Tabacco’s Rules of ENGAGEMENT! Most Comments Here Don’t Get Published. This Post Is Not Aimed At Those Charlatans; It is Intended To Edify My Veto Stance To The Intellectually Honest Readers Among You.




Tabacco: Most of the published comments at this Blog are mine. The reason is I edify, illuminate and educate! Most of my Commenters deceive, denigrate and disrupt! Occasionally, when the mood strikes me, I publish these Prevaricators to demonstrate how my “Opposition” strives to deceive and just how ignorant and vile they are.





Two of my most prolific Stalkers are Gorgon and Andy. Gorgon is undereducated and hangs onto me because, by his own words, I am not as “dumb” as most Blacks (those are his words, not mine). A backhanded compliment if ever there was one!


Andy was a classmate of mine for 6 years through High School, so under-education is not his problem. However, they both exhibit the same Hamartia:


1 – Refusal to explain

their Assertions!


Republicans, Right-Wingers, Devout Christians, and Charlatans in general all do that. They are unable to justify their positions with reasonable or logical Arguments, so they decline to make Arguments. Instead they persist in making an unremitting series of unexplained Assertions. “Because” has been DELETED from their vocabularies! I am expected to supply THEIR reasons for them! Mind you almost all Politicians, Madison Avenue types, Mainstream Media types do this whenever possible.


The Reason is OBVIOUS! Remember how George W. Bush gave as his “reason” for why Terrorists attacked America, “They hate our freedoms!” Of course his “reason” was both Ridiculous and Nonessential! Nobody attacks others because the others are “Free” and the Nobodies are not! The Nobody tries to gain Freedom himself or attacks his Oppressors, not his Idols – unless the Nobody is TRULY INSANE! Calling Terrorists “Insane” is the best way I know of EVADING THE ISSUES IN AMERICA! When Terrorists attack Americans, they attack their Oppressors, not their Idols!


Rather than make a NONSENSICAL Justification, these Frauds ignore Justifications for their Assertions altogether.


In your life, your own Opinion may be the most important in the world, but on this Blog only Tabacco’s Opinion has earned such preeminence. Invariably I have justified that Opinion, if not here and now, then previously. You have not!


If you fail to justify your Assertions, you get 86ed!



2 – Feigning Empathy for Minorities


These Hypocrites have many Tools in their belts. First they feign agreement with my Posts. Later, after achieving some Credibility, the Real Person shows himself.


Then there are those, who feign “Illiteracy” in an effort to pass “under my RADAR”. Fortunately, they don’t do it well! Their stated Concepts and words, even when misspelled, are above the level of Illiteracy. You can’t express an Idea without words, and, when the words are too erudite, the expresser is outed!


If you feign Illiteracy, unless I am in an “Outing” mood, you get 86ed!





I do not refer to those, who speak tangentially on related issues; I refer to those, who talk about Nazis when the subject is Roses! These guys must find a Post about Nazis and Comment there!


If your Comment is unrelated to the Issues at hand, you will generally get 86ed!




If I respond directly to a Commenter’s Q&A, and he ignores my Q&A, that Commenter is being DISINGENUOUS! I may suffer his unfairness for awhile, as I did Andy’s, but eventually I put up a “Dead End” sign on that one-way street!


When I comment on others’ blogs, as I sometimes do, I cannot 86 them. But I can and do call out their EVASIONS to the attention of their Readers early and often! They usually cease responding to my Q&A altogether or refuse to publish my Comments. Sometimes, if provoked enough, I feature these Pitiful Bloggers in a Post of my own, as I did “Big Daddy” several times. “Daddy” left Blog-City long ago! “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!”


If you ignore my Q&A, eventually I will 86 you!






This is an INFORMATION BLOG! When I express my “Opinions”, I justify either with References, Facts, Logic or a combination of all 3. Doing otherwise is DISINGENUOUS! Those, who attempt to deceive either give Specious Excuses or NO JUSTIFICATION AT ALL – merely their “Opinion”.


If you wish to do that, Comment at a CHAT BLOG! That’s what they are for! You take a Poll and the winner of the Poll is presumed to be CORRECT! I ran a Poll here once – then I realized how unconstructive and meaningless it was to allow unsubstantiated opinion to rule. I think too much of my Blog and my RESPONSIBILITY to allow that! I have NOT DONE A POLL SINCE!


Tabacco does not follow the Prevailing, Politically Correct Opinion; I attempt to sway Opinion by the Logic of my presentation, forthrightness and subsequent conclusions. I would rather be CORRECT than POPULAR!





While it is true that everyone likes to be flattered, I attempt to minimize those types of Comments because, if that’s all there is, those Comments are uninformative. If you think I’m an “Idiot”, no amount of Testimonials will change your mind; and if you think I am smart, incisive and generally correct, Testimonials are redundant!


Pandering is appreciated but uninformative – it’s File 86 for you unless your pandering is so eloquent I cannot resist publishing. OK, so I am human!


PS Please note that even my most used Media Sources, Democracy Now! and MSNBC, do not hold their Guests to the same Standards that Tabacco holds his Commenters. Perhaps they should!


Remember, the 6 most important words in a Journalist’s vocabulary are:














And the single most important word in the English language is:





Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs.


In 1981′s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People



1524/3286 Originally published Blog-City 12/12/2010


Comments From Blog-City:
‘Tabacco’ left this comment on 2 Jun 11
“I read your post . it was amazing.Your thought process is wonderful. The way you tell about things is awesome. They are inspiring and helpful.Thanks for sharing your information and stories.”

This piece of pandering just arrived today. It is typical of the bullshit comments I get regularly, which is slathered generously with websites and other advertising links. Sorry, panderers, but Tabacco isn’t buying! NO FREE ADVERTISING HERE! NO ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND UNLESS I DEEM IT WORTHY & A PUBLIC SERVICE!

‘Tabacco’ left this comment on 27 Dec 10

The USA leads by a wide margin over any other single country.

But the REST OF THE WORLD has passed the USA in terms of Total Readership of this BLOG! That makes me very happy!

I want more USA readership, but my blogging is now officially INTERNATIONAL!

I did not plan it this way. The thought never occurred to me when I began blogging in 2005. I want to thank my International Readers for their confidence in Tabacco!

‘Tabacco’ left this comment on 26 Dec 10
As I watch ‘Washington Square’, the remake of ‘The Heiress’, it strikes me that Kathryn, whose fiance has left her because she will not inherit the $30,000 per annum he anticipated but only the $10,000 per annum bequeathed to her by her dead mother, lies to her father and states that she, not Morris, has broken off their engagement.

Lies and Deceptions go hand-in-hand with hardening of the personality and a meanness of disposition. I cannot swear which comes first, but I can say this: You cannot have the former without the latter, nor can you have the latter without the former.

Evil, Selfish, Exploitive Liars may give the appearance of goodness and love for their fellow man, but the deeper they sink into Lying and Deceiving, the Harder, the more Implacable become both their insides and their veneer.

Pain and Betrayal often bring out the worst in people, not the best. We euphemize this fact by saying that hard times make us stronger. That is undoubtedly true; but hard times almost always make us harder and more duplicitous, not softer and less conversant with mendacity.

Each time I watch a great film, I learn something new. When you learn nothing from a film, it cannot be great! In fact that film cannot even be good. That is the Litmus Test and the end of my lecture for today.

‘Andy’ left this comment on 19 Dec 10
The real reason behind your “rules” is that you are a fascist-style lefty, tabacco, hardly unlike the fascists in Washington who are trying to silence the dissenting voices in the media.

And you’re still quoting the incompetent President. Do you not realize how irrelevant he has become? You must be one of the three people who still listen when he speaks.
‘A visitor’ left this comment on 14 Dec 10
Very little if any was given to your readers. And your name has not been legally changed. You have no idea what kind of resources I have access to. I have all I need to expose you, cockroach. Look at you squirming, running from the light.

The blog will be started soon enough. Pictures and everything. Your bluff has been called.

And you’re still a bum and a failure for filing bankruptcy.
‘Tabacco’ left this comment on 14 Dec 10
No, Gorgon!

The info you got, much of which is invalid, I gave to my Readers. You have not achieved anything.

My mortgage was paid off in 2000, my bankruptcy was paid off in 2 years 1993-1995 (not 5), my name was legally changed years ago, I owe nobody, my Credit is great, and you are P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!

You can do little more than verify my own veracity regarding my own education. For that boon, I thank you in advance, Sherlock!

Be my guest! Do your worst!

‘A visitor’ left this comment on 14 Dec 10
Also, HAROLD….

This “undereducated” fella has outwitted you.

Think about it.
‘A visitor’ left this comment on 14 Dec 10
And here are my suggestions to you, HAROLD E TAYLOR.

I think you should announce to everyone that you are an angry, BANKRUPT bum that couldn’t take care of his responsibilities. People have a right to know why their “tabacco” seems so bitter towards wealthy people, and in particular, wealthy WHITE people. Is it because your business went down the tubes?? Aw, poor baby. And I’m sure some of your clients would like to know how you feel about certain things. After all, if someone is going to deal with BRAXTON INT, they should be informed, right? How much faith can a person have hiring a contractor that CAN’T PAY HIS BILLS!

Now I have a decision to make. I find you to be a particularly vile human being. I’ve watched you libel someone on this blog without giving it a second thought, and even gloat about it. And now, I need to know if I want to make you public. Ya see, I too am a blogger. Have been since the early days of it. But do I want to out this pathetic, bitter, racist black asshole? (who by the way needs dental work!) Because after what I’ve seen out of you on this blog, you certainly deserve to be exposed. Nothing is worse than a person that insults and libels another, and the sickest thing of all – harrasses the family of dead military soldiers – but lacks the personal integrity and/or courage to stamp their name on it. It’s pathetic. I was contacted directly by one of these people to pursue possible legal/civil action against you, but they decided it wasn’t worth it. Truthfully, you’re no better than an anonymous commenter on a random blog or an un-named source in the media spreading lies. But on the other hand, do I want to be as awful of a human being as you are and do this, even though, I would NOT be libeling you, but instead telling TRUE FACTS ABOUT YOU, that I know and can verify beyond any reasonable doubt?

Not sure yet. Either way, you and I both know what you are now. And it’s ugly. And you have to look in the mirror and face yourself, a libelous, angry, mean-spirited, racist and bankrupt failure with fucked up teeth. I probably won’t bother, but that could depend solely on what kind of mood I am in.

FYI: The Wyandanch area is a complete shithole.

Good day to you, HAROLD E TAYLOR.
‘Tabacco’ left this comment on 12 Dec 10
Occasionally, some “clever” employee will compliment Tabacco so that I feel what a piece of toast feels, drenched in butter and syrup. That employee then inserts his or her website in an attempt to gain FREE PUBLICITY!

First, I always check submitted websites for content, authenticity and relevance. Since I do not receive compensation on my Blog, if I ever recommend any Company, it’s because I believe in that Company and their product at that time. That’s known as AN UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIAL!

I have no intention of allowing some kind words to disguise blatant Ad placement on my Blog! This does not refer to honest attempts to gain publicity for worthy causes! Of course, Tabacco decides how worthy that cause is and whether it merits inclusion here!


PS I must admit I thrive on Commenters, who NAME-CALL, disparage and disagree with me! That is, provided they substantiated their “Name-Calling”, “Disparaging” remarks, and “Disagreements”.

I spend a great deal of my time prepping these Posts. I don’t do it to read flattering Comments. And who does not like to hear compliments! More importantly, if I published that gushy stuff too much, my Readers would turn elsewhere for their intellectual curiosity.

I myself have read other Bloggers’ Posts that were so on target that I myself could add little more than gushiness! I myself am sometimes impelled to GUSH!

Follow THE RULES, and you will see your Comments posted here – however, I cannot promise I won’t skew the Skewer!

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2 Responses to Tabacco’s Rules of ENGAGEMENT! Most Comments Here Don’t Get Published. This Post Is Not Aimed At Those Charlatans; It is Intended To Edify My Veto Stance To The Intellectually Honest Readers Among You.

  1. horny says:

    Great post! It always amaze me how people can take time to write them. But to be honest maybe you should change the color of the texts? Sorry if I am being rude, just trying to help. Kind regards, Sophia

  2. admin says:


    I don’t consider your suggestion “rude” in the slightest! However, there is one very important qualification MISSING: W-H-Y? You do not state WHY I “should change the color of the texts”.

    In anticipation of your response, I have used GREEN for years to identify my own contributions. I use red and blue to distinguish between the essential and the sophistic, however the distinction between the author’s well-meaning and the author’s duplicity is a little vague. Basically BLUE means I approve – either of the content or the author. The RED means I disapprove strongly – either of the content or the author.

    I repeat, “Why do you want me to change? And to what colors, if any, should I change? I publish this comment to encourage dissent among my Readers. Without that, I blog in a vacuum. However, your “suggestion” is INCOMPLETE! I am left to ASS-U-ME.

    If you read this, please edify without concern for my feelings. I am way past taking umbrage with these sorts of comments. Thank you sincerely for the effort. If I thought you were “rude”, what in tarnation must I think of my own writings! (Smile)

    You were NOT RUDE – TABACCO IS RUDE! I abhor euphemism (except using “tarnation” for “damnation” since vulgarity in this instance is neither necessary nor indicated), and have no time for tact.

    Welcome aboard,


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