“You Can’t Have The Free Without The Dumb – They Go Hand In Hand” – Jason Whitlock, Debater on ‘Intelligence Squared’, Motion “Ban College Football” – Tabacco: This Excerpt Is Not Just About College Football But Universal Truths

TABACCO: A very interesting show among TV’s VAST WASTELAND: ‘Intelligence Squared US Debates’. 4 Debaters, 2 Pro and 2 Con, handle topical issues. Each program the Debaters change to fit the subject matter. This show debuted May 5, 2013. The subject:




For the Motion To ‘BAN COLLEGE FOOTBALL’: BUZZ BISSINGER, Author of ‘Friday Night Lights’, and Malcolm Gladwell, New Yorker Staff Writer & Author of ‘The Tipping Point’.


AGAINST the Motion To ‘BAN COLLEGE FOOTBALL’: TIM GREEN, Former Atlanta Falcons Defensive End / College Football Hall of Famer and JASON WHITLOCK, FOXSports.com National Columnist / Former Offensive Tackle at Ball State University.


JOHN DONVAN, MODERATOR/ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Our Motion is ‘To Ban College Football’, and our final debater Against the Motion is Jason Whitlock. Jason is a national columnist with FoxSports.com, he’s a contributor to Fox Sports Radio, he lettered as an offensive tackle for Ball State University, and he was the first sports writer to win a national journalism award.


Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Whitlock!



              Jason Whitlock


JASON WHITLOCK: We live in a Republic – a Democracy. Capitalism is our Economic System. The thing we value the most is FREEDOM! We’re Americans, and if you believe in Freedom, you can’t have the Free without the Dumb! They go hand in hand! (Mixed laughter and consternation by audience)


Freedom allows you to do dumb things – things we find reprehensible. (Uniform applause)


And I would agree, you can put football right in there with cigarettes, alcohol, porn, everything else – things that we tolerate and enjoy here in America. (More audience response, mainly laughter in agreement). But you cannot separate them. We let Capitalism exploit everything, whether we like it or not! (Applause)


And so football has to be tolerated no different than Ronald McDonald! Ronald McDonald has done far more damage to America than any football coach, any of these overpaid coaches that he’s talking about (He refers to previous Debater For the Motion).


Mr. Bissinger argues rightfully these coaches are overpaid; Ronald McDonald is overpaid. Hugh Heffner is overpaid. Janet Jamieson is overpaid. Charley Sheen’s overpaid. That’s America!


Mr. Bissinger argues in the Wall Street Journal that football is removed from the Academic Experience. He is wrong! And I mean this respectfully. I’m not playing this for laughs. I’m not trying to be dismissive. Mr. Gladwell, Mr. Bissinger – some of our brightest minds have not participated in football. Many of you in this audience have not participated in football.


Football – whether we like it or not, whether you understand it or not – but football is America. It is the melting pot. College Football is the highest level of the Melting Pot. College Football is the Statue of Liberty: your huddled masses, your poor, your tired people yearning to breathe free. I was one of those kids. Football was my access into the mainstream and a better life.


My dad didn’t graduate from high school; my mother was a factory worker. I was the first person in my family to go off to college.


Football brings the Poor and the Rich, the Black and the White, the Jews and the Gentiles – it brings everybody together, particularly at the college level.


I watch our major broadcast media, and I watch the clueless: people that don’t have the diversity of experience that I had through college football and through life, and I watch them consistently tear this country apart. I watched them do it with George Zimmerman, O J Simpson, Rodney King – whatever the big Media Story! Barack Obama! Consistently tear this country apart.


The reason why – if people have ever read my columns and understood my perspective – the reason why I never lose faith in America is because of my College Football Experience. I have seen people of different backgrounds overcome tremendous differences to compete for one goal. That’s what we allegedly are trying to do here in America.


College Football needs to be reshaped, remade, less games, less practice, less padded practice, share some of the money with the coaches (he misspoke here because the Moderator was informing him his time was up – he meant “share some of the money with the college players”). College Football does not need to be banned!


MODERATOR: Your time is up. Let’s give a round of applause. Thank you, Jason Whitlock! (Applause)


TABACCO: I do not transcribe Jason’s Arguments to come down on the side of College Football. In fact, College Football is not the Focus of my Post! Some of his Arguments (“Football brings the Poor and the Rich, the Black and the White, the Jews and the Gentiles – it brings everybody together, particularly at the college level.”) could be said just as easily about Prostitution or Illegal Drugs. But his intent is well taken!


However his overall assessment of the American Experience is right on! And because that assessment is basically right on, I question whether or not our version of Democracy, our Capitalism and, in fact, our America is anywhere near as good as it should be or as good as we can make it.


When we allow PAID ASSASSINS like BlackWater / XE and the NRA to influence our Culture the way they do, I want to strangle Capitalism by the throat and Regulate both Capitalism and Democracy like most Americans have never even dreamed of – let along approved!


Incidentally, my guy, Jason Whitlock, and his cohort, Tim Green, lost the Debate as in fact they should have! Hell, they were outgunned from the git-go!


Debating, as it is practiced in America, like Capitalism itself and Courtroom Murder Trials, is less concerned with Truth than with WINNING! When you begin with an Economic System as flawed as Capitalism, then proceed to give ‘Money’ every opportunity to succeed, you cannot expect anything different if you are sane!


I do not transcribe the Pros here because I am less interested in those Results than in Jason’s overall Universal message. Of the 4 Debaters, Jason was probably the least erudite with Tim Green, his cohort a close second. Having said that, I still doubt the results would have been significantly different had the 2-sides been reversed. However, the totals would have been a lot closer. It was the Arguments rather than the Debaters themselves that sealed the deal.


In fact, had I been in the audience, I would have voted against Jason and in favor of the Proposition: Ban College Football! All 4 Debaters were excellent, but Jason’s message is what struck me hardest.


I would have voted in the Affirmative because the Arguments to Ban it were far more persuasive than those Arguments to Not Ban College Football. As a rule, eggheads are far more persuasive than former Athlete Jocks, regardless of their subsequent resumes! However, even if I had my druthers, I would NOT BAN COLLEGE FOOTBALL! But change it? You bet I would!


What else is Ohio State noted for besides Football? Go ahead, impress me! Unless you or yours actually attended Ohio State, you don’t know! But if I said, “Buckeyes”, I bet you could respond with, “Ohio State”! The same goes for the Oklahoma Sooners, the UCLA Bruins and the Miami University Hurricanes – or as former players, now in the NFL, refer to it – THE U!


Before and after the actual Debate the audience was polled with the following results:





For the Motion              1

Against the Motion       2

Undecided                     3


Pre-Debate Results                     Post Debate Results

For                            1: 16%  >       53% (37% Increase)

Against                    2: 53%  >       39% (14% Decrease)

Undecided              3: 31%  >         8% (23% Decrease)


14% (almost 1 in 4 of those, who initially opposed the Motion,) switched to favoring the Banning of College Football. 23% (almost 3 in 4 of those, who initially were undecided,) switched to favoring the Banning of College Football.


Everything in America needs to be changed because CAPITALISM RULES EVERYTHING! The Brits have long said about Americans, “Americans usually get it right – after trying everything else first!” Let’s hope the Brits are right!





Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981′s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

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