NIGGER! – RI10 Getting MAD Is Exactly The Response The Bigots Want! If Being Called “NIGGER” Upsets You, The Bigots Have Won! Whining About It Only Incentivizes Name Callers! The Solution: Parry, Absorb, Assimilate & Regurgitate The Same Invectives While Smiling At Yourselves, Not At Them! That Removes The Bullets From Their Guns & Drives Your Enemies Crazy! Having Deployed That Strategy, Now What Is Their Fallback Position? Tabacco Dedicates This Post To My Newfound Friends, America’s ‘NIGGERFUXATIONISTS’!




For centuries Whites, Racists & Regular PWTs, used that word “Nigger” with impunity. Nobody complained! Whites either got more angry or laughed, but few complained.


Now that a Black person can complain about racism in America without actually being strung up to the nearest Poplar tree, those same Whites want Blacks to shut up and not use the pejorative. No more “Nigger” or “Nigga”. Let’s all be politically correct!


Well we are not ALL politically Correct”, nor shall I be silenced! Little kids are the primary practitioners of “Name Calling”! Have you learned nothing from childish behavior! Children can’t figure out how to combat the practice because they are children. But we are Grownups – ALLEGEDLY! “INSANE” Adults at that!



one definition of INSANITY:

“Doing the same thing over and over

while expecting a different result!”



I intend to rub their noses in it as often, as loudly and as vehemently as I can. Jews never let us forget about the Holocaust. If I have to carry the banner by myself, I will never let us forget about the Diaspora, the use of the derogatory term “Nigger” and the present state of Discrimination, Unequal Treatment & Racial Intolerance in America with 21st century forms of Deprecation, too numerous to name here. Being politically correct and keeping quiet doesn’t work! It never has worked. Ask the Jews!


The only things that do work are complaining loudly and often, speaking plainly without euphemisms, demanding our Rights, and not stopping ever – and in this case, using their Invective on ourselves!


Even when they compromise and grant you a crumb or two, you must never stop fighting! Once you do, the clock moves counterclockwise again.


Look at how Democrats repeatedly try to pass “Comprehensive Immigration” even after being resisted and denied!


Look how Republicans persist in their efforts to REVERSE OBAMACARE with 40-50 House Votes since its Inception!


Look how Homosexuals continue to fight for the Right to Marry the person they choose, regardless of sex! That is now the Law in about 36 States! Persistence pays!


Rich, Right-Wing Capitalists never give up attempting to shift the landscape more and more in their favor. And neither should Blacks! We must never stop pontificating, complaining, arguing, making White America face the Truth about themselves. Throw the Bible in their faces! Throw the Constitution in their faces! Throw common sense in their faces! And throw “Nigger” in their faces! To use the euphemistic ‘N-word’ lets White America off the hook!


But whatever you do, never let them forget what they have done, what they are still doing and what they will continue to do if we permit them! Political and Social Activism is not an End, but a Never-ending Process!

It’s time Americans grew up! Tabacco believes in turning pejoratives around and using them on the very Sophists, who used them in the first place. Name-Calling is neither logical nor persuasive as argument unless you allow the Name-Callers to win by tucking your tail between your legs and slinking quietly over to the nearest corner like the family dog after a good scolding or by whining like that same canine! In order to defang the pejoratives, embarrass, humiliate and expose the bigots, Tabacco shall continue to say “Homosexual”, “Fag”, “Cut & Run”, and “Nigger”!



I went looking for this in 2007, knowing full well I could find it – and I did!


What I didn’t know was how much more ubiquitous this stuff is in 2015 than it was in 2007! Nigger and Niggerfuxation have proliferated on the Internet despite their demise in the mouths of Politicians, Preachers, Schoolteachers, Corporate CEOs and other Whites with standing while cameras are rolling – and not just in the Deep South!


Now, let’s see what Tabacco has found!



This was it in 2007 along with the Blog, ‘Niggerfuxation’!

Nigger Phrases…


Typical nigger behavior, and nigger characteristics, are so readily identifiable that the human observation of the nigger herd has spawned numerous phrases within the English language that include the word “nigger”.  Recently, the members of alt.flame.niggers got together and started collecting these wonderful phrases, and the following list was born.  This is THE most comprehensive list on the Internet, of phrases that include the word “nigger” .  If you can think of any more phrases that include the world “nigger” which we’ve missed, please send them along to

Nigger Rig –  To perform the poorest quality repair job imaginable.  To nigger rig something that is broken requires that you put the least possible amount of effort into the repair job, using the poorest quality materials available. A nigger-rigged job is instantly identifiable, usually due to large amounts of duct tape or wire covering the broken item.  Also known as “Afro-engineering”.


Nigger Rich –  The state of being broke, but trying to persuade others that you have lots of money. This is usually accomplished by wearing large quantities of fake gold, or by rolling a wad of one-dollar bills together, and then placing a twenty or fifty on the outside of the roll.


Nigger Wad, or Nigger Roll -  The wad of money described in the above definition of “Nigger Rich”.


Nigger Knocker –  A stick, pipe, or blackjack, usually found in pick-up trucks, used to beat niggers with. A nigger knocker must be extremely hard, in case it must be used on a nigger’s head.


Nigger Bath –  To “wash up” while standing at the bathroom sink, using a wet rag; but without the aid of soap.


Niggerbabble –  The unintelligible babbling that comes out of a nigger’s mouth. It may come out sounding like “I beez wantz a White womin”, or “I beez killn Whitey”, or “Muh diKKK, muh diKKK”. Niggers often issue forth these babblings while grabbing their crotches, in a desperate attempt to keep their sexual organs from falling off due to the effects of the many niggerborne communicable diseases they’re infested with. With babblings such as, “Whitey owz me a livin’ “, or “What I did beez Whitey’s fault”, niggers often use niggerbabble to avoid personal responsibility.


Niggerfuxation –  The result of Typical Nigger Behavior. When niggers get a-hold of something and completely ruin it, that thing has become “niggerfuxated”. “Niggerfuxation has completely ruined the City of Detroit”.


Niggerwhine –  What niggers constantly do when they don’t get their way. Humans all over the world are sick of hearing niggerwhine. Niggers want handouts, reparations, and settlements; and generally, something for nothing.


Niggerfact –  A lie made up by a nigger, which niggers then swear to be true. Examples of niggerfacts are that niggers invented everything, including the telephone, the television, nuclear submarines, and the moon; that niggers “built America”; that niggers all have big diKKKs; and that law enforcement statistics showing niggers to be murderous animals are not true. The term “nigger-lie” is interchangeable with the term “niggerfact”.


Nigger Mobile –  A nigger’s car, which the nigger has niggered up. A nigger mobile will usually be an old Cadillac, with strips of bathroom rug strung around the back window, a “thump-thump” nigger radio that cost more than the car itself, and other afro-engineered modifications.


Nigger Sense –  The absence of intelligence or common sense. “That’s so stupid, it doesn’t even make good nigger sense”.


Niggertown –  A place where a lot of niggers live. Nigger towns stink, and look like garbage dumps.


Nigger Toe –  A Brazil Nut.


Nigger Work –  A job that anyone can do, which takes no intelligence, and is usually unpleasant. “I don’t want to clean the toilets.  That’s nigger work”.


Nigger Heaven –  A watermelon patch.


Nigger in the Woodpile –  Used when something bad has happened, and a nigger was the perpetrator. “My saw is gone. See ain’t there a nigger in the woodpile.” Or, if someone has a nigger in their family tree, they have a nigger in the woodpile. Also used when something is suspicious or wrong, similar to the term, “there’s something rotten in Denmark”.


Head Nigger in Charge –  Da boss!


Nigger Hounds –  Dogs specifically trained to track niggers.


Nigger-Lover –  A liberal who thinks that niggers are human.


Riding Nigger –  The opposite of “ride shotgun”.  Riding shotgun is sitting in the front seat of the car.  Riding nigger is sitting in the back seat by yourself.


Niggerlip –  To get the stub of a smoke all wet and slimey. As in “don’t niggerlip that joint”.


Niggershit –  Anything of low quality that would typically be owned by a nigger. “Some guy tried to sell me a fake Rolex, but I told him I didn’t want that niggershit”.


Niggercide –  A contraction of “nigger homicide”. Niggercide, AIDS, and ebola, comprise the Great White Hope. Niggercide is the leading cause of death among Americoons. It happens when Typical Nigger Behavior reaches its peak, and niggers use guns, knives, or poisoned crack to put “dey soul bruthaz” on AFN’s Dead Nigger Picture Pages. Unfortunately, niggers who commit niggercide usually get caught within ten minutes due to their stupidity; before they can commit further acts of patriotism!


Nigger Music –  The form of “shit music” seen on MTV or similar programs featuring gutter monkeys dressed in oversized ape clothing,  jumping and hollering while holding their disease infested dicks.


Niggerhead-  A large rock, usually round, discovered during excavation. The term is widely used in the northern tier of the USA in the construction industry. ‘Niggerheads’ are principally granite or feldspar within the matrix of alluvial (glacial) till.


Niggerhead Watermelon –  A small, dark green, round watermelon, with small edible seeds. Its shape resembles a nigger’s head.


Niggerhead Yam –  A sweet potato with a lumpy dark skin, popular in Latin America.


Niggerhead Tobacco – And old brand of finely shredded chewing tobacco that resembled tufts of nappy hair.


Dumber Than a Day Old Nigger –  The state of being as dumb as a rock.


Niggersubtraction –  1) One less nigger due to an offing (usually by drive-by) caused by a ‘diss’.  2) Nigger Math, similar to Ebonics.  “If I had fiddy cent, an my ho’ stole foty cent, how much I b had left?”.


Niggeraddition –  Squirting out niggletts to add to the AFDC check.


Niggerplication –  1) The act of niggers multiplying rapidly while on the welfare wagon, 2) A sow nigger siring more than one nigglet at a time. 3) A contraction of the words ‘nigger implication’; as when one nigger, when arrested for a crime, implicates his homies to save his sorry ass.  


Niggerdivision –  When a nigger buck splits after impregnating a sow nigger.


Niggernomics-  A financial plan that is most certainly doomed to failure.  A nigger is practicing “niggernomics” when he “invests” his entire welfare check in lottery tickets, figuring that he has so many tickets he “gots to win”.  Nigger countries also practice niggernomics when the Head Nigger In Charge takes all the handouts from White countries and puts the money in a Swiss bank account, and then lets his Africoon nigger countrymen starve to death.

Tabacco: Still think the Strategy of ‘N-word’ Euphemism is working?


Read on!


Tabacco: Even ‘Wiktionary’ renders deference to that word! I didn’t even bother to check out plain ole ‘Nigger’ – why bother!

Tabacco: Finally some hope! About as much as Dorian Gray’s portrait displayed after Dorian’s death!


Tabacco: ‘YourDictionary: The Dictionary You Can Understand’? They are just fuxating with us now, folks!


Just Getting Personal!


I’m just assuming the story itself is valid! Even I won’t bother to check this!


Posted: Wed Jan 28 2015 4:58 pm
Post subject: Niggerfuxation solved. McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson to Step Down, whitey “steps up”.

eply to Flush Obama eply with quote


(Bloomberg) — McDonald’s Corp., the world’s largest restaurant
chain, will replace Chief Executive Officer Don Thompson with
one of his top lieutenants following the company’s worst U.S.
sales slump in more than a decade.

Chief Brand Officer Steve Easterbrook will take the reins when
Thompson steps down on March 1, the Oak Brook, Illinois-based
company said in a statement Wednesday. Easterbrook, currently a
senior executive vice president, also will join the board,
filling Thompson’s vacated seat, the company said.

“With sales stagnant for this long, there’s been a lot of push
for change,” said Will Slabaugh, an analyst at Stephens Inc. in
Little Rock, Arkansas. “They had to show investors they’re
serious about changing and improving sales.”

The shares jumped as much as 3.5 percent to $91.90 in late
trading after the announcement. McDonald’s stock had slumped 3.4
percent last year, trailing an 11 percent gain by the Standard &
Poor’s 500 Index. It rose just 0.3 percent during Thompson’s
total tenure as CEO, beginning on July 1, 2012.

McDonald’s hasn’t posted U.S. growth since October 2013, hurt by
competition from fast-casual chains such as Chipotle Mexican
Grill Inc. Sales at U.S. locations open at least 13 months fell
2.1 percent in 2014, the biggest yearly decline for the
restaurant chain in its home market since at least 2001.

Thompson, a 25-year company veteran who started as an electrical
engineer, was the the first black CEO of the company. He took
the CEO job after serving as president of McDonald’s USA and
operating chief.

“It’s tough to say goodbye to the McFamily, but there is a time
and season for everything,” Thompson said in Wednesday’s
statement. “I am truly confident as I pass the reins over to
Steve, that he will continue to move our business and brand

McDonalds food began sucking, so they increased their menu of
choices that suck and increased prices.

Niggerfuxation McDonald Thompson solved
Sponsored Link


Even I couldn’t resist seeing the ‘Sponsored Link’!


These guys are just Fuxating with McDonald’s and eBay! Anybody can type in a Search, then do a Screen Capture of their shenanigans! Neither McDonald’s nor eBay would risk losing large segments of their Customers by consorting with such obvious Masterbaiters!


This Stuff is Ridiculous, Childish, Trivial, Asinine and FUNNY! If you get mad about it, THEY WIN! I prefer to use my own Strategy and REPUBLISH THEIR FEEBLE ATTEMPTS to IRITATE BLACK FOLKS!


Keep at it, fellas! Now everybody can see just how ignorant Racists are! Well now you know!


Without you Niggerfuxationists, Tabacco could not have produced this Post.


Oh, I almost forgot!


Niggers! Is No. 11 on Tabacco’s ‘All Time Top 400 List’, 33,362 Reads from August 14, 2010 until November 2011!


I have UPDATED that Post significantly since 2010. There’s lots more Stuff on the Internet in 2015, and I picked the most ‘Popular’ to add in here.


If you wish to, you can do as I did and Bing (or Google) ‘Niggers’ and/or ‘Niggerfuxation’!


Then just LAUGH at these ‘Children’ – that will drive them MAD! Children love to IRITATE! When their Actions fail to achieve that desired result, they go play elsewhere. After all, they are still Children!


Once again, Mucho Thanks to the Niggerfuxationists for supplying Tabacco with grist for the Mill!

Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.



If Tabacco is talking about a subject that nobody else is discussing, it means that subject is more, not less important, and the Powers-That-Be are deliberately avoiding that Issue. To presume otherwise completely defeats my purpose in blogging.



Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981′s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People


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2 Responses to NIGGER! – RI10 Getting MAD Is Exactly The Response The Bigots Want! If Being Called “NIGGER” Upsets You, The Bigots Have Won! Whining About It Only Incentivizes Name Callers! The Solution: Parry, Absorb, Assimilate & Regurgitate The Same Invectives While Smiling At Yourselves, Not At Them! That Removes The Bullets From Their Guns & Drives Your Enemies Crazy! Having Deployed That Strategy, Now What Is Their Fallback Position? Tabacco Dedicates This Post To My Newfound Friends, America’s ‘NIGGERFUXATIONISTS’!

  1. admin says:


    Remember how Southern Segregationists would not allow Blacks to drink from their Public Fountains or Piss & Crap or pick their noses in their Public Bathrooms? But then they engaged Black Slaves to Cook their food, Nanny their babies and Raise their youngins, and – though they didn’t know it (maybe) – fuck their White spouses!

    Today we have these Niggerfuxationists! They don’t realize it, but without their ‘Negro’ targets, they wouldn’t have a life! They have come closer to Blacks than folks, who either don’t care or have empathy and / or affection for those of us in the Black Persuasion. In attempting to distance themselves from US, like their Forefathers, they come closer to us, not farther! Who would have thunk it!


  2. admin says:

    THE ‘N’-WORD!

    I am watching ‘Roots’ on TV1 as I write this. If you remember ‘Roots’, then you remember the use of the word ‘NIGGER’ early and often! Without that word, ‘Roots’ would not have been possible.

    So if you use the ‘N-word’ instead, you deprive your children of their history, and you forego the opportunity to remind White folks about their history as well as ours.

    ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result’ – Albert Einstein (more or less)

    Tabacco subscribes to Einstein’s Dictum – I am trying something different!


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