AN INVITATION TO VIOLENCE: A Photographic Essay! From Gandhi To King To Mandela, Peaceful Or Passive Resistance Was More Or Less Possible. But In The 21st Century, Turn The Other Cheek Is Gone With The Wind Because It Won’t Work Anymore! VIOLENCE Is The Only Language Imperialists Speak Or Comprehend! Ode To Asymmetric War!


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Tabacco: Looking back at Mahatma Gandhi’s Peaceful Resistance Movement 1907-1947, we realize that the Brits were a ‘piece of cake’ in comparison to the obstacles facing the world today. All Gandhi needed to do was be Persistent and keep his followers focused. The World Media did the rest. However, Gandhi’s Peaceful Resistance took 40-years!


Gandhi spent time in Prison, courtesy of the Brits, but Actual Violence was actually kept to a minimum. The Brits tried to provoke Indians to retaliate against their BRUTALITY with NO SUCCESS! The British caved in to Global Pressure when it became obvious to one and all that the Brits were Wrong and Gandhi was in the Right!


In the end, India was Partitioned into India and Pakistan (along Religious lines), which Gandhi definitely did not want. And Gandhi was assassinated by one of his own people. But British Rule in India is no more!

Gandhi achieved SUCCESS!


Tabacco: Looking back at America’s Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, Blacks endured a lot more Brutality from the Deep South’s Police State and its Racist Klanish hoards than even Gandhi had to overcome.


As with Gandhi, King did Jail time, but needed and got Mainstream Media coverage, which in the end undid the Southern Apartheid – at least in terms of Laws, if not in terms of Reality.


Blacks travel today on Public buses, drink from Public fountains, sit down and eat in Public restaurants, and even circumvent the few Miscegenation Laws still active.


While great strides have been made, Black youths are still murdered by men in Blue whenever the fancy strikes them in all States, not just the Deep South! In 2015 it is still ‘Open Season On Blacks’ in America.


King got the trappings of Segregation removed, but the Reality is somewhat different. MLK was assassinated by a White man, obviously hired by other White Bigots with Money & Power, although the “Investigations” never revealed the Absolute Truth.



Tabacco: South African Apartheid was a lot more Violent than most people know! And European Exploitation under its mantle lasted a very long time: 1948-1994.


Nelson Mandela was imprisoned like other Freedom Leaders. In 1956 Mandela was arrested and tried for TREASON (Treason against Europeans, who stole South Africa from the Indigenous people). After a 4-year trial, he was found ‘Not Guilty’!


In 1969 sixty-nine Blacks were murdered in Sharpeville Massacre by the White POLICE. When Black Protestors show up at Sharpeville Police Station without their PASSBOOKS, a Riot broke out! You can guess who won!


In 1962 Mandela was arrested again for Treason (we all know ‘against whom’). He was sentenced to Life In Prison.


1976, more than 600 Black African Students were murdered in the Soweto Massacre when High Schoolers protested for improved education for Blacks.


After 27-years in Prison, Mandela was finally released in 1990.


In 1994, Nelson Mandela becomes President of South Africa in country’s first election that allowed both Whites & Blacks to vote. Mandela is the 1st Black President in the history of South Africa – did you read that?


Mandela is the 1st Black President in the

history of South Africa?!


The Europeans are still in South Africa, and they are still profiting from their presence in a Black country even though they no longer run it politically.


It’s getting much harder, and it still takes a very long time, but

Mandela achieved SUCCESS!



The Recent, But Forgotten Past

Occupy Movement achieved






Even Agent Orange Couldn’t Pull Uncle Sam’s Chestnuts Out Of That Fire!

Agent Orange War In Vietnam achieved



 – We Still Haven’t Figured Out Who Was

Ultimately Responsible For That:

Greedy American Capitalists



Oklahoma City Bombing, April 19, 1995:

Home-Grown Terror


Tabacco: Instead of FOCUSING ON REASONS for Bombings, Mainstream MEDIA focused on 2-Bombers, which allowed GUILTY CAPITALISTS TO GO FREE!


Same Tact is deployed when your infant bumps his head on table edge; you spank the table so the infant feels vindicated and ceases crying! Never mind the infant’s own culpability!


When TERROR STRIKES, guess WHO is the Infant now!



America Today, Tomorrow & Near Future

Baltimore: National Guard Deployed amid Uprising over Freddie Gray’s Death


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has deployed the National Guard in Baltimore amid an uprising over the death of Freddie Gray. Gray died a week after a police encounter, which, his family said, left his spine, “80 percent severed” at the neck. Police stopped him because he made eye contact with a lieutenant, then ran away. Two weeks of peaceful protest over Gray’s death erupted into violence Monday as high school students threw bricks and rocks at police, and looting and vandalism were reported across the city. Overnight, cars and buildings were burned. Police said 15 officers were injured, though all are expected to recover. At least 27 people were arrested. Governor Hogan denounced the protesters as “gangs of thugs roaming the streets.”



Governor Larry Hogan: “Everybody believes we need to get to the answers and resolve this situation, the concern everybody has about what exactly happened in the Freddie Gray incident. That’s one whole situation. This is an entirely different situation. This is lawless gangs of thugs roaming the streets, causing damage to property and injuring innocent people, and we’re not going to tolerate that.”



This is an entirely different situation. This is lawless gangs of thugs roaming the streets, causing damage to property and injuring innocent people” -

Tabacco: Governor Hogan does NOT believe, “This is an entirely different situation”, and neither should you! Only a complete IGNORAMUS would disbelieve that were it not for the former, we would not have the latter. The latter is predicated on the former. Any FOOL can see that!


The Governor is NOT an IGNORAMUS – Gov. Hogan, when he says the two are unrelated, is an In-You-Face LIAR! But then Governor Hogan is a Politician. To use Politician and Liar in the same sentence is tantamount to Redundancy!


Following Ferguson, this marks the second time in six months the National Guard has been called to restore order after protests over police violence.


Thousands Attend Funeral for Freddie Gray


The protests came after Freddie Gray’s funeral was attended by thousands, including Maryland Democratic Congress member Elijah Cummings; a delegation from the White House; and the family of Eric Garner, the Staten Island man who died after a New York City police officer put him in a banned chokehold. Billy Murphy, an attorney for Freddie Gray’s family, addressed the mourners.


Billy Murphy: “You know, most of us are not here because we knew Freddie Gray, but we’re all here because we know lots of Freddie Grays.”


Rev. Jesse Jackson also addressed mourners. We’ll speak to him in Baltimore after headlines.



When you go on African Safari carrying only Elephant Guns, you are in a real Fix when the only problem is the Tsetse Fly!

When an Elephant Gun just won’t do!


America is both extremely capable and more than willing to fight conventional Wars against Iraq, Iran & Grenada! When you have a Military Budget that dwarfs that of the Rest of the Civilized World combined, this is axiomatic.


However, the USA did not fare too well in North Korea or Vietnam in those Wars. Asymmetric War against a viable Enemy is quite a different animal!


That’s how we beat the British in the 1700s – Asymmetric War. The Brits marched in a straight line, which was OK so long as their Opponents “marched in a straight line” too. But the Colonists hid behind trees, took potshots at the Brits, and before long the Brits had to abandon their Marquis of Queensbury strategies.


That same scenario is how John L. Sullivan lost his heavyweight crown to Gentleman James j. Corbett! James refused to stand toe-to-toe. Sugar Ray Leonard used the same successful strategy in his 2nd fight with Roberto Duran, wherein Duran uttered that now famous phrase, “No Mas!”


Asymmetric War is the Strategy of ISIS, al Qaeda and the Taliban in the Middle East and Black people, who resist and loot in Baltimore! “Why won’t they just stand still and fight like men!”

(Of course, if you say that, you have to forget that US soldiers now control Armed Drones in one country while stationed thousands of miles out of Harm’s Way in another).


Even Uncle Sam no longer marches in a Straight Line! Bravery is no longer a Rallying Cry!

“the unintended adverse results of a

political action or situation”


Power has to know it’s coming! Why else would it institute all the undemocratic, Machiavellian modes of surveillance & restriction of privacy! Power is unwilling to forgo its Abominations in the pursuit of Money & Power! So long as only the Masses die while the Elitists live in Splendor, what’s the Problem!



Muslim Terrorists prove that this will never end until Exploiters in America and their own countries cede both Power & Economic Influence to the Disenfranchised. What have they got to lose? Their lives? Desperate people have already proven they are ready & willing to risk that! Sorry, Mr. President(s), there is NO END IN SIGHT!


Why can’t they see this? Because the American Public accepts Power’s ‘explanation’ that ‘we must protect our democracy’ (which is tenuous at best now), and ‘mayhem & murder are against the law’!


That is true so far as it goes!


But what about the Domination by the Powers that be in Islamic OPEC countries!


What about the Genocide of young Black males in America by White Policemen!


Those Abominations are not only Illegal, but also IMMORAL!


But do they Cease & Desist? No! They continue Business as Usual!


What if Innocent Muslims are droned to death!


What if young Black males are executed by White Policemen in America! State Executions of just two murderous Men In Blue would STOP that right now! But will they do that? Of course not!


What if Innocent Men & Women of all colors are Wrongly Executed by American INJUSTICE!


They even have a name for this Indifference:



Even a Black American President is so indifferently Cavalier about Murder & Genocide of We The People (although he perpetually gives ‘Lip Service’ to democracy, fair play, and equality)! The Lust for Power & Money knows NO ETHICS!


However, when Indiscriminant Looting By Disenfranchised, Indiscriminant Murder By Police Officer, Indiscriminant Bombing By Drone & Indiscriminant Exploitation By Government prevail, ALWAYS the INNOCENT must pay for the CRIMES of the TRULY GUILTY! Unless & Until we make Guilty Corporatists PAY as WE have paid, Atrocities will NEVER CEASE!


Perhaps the NEXT COLLATERAL DAMAGE will be

YOU or I!

Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.



If Tabacco is talking about a subject that nobody else is discussing, it means that subject is more, not less important, and the Powers-That-Be are deliberately avoiding that Issue. To presume otherwise completely defeats my purpose in blogging.



Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981′s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People


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