UNARMED, EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED BLACK MAN, Glenn Broadnax Of Brooklyn, Who Attempted To Commit ‘Suicide By Cop’, Charged With Shooting 2-Women In Times Square In NYC. Cops Did The Shooting, Of Course, But O. J. Unavailable As Police Patsy (He Has An Alibi – Stay In Prison, OJ, ‘Cause That’s Your Only Safe Place), And One Black Man As Good As Another To Protect White Cops From Criminal Justice! How The Fuzz Cure Mental Illness In America! George Zimmerman Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg When It Comes To White On Black Crime, And Zimmerman Wasn’t Even Crazy – Only In America! You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!



Black Man With His Finger

Shoots 2-Bystanders

While Cops Just Do Their Duty!


TABACCO: Thank God Broadnax is Black – whom would Police Authorities have blamed if he were White!



Unarmed Man Is Charged With

Wounding Bystanders Shot by Police

Near Times Square


The scene at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue after officers fired at a man who was darting in and out of traffic on Sept. 14.


Published: December 4, 2013


An unarmed, emotionally disturbed man shot at by the police as he was lurching around traffic near Times Square in September has been charged with assault, on the theory that he was responsible for bullet wounds suffered by two bystanders, according to an indictment unsealed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Wednesday.


The man, Glenn Broadnax, 35, of Brooklyn, created a disturbance on Sept. 14, wading into traffic at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue and throwing himself into the path of oncoming cars.


A curious crowd grew. Police officers arrived and tried to corral Mr. Broadnax, a 250-pound man. When he reached into his pants pocket, two officers, who, the police said, thought he was pulling a gun, opened fire, missing Mr. Broadnax, but hitting two nearby women. Finally, a police sergeant knocked Mr. Broadnax down with a Taser.


The shootings once again raised questions about the police use of firearms in crowded areas and drew comparisons to a shooting a year ago, when officers struck nine bystanders in front of the Empire State Building when they killed an armed murder suspect.


Initially Mr. Broadnax was arrested on misdemeanor charges of menacing, drug possession and resisting arrest. But the Manhattan district attorney’s office persuaded a grand jury to charge Mr. Broadnax with assault, a felony carrying a maximum sentence of 25 years. Specifically, the nine-count indictment unsealed on Wednesday said Mr. Broadnax “recklessly engaged in conduct which created a grave risk of death.”

TABACCO: Particularly if there are White Cops around at the time!


“The defendant is the one that created the situation that injured innocent bystanders”, said an assistant district attorney, Shannon Lucey.

TABACCO: And if you buy into that Sophistry, I have a War in Iraq I want to sell you too!


The two police officers, who have not been identified, have been placed on administrative duty and their actions are still under investigation by the district attorney’s office, law enforcement officials said.  They also face an internal Police Department inquiry.

TABACCO: Two White police officers face “internal Police Department inquiry” while “fruitcake” Black man, Broadnax, faces 25-years in Prison! All the man wanted to do was die!


Mr. Broadnax’s lawyer, Rigodis Appling, said Mr. Broadnax suffered from anxiety and depression and had been disoriented and scared when the police shot at him. He was reaching for his wallet, not a gun, she said. “Mr. Broadnax never imagined his behavior would ever cause the police to shoot at him,” she said.


After his arrest, Mr. Broadnax was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center, where he told a detective that “he was talking to dead relatives in his head and that he tried throwing himself in front of cars to kill himself,” according to a court document released on Wednesday.


A judge ordered a mental evaluation, and a psychiatrist later found Mr. Broadnax competent to stand trial, Ms. Appling said.

TABACCO: Being found Black is enough to be found “competent to stand trial” in America. Before Johnny Cochrane, White America thought all Black folks in America were just PARANOID!


On Wednesday, Justice Gregory Carro set bail at $100,000 bond or $50,000 cash.

TABACCO: That high Bail is necessary because Broadnax might attempt ‘Suicide by Cop’ again, and there are lots of White Cops patrolling the streets these days!


Mariann Wang, a lawyer representing Sahar Khoshakhlagh, one of the women who was wounded, said the district attorney should be pursuing charges against the two officers who fired their weapons in a crowd, not against Mr. Broadnax. “It’s an incredibly unfortunate use of prosecutorial discretion to be prosecuting a man who didn’t even injure my client,” she said. “It’s the police who injured my client.”

A version of this article appears in print on December 5, 2013, on page A32 of the New York edition with the headline: Unarmed Man Is Charged With Wounding Bystanders Shot by Police Near Times Sq..



Transcribed by Tabacco from news story on RT NEWS, Channel 66 in NYC/NJ:

RT Female News Reporter: “The attorney for one of the wounded bystanders (Maryann Wang) said this about the charges, “It’s an incredibly unfortunate use of prosecutorial discretion to be prosecuting a man, who didn’t even injure my client… It’s the police, who injured my client.”





Tabacco: You don’t need a gun to shoot somebody in America if you are Black! And Glenn Broadnax is definitely Black!


White America doesn’t seem to be ashamed of what it did to the Indians, Slavery or Segregation, and the For Profit Iraq War, so why would anyone expect White America to be ashamed of this!


If you think this is an isolated incident, check out White Police Victim, Bobby Bennett:



White man, Kelly Thomas:



Black female, Miriam Carey:



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