way to depress my American Readership. I know that! If you tell people how great they are, “America, you’re the greatest!”, you tend to keep and increase your Readership. When you say, “Both Parties suck and there are an awful lot of STUPID Americans!”, you tend to lose Readership. The question is whether you tell the Truth and lose American Readers or Lie and Pander to keep them. I chose the Truth! Lying to keep American Readers is not an option!


Another Anomaly is that this month for the first time Russia is No. 2 and China is No. 3. I wonder what message that sends Tabacco!




PS I just checked stats and noticed following: In June, 2010, 22,000 Hits from Rest of World. In July, 2010, 40,000 Hits from Rest of World. I love that Trend!


PSS It’s only Day 1 of August, but Greece is No. 1, Portugal is No. 2 and the USA is No. 3 – INTERESTING!


Tabacco‘ left this comment on 27 Jul 10

Racists use every opportunity to ply their trade. Now they are beating up on Hispanics. I dislike focusing on physical racist attacks on Hispanics because 1- I am ashamed of Americans for doing it, and 2- Publicity seems to embolden the Racists to more STUPIDITY! I see two likely results of Racial Attacks.


1- Instead of focusing on the corporate bastards, who hire Illegals, they focus on the Illegals (same as PWTs focused on Negro Slaves, not White Slave owners). The end result may be a backlash or sympathy surge for Illegal Amnesty, which will benefit who? Why the Corporate Illegal Hirers and the Disaster Capitalists, who will get their SOLDIERS the Military needs to fight ILLEGAL WARS. Obama is letting it happen just as Bush or McCain or Clinton would have. This is what he wants to get his Augmented Soldier Base. Politicians have no conscience and no scruples. Beatings & Genocide are just necessary to achieve their goals. If Obama had to publicly answer my charge of AUGMENTING MILITARY POOL, we could stop all this stuff – Bigoted Attacks, Racial Profiling, Divide & Conquer! Now, he can just concentrate on the Racism and let the Sympathy Vote materialize, then pass The DREAM ACT!


But the people must realize the Solution: CORPORATE SANCTIONS in ALL STATES! That will also lead to the END OF WAR IN IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN – AND PREVENT WAR IN IRAN!


2- Race War against Hispanics, which benefits Republicans, who will make hay in November with Bigot vote and Obama Backlash.


See how POLITICS work! Dirty, ain’t it!


What is the Solution? CORPORATE SANCTIONS ON STATE-BY-STATE BASIS because Obama will NEVER make such a move. Nor would any President (Democratic or Republican) except for Dennis Kucinich, of course!




Tabacco‘ left this comment on 19 Jul 10

Incidentally, I don’t think I have effectively answered the question about WHY the federal government won’t take action – at least not effective action.


Fences, particularly partial fences, are a Political Ploy aimed at convincing Voters you are attempting to take action – Bush, your Sophistry is showing!


Deporting 12-20 million Illegals is not only impossible but also very expensive and it doesn’t work because those you deport will return again and again and again.


Granting AMNESTY will have Political Repercussions today that will make any politician think twice unless he does not seek reelection.


But AMNESTY for Illegals so they can serve in our MILITARY is the prime reason our government merely spins its wheels on the problem. After all this INACTION, Obama will say, “Well, we cannot deport 11 million, so the only Alternative (T.I.N.A.) is the Dream Act! “Sophistry!”, you say? Of course it is. But that’s the PLAN! That’s why the government is spinning its wheels.


Incidentally, Business Sanctions work for Arizona. But, until and unless all 48 continental States do the same, Illegals will just go to another State. Then they will go back where they came from at their own expense – and stay there!




PS The real HYPOCRISY in all this banter is MEXICO. Mexico has the most Machiavellian Immigration Laws in the Hemisphere, yet Mexico wants the USA to relax our Laws – THAT’S TRUE CHUTZPAH!


Tabacco‘ left this comment on 11 Jul 10

Did I mention that drug dealers and murderers can come to America over our security-wanting borders just as easily as can otherwise law-abiding citizens (if you discount their entering America illegally)?


Illegals, who work in America, often don’t pay taxes because lawn care operations, contractors, day laborer employers often pay by cash, thus avoiding employee insurance and minimum wage laws.


Mexico’s 2nd largest source of Income is from Mexican workers in America, who send money back home – many are Illegals. It’s like a separate Free Trade Agreement, other than NAFTA, for Mexico. But these OUTSOURCED WORKERS don’t work in Mexico; they work right here in America, taking jobs that would otherwise go to American citizens, some of which are Hispanic.


But Illegals need not worry about Employer Sanction Laws because the Catholic Church supports Amnesty for Illegals. Most of the Hispanic Illegals are Catholic. I am certain the Catholic Church is more than willing to support all 11,000,000 Illegals (at least the Hispanic ones) should they be unable to find jobs in the US. I suggest they hold their collective breath!




Tabacco‘ left this comment on 10 Jul 10

If you spray your kitchen for roaches, they will just move to other rooms. If Arizona passes Business Sanctions for Illegal Employers, those Illegals will just move to other States. Since neither Party, nor any Democratic or Republican President wants to Sanction those, who pay him, your government is never going to do what Arizona did without humongous LOOPHOLES!


Business Sanctions are so much better Solution than “Racial Profiling”. How come we only hear about the Arizona “Roundup” on the MSM! Can you say “CONSPIRACY”!




Tabacco‘ left this comment on 9 Jul 10

The Sophists on this issue of Illegal Aliens (that’s what they are, folks, ILLEGAL ALIENS, not “UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS”), they ALWAYS make the same LOGICAL ERROR. They know better! They are hoping you do not!


Immigrants, who come to the US LEGALLY, are welcome. Those, who sneak across the borders in the DEAD OF NIGHT, are not! They exploit our lax border security. They exploit our economic opportunity. They exploit our medical facilities. They exploit our education system. They exploit our generosity. They exploit the LANDBRIDGE between the US and South America. They jump to the head of the line.


Nobody says all Hispanic Illegals are BAD PEOPLE. That’s not even the issue (at least not among SANE AMERICANS). We have to stop the Illegal Influx before it’s too late.


In 1905, the US didn’t have the type of restrictions we have today. But that was 1905. So, Rick Sanchez, your point on today’s show 7-9-10 is INVALID. The LAWS HAVE CHANGED – AND FOR A REASON. Even in 1905 without documentation required, they had to report and demonstrate they had some finances. In 2010 they just sneak in under cover of darkness. Why don’t they come at 12 noon and report to the US Office of Immigration? Because the Laws have changed, Rick – the LAWS HAVE CHANGED!


And, Democracy Now! Your euphemistic term “UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS” is both disingenuous and a LIE!


And make no mistake about it, Rick Sanchez and Democracy Now! are the GOOD GUYS! But Sanchez is Hispanic and DN! has a large Hispanic audience. DN! gets all its income from VIEWER CONTRIBUTIONS! Those facts are no less CONFLICTS OF INTEREST than those Judges, who have money invested in OIL COMPANIES, who reversed Obama’s 6-month freeze on offshore drilling. A CONFLICT OF INTEREST IS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST!




You all know where my Interests are – THE MIDDLECLASS! Everybody has PERSONAL INTERESTS! But I am able to STATE MY PERSONAL INTERESTS! Those other guys are not!




Tabacco‘ left this comment on 7 Jul 10

Tabacco just received a Poll call from – are you ready? – the NRA. They played me some Propaganda re UN, Hillary, Obama etc. then the “lady” came back and asked, “Do you think totalitarian leaders of countries like Iran should be allowed to end our 2nd Amendment rights?”


Well, of course you cannot answer such a question but one way. But I found another. I told her the question was ridiculous, posed in a biased manner and only a damn fool would answer such a loaded question.


She thanked me politely and hung up. I don’t think the NRA will dial my number again!




Tabacco‘ left this comment on 5 Jul 10

Tabacco is a 68-year-old Black man, a lifelong Democrat, who voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 Election. I have written a very unflattering Post about the President, based on fact, logic, common sense and fairness. “Why then”, you ask, “can’t Republicans criticize Obama as you do – fairly?” Because you cannot convincingly call out your opponent as I just called out Obama when you yourself are guilty of the same abominations. Although Republicans often do the Hypocrisy Dance! You have to resort to trivialities, inconsequentials, irrelevancies and outright Lies (Birthers, Town Hall Health Care Obstructionists, Tea Partyer Hypocrites and the like).


Tabacco talks SENSE; Republicans talk NONSENSE!




PS When I began blogging in 2005, I did it because nobody was telling the Truth about George W. Bush and the Republicans. I decided I would do it! When Obama won the Election, I thought I could fade away into the sunset. Sorry, but it never occurred to me that I would have to expose Democrats too. “The best laid plans of mice and men”.


Tabacco‘ left this comment on 5 Jul 10

The Mainstream Media does the same thing I do: Read between the lines. The difference is the MSM is reading between the wrong lines on the wrong issues. They are not dumb; they are just complicit in the deception.


Instead of analyzing US politicians’ motives for invading Iraq, the MSM analyzes whether a Surge can win the War or whether announcing our planned 2011 withdrawal is counterproductive.


Instead of explaining how the “Public Option” would give Americans the voluntary option to switch to government managed Health Care if they wished instead of being at the whims and caprices of Insurance Companies and HMOs, the MSM covered Deathers, Town Hall Obstructionists, Sarah Palin and why we must prevent government from becoming too big.


Instead of analyzing the issues that faced America during the Primary season, ABC spent 40 minutes of a 60-minute debate discussing Rev. Wright.


Do you really believe the MSM doesn’t have a clue or do you subscribe to the obvious – POLITICAL/CORPORATE/MEDIA CONSPIRACY? You tell me!




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In 1981′s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

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July 2, 2010, I called Schumer’s L. I. office 753-0978 and made my points.


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2 Responses to DREAM ACT – OBAMA ADDRESSES ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION? The President Wants Compromise Between BLANKET AMNESTY & DEPORTATIONS (TINA: There Is No Alternative) – He Ignores Sanctioning US Businesses, Which Hire Them = HYPOCRISY!

  1. admin says:


    Please note that whether or not they call it the ‘Dream Act’, it matters NOT!

    ‘A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet’ – quote by somebody (smile)

    I have just sweetened up that quote to read ‘A turd by any other name (manure, for example or IMMIGRATION REFORM) would smell just as foul!’

    Yes, I was against granting Amnesty to those guilty of Breaking & Entering, but I have changed my mind. And yes, this is partly due to the opposition of those GOPers! So, President Obama, REMOVE THE RUSSIAN ROULETTE CLAUSE RE MILITARY SERVICE, and I sign those Supporting E-mails immediately. But leave RUSSIAN ROULETTE in the legislation, and I VOTE NO!


  2. admin says:

    Legislation That Only Works On Federal Level!

    “Employer Sanction Laws” like the one in Arizona, which punishes Employers financially, which hire Illegals, only pushes Illegals to other States. The same applies to “Strict Gun Laws” on a State-by-State basis: “Bad Guys” just go to another State to buy their hardware.

    The “Minimum Wage” Law addresses this problem federally but misses a VITAL POINT: The COST OF LIVING in New York is much higher than it is in Mississippi! Therefore, unless and until your Government ties the “Minimum Wage” to COST OF LIVING in each individual State, the problem will persist. Low Wage workers today can move from New York to Mississippi and still be qualified for the Minimum in a State with a much lower Cost of Living. If it were tied to “Cost of Living”, moving wouldn’t help them because the Minimum in Mississippi would be lower than in New York to reflect the Cost of Living DIFFERENCES! Democratic-Republican COMPROMISE rarely – if ever – works well!

    Just imagine what would have happened had the former DRAFT LAWS been effected on a State-by-State basis! Young people of Draft age would have migrated to States without Draft Laws – that’s what would have happened.

    Just imagine what would have happened had the Social Security Laws been effected on a State-by-State basis! Working people would have migrated to States with Higher Benefit Social Security or Lower FICA Employee Deduction Laws – that’s what would have happened.

    That’s why STATES’ RIGHTS is an ABOMINATION! Right-To-Work Laws on a State-by-State basis force minimally profitable Industries to relocate to Right-To-Work POOR States. Then try to imagine a USA with SLAVE STATES & FREE STATES – come on, it isn’t that hard!


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