Judicial Ruling That NYS Cannot Audit Charter Schools! If These PRIVATIZED PUBLIC SCHOOLS May NOT Be Audited, Then How Do Parents & We The People Have Any Control Over These Corporate Vultures? Desperate Parents Once Again Are Being SUCKERED By Greedy Capitalists, Whose Primary Goal is PROFIT, NOT EDUCATIION! Dark Secret: 70% Of Charter Schools Do WORSE Than Public Schools In Their Districts – That Means Only 30% Excel! Betcha Didn’t Hear That On Those Anti-de Blasio Ads!



(In Case You Missed It Or Just Forgot!)




Judge rules that state Controller Thomas DiNapoli cannot audit charter schools


Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Breslin ruled DiNapoli did not have authority to audit any New York charter school.


BY Greg B. Smith


Friday, March 14, 2014, 12:27 AM


New York charter schools won a big victory Thursday when a judge ruled the state’s top fiscal officer can’t follow the money and look at their books.



Charter school crusader Eva Moskowitz filed suit to bar state Controller Thomas DiNapoli from auditing her 22 schools, all of which are publicly funded but also receive private donations. On Thursday, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Breslin ruled DiNapoli did not have the authority to audit any New York charter because the schools are not technically “units of the state.”


“We are disappointed that the court struck down the law authorizing the Comptroller’s office to audit charter schools,” said DiNapoli spokesman Matt Sweeney. He added an appeal is under consideration.


Other cities, such as Los Angeles and Chicago, have rules allowing charters to be audited. In New York, the schools are required to hire independent auditors.


Mayor de Blasio recently set off a firestorm when he refused to allow three of Moskowitz’s charters to co-locate in public schools. She and her well-financed supporters have launched a campaign to reverse his decision.


Tabacco: Whenever any individual or group of Individuals becomes DESPERATE, that Individual or Group acts as a Magnet for UNSCRUPULOUS SCAMMERS, intent upon exploiting and thereby Profiting from that Desperation!


Enter Parents of Public School Students in Failing and Marginal Districts! Watch out, Little Red Riding Hood! Here comes the Big Bad Wolf, aka Charter Schools!



PS This version is NOT for the kiddies!

In this Video, the Wolf eats both Grandma and Red in a single bite! Don’t let the Wolf eat you too – in one bite!


Privatizers avoid that Word (you know, the P-Word)! If they can substitute another word without pejorative connotations (like Charter for instance), their Problem is solved! The Prevailing Theory is “You can sell shit if you call it something without pejorative connotations!” Ever hear of ‘CHOCOLATE DIAMONDS’!


Now Tabacco knows how Jody Foster must have felt, unsuccessfully trying to save that lamb in ‘Silence of the Lambs’!



Never forget that Charter Schools are





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