Tabacco’s All-Time No. 14 Hit @Blog-City: 28,349 Hits – Plan To End War & Capital Punishment (Sanctioned Murders) In The USA – Capital Punishment I Of II – RI10

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Tabacco’s All-Time No. 14 Hit @Blog-City: 28,349 Hits – Plan To End War & Capital Punishment (Sanctioned Murders) In The USA – Capital Punishment I – RI10


We cannot rely on the bloodthirsty “Hawks” in the Bush administration to end either war or capital punishment – they favor both forms of “Sanctioned Government Murder”. But they are against abortion. Why? If you think it’s because of moral concerns or their right-wing religious backers, then ask yourself why they favor War and Capital Punishment! No, it’s because every new baby represents a potential killing machine or future soldier in the US military, and convicted murderers will never become US soldiers. Just as Adolf Hitler encouraged motherhood and as many new Nazi births as possible (even illegitimate ones) for the same reason, the Bush administration doesn’t want to lose a single potential future soldier. That’s the real reason they abhor abortion. And poor babies are more likely than those, born with a silver spoon in their mouths, to enlist in the military for financial reasons when they reach the age of 17. Bush resists the draft unapologetically because some rich man’s son or daughter would die along with their poor brethren. Rich people will no longer tolerate losing their own in wars, especially so some other rich man can make a buck. So Bush is against killing fetuses, but not against killing those same fetuses once they are wearing the uniform of the US military. It all makes sense pragmatically, but not ethically. This fact did not bother the Fuhrer, and it does not concern King George either!

I have a plan to end both War and Capital Punishment in the United States of America. But first, let’s take a look at what actually happens when someone is executed in prison (today, mainly by lethal injection or electrocution). Then we will scrutinize what happens when a soldier, civilian, woman or child is maimed, genetically mutilated or murdered by bullet, hand grenade, Agent Orange, Depleted Nukes, Land Mines, & finally the A-bomb. I never promised you a rose garden!


The map shows all 50 States and whether or not they have Capital Punishment and what form.
@The Murder Rate Chart lists World Cities with the highest Capital Murder Rates.
World Cities Capital Murder Rates per 100,000 population (The Top 12 US Cities)
1-Washington, DC
2-Philadelphia, PA
3-Dallas, TX
4-Los Angeles, CA
5-Chicago, IL
6-Phoenix, AZ
8-Houston, TX
9-New York City, NY
12-San Diego, CAWorld Death Penalty Map: If a country is same color as U.S., you know the deal!World Map of Countries & Their Legal Status Re Death Penalty

Color Key:
Blue : Abolished for all crimes
Yellow : Abolished for crimes not committed in exceptional circumstances (such as crimes committed in time of war)
Orange : Abolitionist in Practice
Red : Legal Form of Punishment
@Note: US Cities hold 9 of top 12 spots. All States with cities in top 12 (DC, PA, TX, CA, IL, AZ, & NY) have Capital Punishment! Particularly noteworthy is that Detroit did NOT make that list. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Michigan does NOT have Capital Punishment. From this graph, it would appear that HAVING CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IS NO DETERRENT TO MURDER!There are currently 38 States in which Capital Punishment is legal. 34 of them use Lethal Injection, either alone or in combination with one or more of the other forms of execution.

The U.S. federal government and the U.S. military also use lethal injection. In 2000, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, 85 people were executed in the United States, and 80 of those died by lethal injection. In 1999, 98 persons were executed, 94 by lethal injection — of the other four, three died from electrocution and one from lethal gas. The number of states authorizing lethal injection increased from 20 in 1989 to 36 in 2001.

Also note that Hawaii, Alaska, Northern & Northeastern States comprise the 12 States which do not have Capital Punishment. There are no Capital Punishment-free States in the South (I wonder why!) or in the West.

The Arguments Against the Death Penalty: 

The opponents of capital punishment, apart from the purely ethical argument, base their contention on the following assertion: When a man kills another he does it in one of two ways: either he is driven by a sudden gust of passion or inflamed by drink or desire, in which case he is for the moment mad and never considers the possibility of having to suffer for what he is about to do, or he slays after careful and deliberate preparation, after making all his plans to conceal his crime and to make certain his own escape, in which case he calculates that he will not be punished at all, so it matters not to him whether the legal penalty for murder be death or imprisonment, for he expects to escape it entirely. Therefore, in neither one case nor in the other is the death penalty a deterrent. But, say the opponents of capital punishment, the infliction of the death penalty makes jurors reluctant to convict, and therefore brings the law into disrepute, while if life imprisonment were the penalty, convictions would be more certain and justice would not be travestied so often.

U.S. executions were briefly halted in 1972 following the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Furman v. Georgia. The justices decided that executions were cruel and unusual punishment and therefore a violation of the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. In 1976, the Court reversed this decision in the case of Gregg v. Georgia. To address the “cruel and usual punishment” objections, states began looking for a more humane way of carrying out the death penalty, lethal injection being one of the methods they came up with.

One further comment: Do you remember Susan Smith? On October 25, 1994, Susan Smith, a White South Carolina mother, told police that she had been carjacked by a young Black male. According to Smith, the man drove off with her two young sons, Michael, age three, and Alex, age fourteen months. In the following week, Smith publicly pled for their lives, telling them “your Momma loves you. . . . Be strong”. The case attracted international attention and garnered the services of both federal and state law enforcement officials. Nine days after her initial 911 call, Smith confessed to the killings. Did anyone really expect the judge and jury to apply the death sentence to this white woman in a Lethal Injection State? But you can rest assured that if her lie had been believed, the Black male who was found “guilty” of the crime would have suffered the supreme penalty – and you know one would have been found! A Black man is walking around in South Carolina today only because Susan Smith was found out. So much for justice in America.
Susan Smith clip:
Lethal Injection Map:
Capital Murder Rates Graph:



Huntsville, Texas

Lethal injection is now virtually the universal method of execution in the United States, with all but one of the 59 executions carried out there during 2004 being by this method. Of the 944 executions in the US to the end of 2004, 776 have been by lethal injection, including those of eight women.


After the condemned is fastened on the execution table, two intravenous catheters are inserted, one in each arm. Only one is used for the execution, the other is reserved as a backup in case the primary IV fails for some reason.

The injection is intravenous and is usually a mix of compounds, designed to induce rapid unconsciousness followed by death through muscular paralysis of the lungs and/or by inducing cardiac depolarization. In the US, sodium thiopental, an ultrashort-acting barbiturate, is the common agent to render the inmate unconscious, with suxamethonium chloride, pancuronium bromide or tubocurarine chloride as the paralysing drug (muscle relaxant), potassium chloride to cause cardiac arrest or one of each kind. Death usually results within seven minutes, although the whole procedure can take up to 45 minutes. The drugs are not mixed externally as that can cause them to precipitate; they are usually injected in sequence through one or two intravenous tubes.

The intravenous tubing leads to a room next to the execution chamber, usually separated from the inmate by a curtain or wall. The injection is remotely administered by persons with some medical training, but not by physicians. The technicians have no training in anesthesia. There is no actual direct monitoring or observation of the inmate during the process and no effort to determine whether anesthesia is ever in fact induced.

The American Medical Association’s Code of Ethics prohibits doctors from participating in executions. However, there is always a physician present to officially declare the prisoner dead.

The execution of a victim in most states involves 3 separate injections:

Sodium thiopental, to induce a state of unconsciousness intended to last while the other two injections take effect.

Pancuronium / Tubocurarine: to stop all muscle movement except the heart. This causes involuntary muscle paralysis, collapse of the diaphragm, and eventually death by asphyxiation.

Potassium chloride: to stop the heart from beating, and thus the victim’s death (cardiac arrest).


Hitler ‘s personal doctor, Karl Brand, was the first to suggest injecting a lethal dose of poison as an execution method, specifically for euthanizing disabled people. The T-4 Euthanasia Program used lethal injection among other methods. At the Auschwitz concentration camp, SS personnel killed prisoners that were ill or that had been sentenced to death by injection of phenol and other poisons.

The United States was thus, strictly speaking, the second nation to experiment with lethal injection as a means of execution, using it first on December 7, 1982, when Charles Brooks was executed in Texas. The concept had been proposed in 1888 by J. Mount Bleyer in New York, but was not approved. It was also rejected by the British Royal Commission on Capital Punishment (1949 -1953) after pressure from the British Medical Association. Texas was the first state to adopt lethal injection after the idea was revived in the US in February, 1977, by Dr. Stanley Deutsch in Oklahoma. Oklahoma followed Texas in 1997. Since then, the majority of US states using capital punishment prefer to use lethal injection.

The practice extended outside the US when it was adopted by the People’s Republic of China in 1997, Guatemala in 1998, and the Philippines in 1999. Some other countries have adopted the method in law but not in practice.

The staff that insert the needle into the arm and inject the drugs are not medical professionals, as performing a medical procedure to kill the “patient” would seem to violate the Hippocratic Oath. In the United States, the code of ethics of the American Medical Association forbids doctors or nurses from taking part in lethal injection procedures.


The electric chair is perhaps something that we take for granted nowadays as the quickest and most humane way of executing a human being. In the early days, however, the proponents of the use of electricity as a means of death had to prove that it was indeed the most proficient manner of execution. Chair inventor, Harold Brown, had applied for the chair’s patent and, thus, set out on a campaign to prove its efficiency. Using a prototype, Brown demonstrated the chair’s capabilities on more than fifty cats and dogs. The New York commission, (which was the first state to consider the new invention), needed more convincing. Brown replied by killing a cow before a panel of advisors. He emphasized his chair’s ability by killing a horse. The panel was impressed. On June 4, 1888, electrocution became a legal means of capital punishment.

Kemmler Depiction

The history maker was William Kemmler of Buffalo, New York. Kemmler was found guilty of butchering his mistress with a hatchet. A group of doctors and reporters gathered for the historic occasion. Kemmler was jolted for seventeen seconds. It failed to kill him. Kemmler was unconscious, but still breathing. The embarrassed prison officials electrocuted him again for seventy seconds. Kemmler thrashed and convulsed as the electrodes seared his head and arms, filling the room with the smell of burning flesh. Some witnesses fainted, while others fled the room. The killing took eight minutes.

While many critics rallied for the return of the gallows, New York remained faithful to the chair, executing two more criminals without incident. The most botched electric execution, however, was the fourth. William Taylor was slated for execution on July 27, 1893. The first jolt of electricity caused his legs to stiffen with a force so great that they tore loose from the chair’s ankle straps. Like Kemmler, Taylor was still alive. When the executioners attempted to send a second charge through Taylor’s body, it was discovered that the generator in the powerhouse had blown. Taylor was removed from the chair and placed on a cot. Officials kept him alive with chloroform and morphine so that he could be officially killed by an active current. An hour and nine minutes later, Taylor was returned to the chair and given a more than adequate charge. …


The condemned prisoner was typically strapped into the chair, with one electrode attached to the head and a second attached to the leg. At least two applications of an electrical current would be applied for several minutes, depending on the person. An initial voltage of around 2,000 volts is used to break the initial resistance of the skin and cause unconsciousness (in theory—people surviving to tell the tale are rare). The voltage is then lowered to reduce current flow so as to prevent burning. A current flow of around 8 amps is usual. The body of the condemned would heat up to 138°F (59°C), and the electric current would cause severe damage to internal organs.

In theory, unconsciousness occurs in a fraction of a second. However, there have been reports of victims’ heads on fire, of burning transformers, and of letting the crying victim wait in pain on the floor of the execution room while the chair was fixed. In 1946, the electric chair failed to kill Willie Francis, who reportedly shrieked “Stop it! Let me breathe!” as he was being executed. It turned out that the portable electric chair had been improperly set up by an intoxicated trustee. A case was brought before the U.S. Supreme Court (Francis v. Resweber), 329 U.S. 459 (1947), with lawyers for the murderer arguing that although Francis did not die, he had, in fact, been executed. The argument was rejected, and Francis was returned to the electric chair and killed the following year.

Further, regardless of how well the execution was performed, some skin is always burned and it is unpleasant for the guard charged with separating the burned, oozing skin from the seat belts. The victim loses control of his muscles after the initial jolt of electricity, and may start to defecate and urinate on the floor beneath the chair. This led to a refinement in modern electric chairs: they were padded, and came with automatic, car-style seat belts.

Starke – Florida………….Georgia

Up Close And Personal

The history of war is better known by the populace as a whole. Our politicians tell us we are fighting wars for home and country, to save us from foreign dictators who would treat us like slaves (where have I heard that before). They tell us we must free other peoples under these dictators in oil-rich countries; never mind the genocides in dirt-poor African countries, unless they have diamonds. We have seen “Patton” and other war films, too numerous to name. So we will go straight to the methods we use to kill.

Because I have used up my options for Attachments here, please go to “Plan To End War & Capital Punishment (Sanctioned Murders) In The USA -II” so that War pictures may be inserted.Additional Websites:

Capital Punishment:

Lethal Injection:

Electric Chair:
And I don’t know what this is about? “A Coin Operated Electric Chair”
The Coin Operated Electric Chair provides a safe and healthy outlet for hate. It’s better than using violence against real human beings, and it directs violence toward someone who deserves it, rather than toward an innocent person. A hooded “condemned man” dressed in prison garb is strapped to the chair, awaiting his fate. The machine speaks: “Who would you like to bring to justice? Execute the condemned man. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. No judge, no jury, no last minute stay of execution. You pull the switch. Step up to the control panel. Insert 25 cents. Execute the condemned man. ”

When a coin is inserted, and the switches are pulled, the condemned man twitches and jerks in the chair. Sparks fly and the odor of burning hair is emitted from the panel.
……….I kid you not!……….

Coin-Operated Electric Chair – Just for Kicks, maybe your State will install one at the local Laundromat, next to the washers and dryers!
Cyanide Gas Chamber:



A law should be passed that all executions must be televised in real time so our children can see what barbarians their parents and political leaders are!


If they can publicly humiliate men, who frequent prostitutes, I see no reason why the pimps and whores who saturate our local and national governments shouldn’t be subjected to the same public exposure and criticism. 


If you don’t get to see it, you don’t know how horrible it really is.  Execution is irreversible; it is not a video game.  Anyone, who claims we never get convictions wrong, is either a liar or a fool or both.


Similarly, war should be independently covered by a free media to show women and children being maimed, tortured and exterminated on a 24-hour cable network.


This would change both practices drastically.


DISCLAIMER: Of course, I could be completely wrong! The way things are in America today, TV Exposure might actually become so popular that the MSM would not dare remove it and would possibly show it during PRIME TIME – But, at the very least, the sane members of our Society would have indisputable proof of just how corrupt and ungodly Americans have become in the 21st century! America is going the same route as Ancient Rome!



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