CHARTER SCHOOLS! Educational Salvation Or Another Capitalist PRIVATIZATION Plot To Get Rich Quick At The Expense Of Our Children? A Real Solution To America’s UNDEREDUCATION – Tabacco Editorial



March 23, 2014


Tabacco: I began this Charter School Post on July 17, 2010 @5:20pm. Aren’t Computers wonderful! But the “situation” in New York State has brought this subject back to the top.


Two Democrats are at War over Privatized Schools. It makes NO DIFFERENCE whether the “Charter” School is Capitalist or Nonprofit because strengthening Charter (Privatized) Schools must WEAKEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, subvert State Funding from Public Schools, and remove control from State & Local Governments and Parents in favor of those Charter (Privatized) School Operators!


New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, is pandering to the masses while, at the same time, doing the bidding of Charter School Capitalists, who want to spend your Public Taxes for their own Private Capitalist Ventures!


Newly elected Mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio, is attempting to limit the Privatization Invasion into our Public School Funding!


I do not imply that Bill De Blasio is all-good or that Andrew Cuomo is all-bad. Nor do I imply that all New York City Public Schools are Good! But on the Privatization of Public Schools (aka Charter Schools), De Blasio is RIGHT, and Andrew Cuomo is a Capitalist Benefactor.



If you believe that


Privatizing Medicare is good,


and if you believe that Privatizing Social Security is good,


and if you believe that Privatizing Health Care in America is good,


and if you believe that the status quo of Privatized Military-Industrial Complex Vendors such as Lockheed, Backwater (Xe), and Exxon (whose only concern is PROFITS, NOT NATIONAL SECURITY) is good,


then your Faith in Charter Schools is well founded. You are an unvarnished, unrepentant, unabashed Capitalist, and no one could expect more from you!



Mayor De Blasio’s Prime Mistake is his refusal to use the word PRIVATIZATION! When you repeat ad nauseam the word ‘CHARTER’, most folks are unable to make the connection –

Who do you think is paying for all these De Blasio ‘negative publicity’ TV ads with all those adorable children begging him to “save our Charter Schools”? Go ahead! Tell me that!


It’s Capitalist Charter School owners with money to influence parents and grease political palms – that’s who. And I’m not talking about ‘Non-profits’ either! The For-Profits want to skate into all that loot on the backs of the Non-Profits. Since you cannot ban just the For-Profits, you must not assist any of the ‘Charter Schools’ and solve the real problem by fixing the Public Schools!


Fear doesn’t just work in advancing OPEC Wars; it also works in ‘selling’ Charter Schools!










Tabacco: Did you know that Adolf Hitler was a Catholic? The Catholic Church is not publicizing that Fact! They’d prefer that nobody even know.


If you were trying to “Get Rich Quick” via Privatizing Charter Schools, would you publicize the “successes” or the “failures”! The answer is obvious! We hear about the successes, and we don’t hear about the failures. There is nothing unusual in that!


But successful or not, Charter Schools are a HORRIFIC IDEA! Charter Schools could end Public Education as we know it. Some may say, “So what!” Those people don’t care about Educating the masses or they would not be so cavalier about it. Those people are either Disaster Capitalists or Fools.


If you have 10 children, but you treat one in a very special manner, that 1 child gets the best clothes, the best food, an allowance, the best toys and electronic equipment you can afford and all your love while the other 9 share whatever you can afford after catering like Mildred Pierce to the Special 1.


That’s what Capitalist Privatizers are attempting to do with our Educational System until they can PRIVATIZE the whole System. Remember that Capitalists’ PRIMARY OBJECTIVE is, not your children’s education, but MAXIMUM PROFITS! Once they destroy the Public Educational System and turn it into a Capitalist Growth Industry, your children’s education will suffer like never before.


Perhaps they will install a “Preexisting Conditions” type of Rule like Health Insurance Companies and HMOs have invented to EXCLUDE people of color, children with Disabilities, kids from poor homes or other such categories. Ever hear of “Redlining”? Now, only Black ghetto kids are the Stepchildren of America. So don’t pooh-pooh the idea! Educational Discrimination is happening now in marginalized areas! Can you afford the cost of a college education for 2 or 3 offspring today? It is no accident that Higher Education in our best Universities is reserved for the Wealthy!


Just as the Catholic Church does NOT PUBLICIZE that Adolf Hitler was Catholic, those Charter School Privatizers do NOT PUBLICIZE that






You are left to ASS-U-ME that all Charter Schools are successful! See how that works!


They tell us government can do nothing and Private Industry is infallibly efficient. Private Industry is infallibly efficient at one thing and one thing only: MAXIMIZING PROFITS!


Have you forgotten Enron?


Have you forgotten Clifford Irving?


Have you forgotten Bernie Madoff?

Bernie Madoff won’t be serving his life sentence in a hellhole.


The North Carolina prison where the convicted Ponzi schemer has been to serve his life sentence is considered “the crown jewel” of the federal prison system. It’s a place where many convicts hope to be sent. It may not be “club Fed” but it is the closest thing that exists in the federal prison system to a country club prison.


The Butner Federal Correctional Complex is about 45 minutes northeast of Durham. From the outside you could mistake it for a college campus, except perhaps for the barb-wire.


It’s often sought after by convicts because its staff and facilities have a good reputation. There are no hardcore maximum security type criminals there. It’s all minimum, low and medium security.

Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling requested he be allowed to serve his sentence there.


Butner is also known for having excellent medical facilities, especially its cancer-treatment programs. There have been rumors that Madoff has been diagnosed with cancer.


Have you forgotten British Petroleum?


Have you forgotten Goldman Sachs?


Are Charter Schools bad in and of themselves? Answer: The Concept is very BAD, and here’s why!


When Wal-Mart builds a new outlet in your neighborhood with all those super-low prices, their GOAL IS TO DRIVE ‘MOM & POP’ (their competition) out of business. Then they control the entire community. That’s how Capitalism weaves its insidious web in America! First, the “Bait”, and then the “Switch”!


Did I mention about the Outsourced manufacturing jobs your community is denied? You get the store clerk positions and a few supervisors and a store manager or two – and that’s only because they cannot sell you product from India!


Of course the Telecommunications Industry is another matter. They don’t need workers in America!


Once all the schools are PRIVATIZED, you will never again get back PUBLIC EDUCATION! See how we couldn’t even get a PUBLIC OPTION in ObamaCare! Corporate America has the MONEY to buy off our political leaders, advertize and propagandize to protect itself and its PROFITS – you do not!


So beware of those “Selected” statistical reports about HIGHER SCORES, STUDENT HAPPINESS, etc. etc! Would you report the FAILURES and LOWER SCORES if you were the Educational Capitalists! No! You would CHERRYPICK, just as they do!





Some of you may have seen the Oprah show on ABC promoting ‘Waiting For Superman’ and Charter Schools. No one can deny that Oprah means well. But the “Road to hell is paved with good intentions”.


There was a little 6th grade Black girl depicted on that show, who was denied the opportunity to graduate with her classmates, even though she had passed, because her mother was unable to scrape up the $500 still owed on that tuition. The owner of that “Charter School” was the same guy, who is attempting to bring a “Charter School” to Wyandanch. If you think these Capitalists do this out of compassion, empathy, humanity or charity, then you don’t understand Capitalists.


– It’s Not That Hard To Find Out! All you have to do is Google Search: “Failing Charter Schools”! Did you do that? No? Well I did!


Clarence Page: Failing charter schools hurt reputation of successes


Published 05:30 a.m., Thursday, July 1, 2010


Charter schools receive a lot of well-deserved attention this time of year when they appear to be performing miracles. But what about the ones that don’t!


The administrations of Presidents Bush and Obama have both urged harsh action against “failing” schools, such as firing staff, closing the school or turning over control to the state or private charters.


The results have been encouraging, especially in schools where the diplomas are beginning to outnumber the dropouts for a change.


It was exciting to hear that Urban Prep, a charter school on Chicago’s South Side, is sending 100 percent of this year’s 107 graduates to college. That’s particularly impressive for a school where only 4 percent of its original 150 students were reading at or above grade level when it opened four years ago.


It was also exciting to hear that Anacostia Senior High School, the District of Columbia charter school where first lady Michelle Obama delivered this year’s commencement address, reported 79 percent of its seniors were graduating, up from 50 percent in 2009.


Plus 95 percent of this year’s graduates have been accepted to college, school spokesmen say. When Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee transferred management to Friendship Public Charter Schools in September, only 17 percent of the students were proficient in math and 18 percent in reading.


Stories of turnarounds like that across the nation suggest that charter schools are a stunning success. Yet a nationwide study last year by Stanford University‘s Center for Research on Educational Outcomes (CREDO) found the story is not that simple.


Only 17 percent of charter schools produced results that were significantly better than traditional public schools, CREDO found, and 37 percent performed worse.


Similar results had been uncovered in studies sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers, a major adversary since teachers unions stand to lose clout as charters take over. But unlike the unions, CREDO is affiliated with the conservative Hoover Institution, a think tank that looks kindly on free-market solutions like charters. Hoover’s thinkers are not often quoted favorably by union chiefs, but this time they were.


What went wrong? Simply and plainly, it is much easier to open up a new charter school than to close a bad one.


Since the nation’s first charter opened in 1992, the concept has been promoted as a market-oriented alternative to policies dictated by bureaucracies. Nonunion, more often than not, charters tend to be independent enough to hire and fire teachers without going through downtown red tape for approval.


The energy of charter schools is in their accountability. As long as a charter school produces good results, it is allowed to function with great autonomy from the central bureaucracy. If not, it is supposed to be closed down or handed over to give some other educational entrepreneur a chance.


But in the real world, that’s not so easy. Parents and communities often don’t know their school is failing. When they find out, they tend to show amazing love and loyalty to their school, even when it is failing. They want to mend it, not end it.


Unfortunately, as Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates told the National Charter Schools Conference in Chicago Tuesday, failing charter schools hurt the reputations of all the rest.


“If the low-performing schools stay open — or if schools with lax standards are given new charters – then your movement will be putting the interests and ideologies of adults above the needs of students,” said Gates, who has donated millions through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to charter schools. “And putting students first was the reason you got started in the first place.”


In an interview, Gates offered Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and the District of Columbia as good examples of cities where superintendents have made big and inevitably controversial changes because they had strong backing from their mayors. They needed it.


“If you don’t push hard,” he said, “you don’t get much change,” Gates said. “You’ve really got to shake things up.”


Education Secretary Arne Duncan appears to agree. The administration’s $4 billion Race to the Top competition for federal funding gives states credit for removing caps on charter schools, improving the ones that work and closing those that don’t. They deserve all the credit they can get.


Most frustrated parents are regular people. And regular people tend to avoid deep thought and fall back on this line of reasoning:


Something must be done!

This is something,

Therefore let’s do this!


This is a pitiful thinking process almost guaranteed to fail! And unfortunately, as with most “Solutions” devoid of careful and thoughtful consideration, this CHARTER SCHOOL Solution is WORSE than the Problem!







Privatized Social Security

Flat Tax/FairTax

Privatized Medicare

Privatized Medical Insurance

And Now Back to the GOP

Tort Reform


OPEC Wars For Profit



Stop & Frisk

Stand Your Ground

States’ Rights

Right-to-Work Laws

Eminent Domain

Fairness Doctrine

Separate But Equal

Charter Schools



And that’s only a few from a very long list of Solution-Failures! Almost ALL of these Failed Solutions come from Right-Wing, Conservative, Republican Political Think Tanks – or hadn’t you even noticed!




March 23, 2014


B.O.E. or Board Of Education:


The Goal is not Public or Privatized – the Goal is Better Education for our Students! But Privatization rarely benefits the People; however it always benefits the Capitalists!


We all know the Problems. What few of us seem to understand is “how to fix the problem”.


You don’t fix Medicare by Privatization! And you don’t fix Public Schools by Privatization either. That’s the WRONG SOLUTION!


When the NRA spokesmen are asked how to fix the problem of school mass murders, you can expect their “Solutions” to be predicated on the purchase of MORE GUNS! What else could you expect!


The only effective way to fix ‘bad schools’ is by FIXING BAD SCHOOLS!


That brings me to the nations’ B.O.E.s. Tabacco has been dealing with the horrific Wyandanch B.O.E. since 2010. Until July, 2013, there were no Trustees on the Wyandanch B.O.E., who even had children in Wyandanch Public Schools.



I have come to this conclusion: The Roadblock in Bad School Systems, such as Wyandanch, is that School System’s B.O.E.



Wyandanch’s B.O.E. controls its Superintendent, not the other way around. Even if Wyandanch has a good, knowledgeable, enthusiastic Superintendent, his or her hands are tied by an incompetent (and in this instance) greedy bunch of AMATEURS!


Wyandanch’s NYS allotment for the current year is $65,000,000.00. Who on this B.O.E. has a personal annual budget approaching anything like $65,000,000.00? And, worse yet, they are not just Amateurs, but also VOLUNTEERS!



Who mainly volunteers for NON-PAYING B.O.E. Trustee positions? The Greedy, the Corrupt, the Undereducated and the Ego-starved, that’s who!



What bad school districts need first and foremost is proven Professionals, who are not subservient to that B.O.E. The local B.O.E. is often more concerned with Patronage, Nepotism, Retreats, sex with minors, and improving the financial statements of its members than it is in educating the students it is supposed to serve.


And when B.O.E. Trustees do not even know the definition of the word CURRICULUM, something needs to change drastically and soon!



SOLUTION: Allow these Amateurs on the B.O.E. to handle the trivial, the mundane and the tedious, while preventing them from getting their amateurish and greedy paws on the money, hirings, firings, school improvement allotments, tenure and teacher selection!


A small, paid committee of Professionals should be empowered to engage Professionals, including the Superintendent, with successful track records in Public Education.


People, who are undereducated themselves and/or greedy, cannot be expected to govern or administrate Public Education. And the relationships, formed on those B.O.E.s, are equivalent to allowing the Prison Gangs to run the prison facility.



See, folks, Tabacco is NOT totally against Capitalism when it makes sense. Nor am I in favor of Nonprofit or Amateurs when it does not.

Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs.


In 1981′s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People


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One Response to CHARTER SCHOOLS! Educational Salvation Or Another Capitalist PRIVATIZATION Plot To Get Rich Quick At The Expense Of Our Children? A Real Solution To America’s UNDEREDUCATION – Tabacco Editorial

  1. admin says:

    Open Letter To Folks, Who Think Rather Than Just Absorb:

    We weren’t paying attention (that includes Tabacco) when Bill Clinton snuck NAFTA by us. There have been a plethora of FTAs since, each as bad for the Public as the other. That includes those poor countries that get our jobs for 20-cents on the dollar without medical benefits or Social Security.

    We weren’t paying attention when George W. snuck the Iraq War by us (that group excludes Tabacco – I always knew better).

    We weren’t paying attention when the Insurance Industry and the politicians snuck PRIVATIZED MEDICAL INSURANCE by us. Healthcare in the mid-20th century was operated as Non-Profit. That’s before “Preexisting Conditions”, DNA Exclusions & Healthcare for the Healthiest ONLY!

    We weren’t paying attention when Big Biz snuck 401Ks by us. Your Employer used to fund your whole retirement package. 401Ks allow them to fund half. What did you get? Not a damn thing! That was a Win-Win for Big Biz!

    Some Right-Wing Institutions were just so obviously awful that not even the GOP could not sneak them through: FairTax, Privatization of Social Security and Medicare for examples.

    And what happens to those T.A.R.P. Loans, paid back to the Fed? Are they used to “Pay Down The National Debt” or do those Loan Repayments + Interest become just more “War Gravy” in your government’s SLUSH FUND, lots of which comes back to your Senators and Congressmen in one form or other? Note: I’m not suggesting the Politicos are filling their pockets directly, but do you know what happens when the T.A.R.P. Loans are repaid? I do not!

    But I think you get my Drift about what can happen when we either don’t pay close attention or rely on the Mainstream Media (MSM) to do our thinking for us.

    And don’t let the complexity or your own advancing years stop you from asking questions – hard questions and demanding complete, well-thought out answers.

    And most importantly, never forget to analyze, “WHO STANDS TO PROFIT FROM WHATEVER THE POLITICOS ARE PUSHING THIS MONTH?”

    A Rose by any other name is still a Rose.

    Manure by any other name is still SHIT!

    Charter Schools by any other name is still PRIVATIZATION!


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