POLITICS IS A DIRTY BUSINESS! But Politicians’ Diabolically Underhanded Tactics Are Not That Different From Tactics Of Prepubescent Children. Children Are Mischievous, Imitative & Selfish – Politicians Are Selfish, Imitative & Mischievous! That Is A Distinction Without A Difference – A Mere Matter Of Emphasis!




‘Which Hand Is It In?’

This was the best photo I could find!

You will just have to pretend these are

Children’s hands!



Legislating Our Future or Playing Which Hand Is It In?


Tabacco: Children imitate Adults – they play WAR! Adults imitate Children – they play Deception Politics!


It would appear the Games that Children play are merely Preparation for Careers in POLITICS!


However there is ONE ASPECT of these ‘Games’ that Children generally have yet to learn but at which Politicians are extremely Proficient:






If our Politicians can INSTILL FEAR in us, regardless of its Inanity, they can provoke us to do anything they want or accept anything they want to do!




Slave-owners deliberately manipulated divisions/FEARS between Dark-skinned SLAVES and Light-skinned or Mulatto Slaves to prevent a UNITED REBELLION. They got their instruction from the Willie Lynch Letter of 1712! Yes, even Slave-owners were obsessed with FEAR (though not unreasonable)!



American Fear was UNDENIABLE when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. FDR twiddled his thumbs as the Japanese Armada sailed across the Pacific to Pearl Harbor (270 vessels if memory serves me well).


With over 2,000 DEATHS in that Battle, FDR could never claim ownership of the Tricks/Deceptions he played to PROVOKE the Japanese to attack US!


That’s a story for another day! But suffice it to say that half the country favored Churchill, and half the country favored Hitler! The most notable and revered public citizen, Charles Lindberg, was traipsing around the country making speeches in behalf of Hitler and the Nazis. So if FDR were to declare War, which side would he declare War on?


FDR deliberately and with malice aforethought provoked the Japanese to get us into WWII on the side of the Allies!



To enlarge any Image here, simply click once on the image itself! To read the entire referenced Article, click once on the URL attached!


We must give FDR a ‘Pass’ on that deception because of half of all Americans and Charles Lindberg! But it’s time you Americans knew that POLITICS IS A DIRTY BUSINESS!


I am assuming you know by now that Washington, Jefferson and all those other ‘Founding Fathers’ OWNED SLAVES – at least those Founders South of Mason-Dixon! POLITICS IS A DIRTY BUSINESS!


And I won’t bother to explain Teapot-Dome Affair, which besmirched reputations of Republican Politicians just prior to the GREAT DEPRESSION!


Incidentally, ALL GREAT DEPRESSIONS begin in Republican Administrations. Then Democrats are elected to get us out of them! I am waiting until 2016 to publish that Treatise on America’s Economic History from 1900 forward. Depressions create Fear without additional Duplicitous Political Efforts – unless you attribute as causal influences: GOP Trickle Down, Deregulation, Undermining the Graduated Income Tax etc. etc. POLITICS IS A DIRTY BUSINESS!


Ronald Reagan was a Kingpin Drug Dealer!



Reagan was the 1st of a NEW BREED of DIRTY PRESIDENTS! Nixon was just obsessed with FEAR and PARANOIA! Reagan was PURE EVIL!


Still think Ronny was an Angel! Go to Wikipedia and read about your ‘hero’ – go ahead; make my day!


We have been inundated with the doings of Richard Milhous Nixon. Suffice it to say it involved a lot more than Watergate!


George W. Bush was intellectually challenged. He was at or near the bottom of the Presidential IQ Chart! However that could not be said of Dick Cheney! A selfish, self-made Capitalist, who studied under Machiavelli!


Cheney did Bush’s thinking for him. Bush was euphoric to read the script and rake in the MOOLAH!


These Thugs allowed 9/11/2001 to happen! Then they used a scurrilous, unnamed Iraqi witness to tie Saddam Hussein to Osama bin Laden, then invaded Iraq to prevent Hussein from selling his Oil to countries other than the United States


When you add up the Death Toll from 9/11/2001 and subsequent Fatalities, including hundreds of thousands of INNOCENTS, you may lay the BLAME at the Feet of the George W. Bush administration!


And do not be misled! CROOKED POLITICIANS exist all over Planet Earth! Anywhere there is PROFIT to be made, there are Political Volunteers, eager to Raid the National Till, sell the National Resource and Pimp the National Population – including the USA!



Now we arrive at the Impetus for this Post:











Wednesday, March 11, 2015 FULL SHOW | HEADLINES | NEXT: Is Venezuela Really an “Extraordinary…

New York Hedge Funds Pour Millions of Dollars into Cuomo-Led Bid to Expand Charter Schools

In his latest column for the New York Daily News, Democracy Now! co-host Juan González reports on the tens of millions of dollars in hedge fund donations behind the push for charter schools in New York State. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is the single biggest recipient, hauling in $4.8 million. After winning approval for up to $2,600 more per pupil for charter school facilities, Cuomo is calling on the state Legislature to increase the state limit on charter schools.



This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.


AMY GOODMAN: Juan, before we move on with our first segment, you have a very interesting piece in the New York Daily News today, “Hedge fund executives give ’til it hurts to politicians, especially Cuomo, to get more charter schools.”


JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Yes. Well, I wrote about an interesting symposium that was held at the Harvard Club yesterday, an all-day symposium titled “Bonds & Blackboards: Investing in Charter Schools.” And it was a meeting, basically, of hedge fund types sponsored by the Gates Foundation and by the Walton Foundation, basically—




JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Of the Wal-Mart family—basically enticing more investors to begin to see how they can make money off of charter schools. An all-day symposium with a small protest of parents outside! But it really has marked the enormous change that’s occurred in New York politics and, I think, around the country, as a new report showed that hedge fund executives over the last decade have poured nearly $40 million into political contributions just in New York State. The prime beneficiary over the last few years has been Governor Cuomo, who has received almost $5 million. We’re talking about Carl Icahn, you know, the famous “corporate raider”; we’re talking about Paul Singer of the vulture fund, hedge fund guy; we’re talking about Julian Robertson of Tiger Management—some of the richest people in New York City. And they’re also, most of them, also major backers of charter schools.


AMY GOODMAN: How do they make money from charter schools?


JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, that’s—I think a lot of it now is going to be coming in with the facilities financing that’s going to occur. Governor Cuomo pressed the Legislature, for instance, in New York State to begin providing what will be the equivalent of about $2,600 per child to build new facilities for charter schools, forcing Mayor de Blasio in New York City to share some of this cost. So there’s going to be a new revenue stream: In addition to direct funding from the state for pupil education, there’s now going to be a charter facilities fund that’s been set up. And, of course, the governor wants to lift the cap on charter schools to allow many more charter schools to be started in New York. And the amount of money is not just in the direct contributions; it’s also in money being given to new groups, the dark money that we’ve seen after the Citizens United case, where folks like Robertson and Dan Loeb have contributed as much as a million dollars apiece last year to a new group funding ads promoting Republicans for Senate seats in New York state, which would assure, again, support for charter schools. So it’s an enormous amount of money that’s being poured into these political campaigns specifically by hedge fund folks who are very close to charter schools. In fact, one charter network alone, the Success Academy, which I’ve reported on repeatedly, 19 members of the board of directors, or their family members, gave $600,000 to Governor Cuomo’s campaigns in the last—for his last two election campaigns. It’s an enormous amount of money, and it’s not getting much attention.


AMY GOODMAN: And we’ll continue to cover this issue, of course. We just did an interview with Chuy García last week, who is the contender, mayoral contender, against Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago, and charter schools are a key issue there, as well—


JUAN GONZÁLEZ: As well, yes.


AMY GOODMAN: —in the race.


JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Absolutely.


Tabacco: How does Governor Cuomo use FEAR to put $$$$$ in his own pockets?


I’m glad you asked that Question!


If you think People get scared out of their wits when you threaten their homes, their property and their incomes, just try fucking with their Children!


By introducing Common Core and ensuring the Students in PUBLIC SCHOOLS FAIL THOSE MACHIAVELLIAN TESTS at an Alarming Rate (70%), our beloved Governor wants to scare the bejesus out of Parents by convincing them that their Children are Failing in Public Schools – because of failing his asinine Tests!


The PROBLEM is that even if New York’s kids were dumb as dishwater, CHARTER SCHOOLS would NOT be the Correct Solution!






But enough people – especially those of the BLACK PERSUASION – have been STAMPEDED out of FEAR for THEIR CHILDREN’S FUTURES into supporting CHARTER SCHOOLS! Drowning Folks will always grab at a Straw to prevent themselves and particularly their Children from GOING DOWN FOR THE 3RD TIME!



At least not one that would require PRIVATIZATION OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS!


Yes, some of our Public Schools, particularly those in POOR DISTRICTS, are Failing badly. But why would you DESTROY the SYSTEM to save 4% at the expense of the 96%!


The Correct Solution is for Albany to find a way to upgrade the 4% rather than trash the other 96%!


Of course, if you are a CROOKED POLITICIAN, who wants to WIN THE LOTTERY from the Governor’s Mansion, thoughts about what is best for the Majority of New York’s youngest never cross your mind!


Your PRIME DIRECTIVE is who is paying me the most, and what do I have to do to get it!


Last night I attended a Meeting at the Saxton Middle School in Patchogue, NY, sponsored by the PMCT (Patchogue-Medford Congress of Teachers). It was marvelous! One speaker in particular hit the nail on the head when he explained WHY Cuomo had installed the Machiavellian COMMON CORE – to justify 100 New CHARTER SCHOOLS!


They got it! They got it! There are thinking people still around, who are passionate and capable of moral thinking, not just Capitalistic Exploitation!





Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s selling his soul to make personal profits at the expense of our Children is a PUBLIC SIN for which IMPEACHMENT is insufficient Punishment!


Pres. Bill Clinton cavorting with Monica Lewinsky is a PRIVATE SIN, which is in Truth NONE OF OUR DAMN BUSINESS!


Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.



If Tabacco is talking about a subject that nobody else is discussing, it means that subject is more, not less important, and the Powers-That-Be are deliberately avoiding that Issue. To presume otherwise completely defeats my purpose in blogging.



Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981′s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People



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One Response to POLITICS IS A DIRTY BUSINESS! But Politicians’ Diabolically Underhanded Tactics Are Not That Different From Tactics Of Prepubescent Children. Children Are Mischievous, Imitative & Selfish – Politicians Are Selfish, Imitative & Mischievous! That Is A Distinction Without A Difference – A Mere Matter Of Emphasis!

  1. admin says:


    If asked, Cuomo would say something like, “All that Hedgefund Money flowing in is necessary to improve Education in NYS. Yes, they are Capitalists and they seek profits, but they are also Patriots doing good deeds for the children and their fellow citizens”.

    See how easy it is for clever Rogues like Cuomo to turn a phrase or make lemonade out of lemons. Hell, even I can do it if I want to!

    The easiest way imaginable to lose your shirt is by believing the Excuses of Politicians!


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