One Response to METADATA! All Those NRA Voices That Spoke So Eloquently & Determinedly About 2nd Amendment Rights To Carry Guns Are Now Conspicuously Silent When Americans’ Right To Privacy Is Threatened In Lieu Of Recent Whistle Blowing Re US Surveillance By NSA Using Major Media Sources. That’s How You Know The NRA Is Not Concerned With Constitutional Rights. The NRA Is Only Concerned With ITS OWN PROFITS! And There’s No Profit In Defending The Right To Privacy. One More Hypocrisy Exposed! Government METADATA Is More Intrusive Than Eavesdropping! Here’s Why! And Why Politicians & MSM Can NEVER Be Trusted! DEDUCTIVE REASONING SERIES, Post 2

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    It seems Serena Williams got into Tweeting Trouble for offering GOOD ADVICE. She told a young lady, raped by acquaintances after receiving knock out drinks. If I have the facts wrong, I’m sorry – but I rarely follow Media stories, which don’t send a useful message. Serena advised young ladies out on the town not to accept drinks from strangers, and in some cases friends. That advice seems useful to me – but wait!

    So a Torrent of Verbal abuse, mainly from women I bet, was received over Serena’s “allegedly blaming the victim”!?

    OK, so Serena apologized but did not go far enough. Serena should have said, “It’s all-right to accept drinks from one and all because if you get drugged, it’s the guy’s fault and he should know better!” – DUH?!?!?!?!

    Giving out Common Sense advice is verboten in America in the 21st century. Heaven forbid some dingbat should think preventatively once in awhile and realize that “They lived happily ever after” stuff is CRAP.

    Go ahead! Dump on me! I’m ready for you other Dingbats, who never heard the adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” And, yes, this particular girl is partly to blame! There, I said it! I’m not afraid to speak the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth!

    Yes, many Rapes occur even when the recipient did nothing wrong. We’re not talking about those Innocent Victims. (Yes, I said “Victims” – wanna make something of that, ladies!”)

    But if you assist Opportunists looking for an “Easy Mark”, then you are a DINGBAT! And no amount of Serena apologizing and backsteppin’ is going to change it! The word is DINGBAT! If you act DUMB, don’t be surprised if somebody takes advantage of you! You’re only inviting DISASTER!

    A word to the Wise is sufficient,

    A 20th century thinker!

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