APRIL 15TH: Bad News To You, But Not To PCs (Privileged Corporations)! US Senator Bernie Sanders’ “GUIDE TO CORPORATE FREELOADERS” – Top 10 American CORPORATE TAX EVADERS + Link To Video! + Tax Cheats, American Firms Offshore To Avoid Taxes, Targeted In New Tax Bill: He Won’t Like It, But Will Bush Sign It? NO LINE-ITEM VETO! – RI10

This is a 2-Parter from 2007/2011.

Part 1 (Bernie Sanders) was published April 18, 2011, at Blog-City.


Part 2 (Tax Cheats) was published at Blog-City December 23, 2007. I have combined them here because they are 2-sides of the same coin. – Tabacco


(Part 1)

This is April 15, 2014, and not a pleasant day for most of us. However, for some of our biggest and most profitable corporations, with unequivocally essential aid and comfort from our DC elected politicians, this day is like any other day – one more day of unqualified PROFITS and TAX-FREE EUPHORIA!


America owes a Debt of GRATITUDE to one of those DC politicians, who, unlike the rest of those Rodentia, publicly OUTS these Corporate Vermin!














Dear MoveOn member,


A few weeks ago, Senator Bernie Sanders released a list of the 10 companies worst at paying their fair share in taxes. We liked it, and our designer Gabe quickly put it into chart form and put it up on our website.


What happened next was exciting: Tens of thousands of people started sharing the chart on Facebook. Blogs started posting links to it. It began to really blow up—and that gave us an idea: What if we could get this popular chart in front of millions of people today as they’re finishing their taxes?


So here we go: We’re going to try to saturate Facebook with the chart below, so that everyone sees the shameful behavior of these 10 companies. Can you join in? All you have to do is click this button to share it:


Tabacco: I was going to volunteer to host an Event today in Wyandanch, but I’m old and I’ve got enough on my plate already. I decided to do this instead! I know how to write a blog, and I have an audience; running a political rally is not one of my assets – yet!

If you get your “News” from Cable, or more specifically, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and (God forbid) Fox News, you might think that Tabacco is the Extremist, the Terrorist, the Liar! When I read my own blog posts and then watch the 6pm News, I wonder myself whether I’m crazy or not! Thank God for LinkTV, MoveOn.org, the Long Island Progressive Coalition (LIPC) or my answer to myself would not be “or not”.


April 19, 2011,



I received a Comment, published below, from “Nunya” as in “None of your business”! He inspired me to look for and find an on-line video of Bernie Sanders’ comments on the Senate floor. I wonder if “Nunya” will dare show his face now!


You want proof, Nunya? Well here it is!

Go to: http://obrag.org/?p=35813


See and hear Senator Bernie Sanders issue his scathing rebuke of the “Top 10” on-line video!


To Nunya: If Tabacco is a “moron”, I’m in very good company! What company are you in?!



A visitor‘ left this comment on 1 Jun 11
Great post!
Tabacco‘ left this comment on 19 Apr 11
To Nunya and to all Sincere Readers:Go to http://obrag.org/?p=35813

View Senator Bernie Sanders video – in his own words!

Thanks, Nunya, I owe this search to your comment. Thanks again!


A visitor‘ left this comment on 18 Apr 11
Check out the facts behind this pack of lies. You look like a moron.Nunya:

I present the facts as given by a U.S. Senator. You suppy, “You look like a moron.” Now which of us is supplying facts, and which of us has not a leg or a fact to stand on? We’ll let my Readers decide!

Tabacco PS I usually don’t publish this sort of BILGE. You know that because you almost never see it here. But this time I want you to see how literate, intelligent, persuasive and logical my “OPPOSITION” actually is!

Did I forget to mention “informative”! Try to imagine the sort of intellects I imagined I’d come up against in 2005 when I began blogging. Instead, I am confronted by Andy, Gorgon and “Nunya” – are all those on the “Right” this dumb!

Tabacco‘ left this comment on 18 Apr 11
Just imagine how difficult it SHOULD BE for the United States (Republicans & Democrats, the MSM, Independents etc. etc.) to keep secret since 1967 that Israel has NUCLEAR WEAPONS when everybody else on Earth knows it’s true! Yes, the Secret is not so “secret” anymore, but still there are MILLIONS OF AMERICANS, who would not believe it today!That’s how effective the American “CONSERVATIVE” MEDIA BIAS IS!



Tax Cheats, American Firms Offshore To Avoid Taxes, Targeted In New Tax Bill: He Won’t Like It, But Will Bush Sign It? NO LINE-ITEM VETO! – RI10

‘U.S. News & World Report’: GRADUATES should avoid industries w/outsourcing potential & consider blue-collar career – best jobs of future: beautician, locksmith, security technician, firefighter, hairstylist/cosmetologist, biomedical equip technician

(Part 2)

Tax Cheats,


American Firms


Offshore To Avoid


Taxes, Targeted In


New Tax Bill: He


Won’t Like It, But


Will Bush Sign It?




VETO! – RI10


Gates Speaks on Iraq War; Condoleezza Rice Fires Back;

Aired December 21, 2007 – 19:00   ET


CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Kitty, why off-shoring and outsourcing affect which careers you choose and which jobs are immune. For now, Kitty.

PILGRIM: We look forward to that, Christine.


PILGRIM: Another example today of an American company shipping high-quality jobs overseas, Boeing has signed a 10-year deal with an Indian government-run company and the deal is reportedly worth about $1 billion a year. Now, the Indian company will develop manufacturing processes need for the production of military hardware for Boeing.

A new report is telling graduates that they

should avoid industries with outsourcing

potential and consider a blue-collar career.

So the best jobs of the future, “U.S. News

& World Report” lists beautician,

locksmith, security technicians among 

others. Christine Romans reports on the 

new areas of job growth in this economy.


ROMANS (voice-over): Offshoring and

automation are sending so many jobs

overseas; “U.S. News & World Report” has

updated its best careers guide. Consider a

career’s resistance to offshoring,

suggesting, quote, “even college grads

might want to consider blue- collar


Among them,


security technician and
biomedical equipment technician.


The job market is clearly undergoing a

dramatic shift.

LAWRENCE MISHEL, ECONOMIC POLICY INSTITUTE: Ten years ago we were told we didn’t really need manufacturing, that people needed to shift to the information age jobs. But now we see the information age jobs challenged by offshore competition.

ROMANS: Pressure in wages in those job categories, he says, at the same time manufacturing, an important stepping-stone to the middle-class, is moved wholesale overseas. Since 2001, the economy has lost about 3 million manufacturing jobs. But, as the president points out, there have been 51 straight months of overall jobs growth. And the unemployment rate is a low 4.7 percent.

GEORGE W. BUSH, U.S. PRESIDENT: I fully understand the pinch some of you folks are feeling. Having said that, this economy’s pretty good. There are some — there’s definitely some storm clouds. And concerns. But the underpinning is good. And we’ll work our way through this period. Tabacco: (Decoded) He means the Big Business owners & stock market investors will survive!

ROMANS: But if the economy slips into recession next year …

Tabacco: The 2nd Economy (ours) already has. The fact is that once the $$$ end up in the coffers of China and other major Outsourcees and the “Have-Mores” stateside grab the rest, the Middleclass will be extinct and there will be few left in America to buy their homes, fine cars, yachts, stereos, high-end electronics & other consumer products. If you make $15,000 per annum in India, you cannot afford to buy what US citizens, making $60,000 per annum, could afford to buy. And Hispanic Aliens and Dirt-poor Chinese workers will still be making what for Americans are Slave wages!

The 1st Economy (theirs) will have all the money, and they will still be unhappy because they will not be able to bleed any more out of us Turnips!

PETER MORICI, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND: Either we won’t create many jobs or we’ll lose them and the jobs that we create won’t pay great wages, because we’re simply not doing very well in construction and manufacturing and the other areas that traditionally offer good, solid middle-class jobs to working Americans.

ROMANS: Wages have been falling for

years now. According to the Economic

Mobility Project, median economic for men

in their 30s dropped 12 percent over the

three decades beginning in 1974. Jobs

growth in the past few months has not

kept up with growth in the working-age



ROMANS (on camera): This the first time that “U.S. News & World Report” editors have considered what they called offshore resistance in their best careers categories. Why? The magazine says at the same time we’re sending ever-more students to college, corporations are offshoring and automating jobs that require the college degrees.

PILGRIM: It’s interesting because the shifts occur so quickly in this global economy. It takes a while for the knowledge of society to catch up where you get an article like this.

ROMANS: It’s absolutely right. And what about the ladder to the middle-class that people have climbed through those, you know, manufacturing jobs and the like for so many decades in this country? Are we replacing them? As Larry Mishel pointed out, you know,

we were told information technology jobs

were going to replace those. Now we’re

told that those can be offshored, think of

something else. People’s education and

careers don’t move as quickly as this

global economy seems to be moving.

Tabacco: If you believed that PROPAGANDA or anything else the Bush administration says, SHAME ON YOU!

PILGRIM: It would certainly help if we don’t have administration officials denying the trend as it is actually happening.

Tabacco: How else would these Neocons be able to keep us from REVOLTING while they steal everything, not nailed down!

Most people still think Tabacco is talking through his hat. I suggest to those people that they read my Posts beginning in August, 2005, and coming forward to today and see if I have not been saying basically the same things, which now we all know to be true. That’s why I’m republishing so much of what I wrote in 2005 and 2006 – it’s even more relevant today and less controversial. Maybe you should have listened in 2005!

ROMANS: And trade policies that actually exacerbate it in some cases.

Tabacco: “in ALL cases”! To those of you, who still revere the memory of Bill Clinton (and Hillary), remember who the president was on December 8, 1993, who advised us that NAFTA was GREAT (with Jimmy Carter’s “ditto”). Still think ALL Democrats are unequivocally good for Middleclass?

PILGRIM: Thanks very much, Christine Romans.


A new provision in the new
government-spending bill would bar the
awarding of federal government contracts
to companies that set up offshore
headquarters to avoid paying federal
taxes. Now, this bill is on its way to the
president to be signed into law.

Tabacco: Even if Bush signs it, which is no “Slam Dunk”, it’s too little and too late for lots of us in the Middleclass! Money that is outsourced to India or China cannot be recouped. When China loans the US money, it expects and gets a return on its investment. The fact that those Chinese $$$ came from the USA initially is irrelevant now!

Louise Schiavone reports.


LOUISE SCHIAVONE, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Stashed in a half trillion dollar spending plan for 14 different Cabinet projects and a war in Iraq, a torpedo for certain American corporations hiding behind flimsy foreign addresses for the purpose of evading U.S. taxes.


A key packer, Senator Carl Levin of
Michigan, says, quote, “For the vast
majority of American companies who play
by the rules, this is a matter of fairness.
They should not have to compete with
tax dodgers to win federal contracts”.

Critics of the accounting strategy, including the consumer-oriented Center for Corporate Policy, say while it’s not illegal, it is unethical. CHARLIE CRAY, CENTER FOR CORPORATE POLICY: You know, Benedict Arnold, tax trader companies are the ones that set up, you know, brass-plate shell companies. They just on paper decided that they are now a Cayman Islands company or a Bermuda company or some other place.

SCHIAVONE: A different view from researchers at the nonprofit Tax Foundation of Washington. It says, “If the United States didn’t have the world’s second highest statutory corporate tax rate, firms would not jump through the illegal and accounting hoops in desperation to minimize their tax liability”. End quote.
Tabacco: That defines CHUTZPAH better than any comment ever uttered. “If the United States didn’t have the world’s second highest statutory corporate tax rate, firms would not jump through the illegal and accounting hoops in desperation to minimize their tax liability”. That’s a LIE as well as disingenuous. Rich people NEVER get thin enough or RICH ENOUGH! NOT EVER! If USA-based companies were not taxed at all (Zero), they would still outsource to avoid paying salaries and benefits to US workers!! That’s the T-R-U-T-H!

Three years ago, the General Accounting Office reported that, “Large tax haven contractors in both 2000 and 2001 were more likely to have a tax cost advantage than large domestic contractors”.

At that time, the GAO named major federal contractors, which reported having a subsidiary incorporated in a tax haven country, including


BearingPoint, Incorporated,
The Boeing Company,
Foster Wheeler, Limited, and
McDermott International.


SCHIAVONE (on camera): Kitty, Senator Levin’s provision in no way outlaws the corporate strategy of evading corporate taxes by using an offshore address nor does it recoup the billions lost to federal revenues. (SEE WHAT I MEAN!) So far Congress has rejected efforts to make those changes. Kitty?

PILGRIM: Thanks very much, Louise Schiavone. Thanks, Louise.

Tabacco to Lou Dobbs Voters: Recently on a Conservative Blog-City blog, a Reader accused me of self-promotion. If I, who take no endorsements and make not a farthing on my blog, am a self-promoter, what is Lou Dobbs but a book huckster extraordinaire!

Read the following Reader comments, which made the show, even though Dobbs wasn’t there, and think about why everyday we get a steady diet of people converting to “Independent” on CNN. There is only one answer: Dobbs promotes his new tome, from which he makes money. Tabacco can never be accused of that.

Time now for some of your thoughts. And G.G. in Florida wrote into us, “I think it’s great that you are doing what you are to help lead us in the right direction with all of the information you dig up and report. What our government is and isn’t doing for us”.

And Vera in Michigan wrote, “Happy Holidays, Lou. Thank you for opening our eyes to the truth, we’re proud to rank among nationally recognized Lou Dobbs independents”.

And Robert in Massachusetts wrote, “Thanks, Lou, for your dogged determination at exposing corporate chiefs and the government. You are a true public servant. I hope you have many years of energy left because your constant spotlight on their activities is so needed in these times”.

We will have more of your e-mail later in the broadcast. Each of you whose e-mail who is read here receives a copy of Lou’s new book “Independents Day, Awakening the American Spirit”. It’s the book that corporate America, the Democrats and the Republicans don’t want you to read. Tabacco doesn’t want you to read it either. It is a self-serving, propagandist, Capitalist endeavor, which advises the RIGHT PROBLEM BUT THE WRONG SOLUTION! Political Demagogues & former GOP-turned-Independent Hustlers are proficient at that bit of Sophistry!

I don’t begrudge Lou Dobbs making a BUCK; I abhor his lying and deceiving the Middleclass to feather his own nest -



Coming up, is a local New York justice subverting the will of the people in a decision over illegal aliens and driver’s licenses? We’ll have a report on that.

And a day after President Bush said he wants to steer clear of the presidential campaigns, a top member of his administration. We’ll ask one of the Republican candidates. We’ll tell you why. Stay with us.


Tabacco: More of the same interspersed with some non self-promoting thoughts. LESSON: You must NEVER turn your back on a Capitalist; he will pick your pocket every time!

PILGRIM: Now the results of tonight’s poll. 95 percent of you say that driver’s licenses should only be issued to U.S. citizens and legal residents.

Time now for some more of your thoughts. We’ve heard from Jack in Massachusetts. “After 44 years as a registered Republican and 5 years as a Democrat, I have now concluded that neither party represents my interests or the interests of the population as a whole. I have just reregistered as an independent”.

And thousands of you are e-mailing about our report last night on United Airlines outsourcing the maintenance of its aircrafts.

Priscilla in California writes, “What a joke our government is! We pretend to be hard on homeland security! As you know our borders/ports/air cargo are all-open to anyone! They put us through hell at the airports! Yet our commercial airplanes are serviced outside of the USA, even in China! What kind of joke is that!”

Gary in Indiana, “Lou, I love your show, keep up the good work. I heard about United Airlines’ outsourcing major maintenance checks to a facility in China. I am sick to death of companies outsourcing to other lands to save a few bucks at the expense of our American workers. Now I know why they closed their maintenance base here in Indianapolis. United can kiss my business good-bye”.

And Jean Louise in California, “I absolutely believe the majority of American citizens want a federal government that will secure our ports and borders and enforcement immigration law. The problem is, for some unknown reason, the majority of our elected officials do not want what we want. They promise the moon, get elected and suddenly believe they are the upper echelon of American and the people that sent them to office are of sub standard class”.

We love hearing from you. Send us your thoughts at LoyDobbs.com. Each of you whose e-mail is read here receives a copy of Lou’s new book, “Independents Day, Awakening the American Spirit”, the book that corporate America, the democrats and republicans don’t want you to read.

Thanks for being with us tonight. Please join us tomorrow. For all of us here, thanks for watching. Good night from New York. “What Would Jesus Really Do?” hosted by Roland Martin is next.

Tabacco: Please note that Dobbs’ Viewers are NOT DUMB and better informed than most, thanks to Lou Dobbs himself. The problem is they don’t evaluate every suggestion on its own merits. Lou is basically informative and helpful. You know that from how often I quote his program. Democracy Now! is right on every issue except Illegal Aliens. They have a VESTED INTEREST! Lou Dobbs is generally right on every issue except reregistering as Independent. Lou has a VESTED INTEREST.



Not all Vested Interests are as obvious as Cheney-Halliburton, and yet we allowed that to go on and on! What are we using for brains!



Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.

In 1981′s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World


Tabacco‘ left this comment on 27 Dec 07
In case you don’t know yet, Bush signed the “Omnibus” Bill, which included War Extension Funds sans Timeline and Earmarks as usual. The president is highly involved in his own “Earmarks”. I go into that in the new Post, No. III of III, which will publish very soon.No. I (Congress Lazy? Not When It Comes To “EARMARKS” & Other Gifts To Republican “Friends” – How GOP Freezes Out Democrats From Process – RI10 Republished from 10/27/06 I of III) was published today.


Tabacco‘ left this comment on 23 Dec 07
READERS:If you went to a 4-year college or more, if you are currently enrolled in college, are these BLUE-COLLAR JOBS why you did or are doing it? This is what 8 YEARS OF REPUBLICAN RULE HAVE DONE TO AMERICA!

But the ULTIMATE PROBLEM IS POLITICAL CONTROL BY THE “HAVE-MORES”. Even the Green Party, if it ever got elected, would become CORRUPT!


Instead of worshipping at their feet and hanging on their every word and gesture, we should disenfranchise the Rich & Famous from having THEIR $$$$ be worth more than OUR votes.

Unless and until we eliminate Earmarks, Lobbying, Election Hard & Soft Money Donations, we will always and forever be STOMPED ON BY THOSE WITH MONEY, POWER & CONNECTIONS!




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