TRUMP POLL BY USA TODAY: How Americans Describe The Republican Frontrunner! Tabacco Attempts To Avoid Trivial Pursuit, But – Apologies To My Readers – This Was Way Too Delicious For Me Not To Partake!



A new poll out Wednesday asked 1,000 voters to use one word to describe two top GOP presidential candidates: real-estate mogul Donald Trump and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.


And though the two White House hopefuls share some similarities — both are outsider Republicans with business backgrounds — the results couldn’t be further apart.


For example, 9.8% of respondents in the Suffolk University survey for USA Today described Trump with either “idiot”, “jerk”, “stupid”, or “dumb”.


Fiorina had a much more positive terms used to describe her. Just more 10% of the respondents told Suffolk that “smart,” “intelligent,” or “knowledgeable” came to mind.


Although other descriptions of Fiorina were critical, including “dishonest” and “liar”, the list of Trump words is a cascade of negativity relative to hers.


Some of that disparity could be attributed to the vastly different public personas of Trump and Fiorina. Trump has been in the public eye for decades, while Fiorina is arguably best known for her breakout performances in the two Republican debates.


Indeed, more than three times as many respondents did not give an answer for Fiorina than for Trump. And some of the words used to describe her were generic terms like “woman”, “Republican”, and “HP”.


Additionally, everyone — not just Republicans — got to participate in the survey, which undoubtedly boosted the insults over more favorable terms for all of the candidates involved. The poll also two tested two Democratic contenders, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), but those results were embargoed for a future USA Today report. 


Trump held a significant overall lead in the poll when it came to whom Republican and GOP-leaning voters would support. Trump got 23.5% of the vote compared to 13% apiece for Fiorina and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.


The full one-word descriptions for Trump and Fiorina can be found below.



9.8% — “Idiot/Jerk/Stupid/Dumb”
6.0% — “Arrogant”
5.6% — “Crazy/Nuts”
4.7% — ”Buffoon/Clown/Comical/Joke”
4.3% — ”Unfavorable/Dislike him”
4.1% — “Egotistical/Narcissist/Selfish”
3.8% — “Bombastic/Showoff/Pompous”
3.1% — “Outspoken/Frank/Opinionated”
2.9% — “Entertaining/Entertainer”
2.7% — ”Businessman/Successful”
2.7% — “Honest/Trustworthy/Truthful”
2.7% — “Cunning/Untrustworthy/Dishonest”
2.6% — “Blow hard/Boisterous”
2.6% — ”Favorable/Like him”
1.8% — “Exhilarating/Exciting/Ballsy”
1.7% — ”Aggressive”
1.5% — “Blunt/Brash”
1.4% — “Big mouth/Mouthy”
1.3% — ”Unqualified/Incompetent”
1.2% — “Bully”
1.2% — ”Disgusting/Despicable/Horrible”
1.1% — ”Bigot/Racist”
1.1% — “Intelligent”
1.1% — “Rich”
1.0% — ”Bold/Brave”
0.9% — “Obnoxious”
0.9% — “Ridiculous”
0.8% — “Different”
0.8% — “Competent/Capable/Intelligent”
0.7% — “Rude”
0.7% — “Leader”
0.6% — “Confident”
0.5% — “Scary”
0.4% — “Ignorant”
11.2% — Other
10.5% — Don’t know/refused


Tabacco: Once again I apologize profusely! But beneath this stone-cold Exterior beats the heart of a 6-year-old. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t resist republishing this edible delicacy! After all, Alfred Hitchcock is my favorite Director!

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2 Responses to TRUMP POLL BY USA TODAY: How Americans Describe The Republican Frontrunner! Tabacco Attempts To Avoid Trivial Pursuit, But – Apologies To My Readers – This Was Way Too Delicious For Me Not To Partake!

  1. admin says:


    1 – Donald Trump has been bayoneted by the American Public (see Poll above)!

    2 – Even Republicans don’t want another Bush at 1600!

    Will somebody pinch me please? I must be dreaming! This couldn’t really be happening!


    PS Just remember one thing! Despite all those Americans, who think the Donald lacks intellect, brains or what have you, NEVER underestimate this Jackal! He didn’t get where he is by being stupid! Never underestimate this Jackal!

  2. admin says:

    I’m only giving the Top 2 characterizations for Carly Fiorina!

    1 – 10.2% — “Smart/Intelligent/Knowledgeable”
    2 – 5.6% — “Dishonest/Liar/Untrustworthy”

    What in Tarnation is going on in the Republican Party! Maybe America has finally caught up with Reality! Tabacco agrees with both assessments! You see, America, it is possible to be BOTH “Smart/Intelligent/Knowledgeable” and at the same time be “Dishonest/Liar/Untrustworthy”! The 2 categories are NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE!


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