FAREED ZAKARIA On USA’s ‘PERPETUAL WARS’, “You Know You Are In Trouble When Your Strategy’s Success Produces More Problems Than Its Failure”.






FAREED ZAKARIA, CNN HOST: And there is a way to have predicted the rise of both ISIS and Donald Trump.

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: President Obama, you’re fired.

ZAKARIA: Joshua Cooper Ramo explains how some people can see through the flood of data that we all get hit with every day and see the patterns. How we can all learn how to have a seventh sense.

But first here is my take. While Americans have been obsessing about the presidential election, half way around the world, Iraq is collapsing as a country.

This week’s bombings in Baghdad killing scores of people were just one more reminder that the place remains deeply unstable and violent. And as Iraq has spiraled downward, policymakers in Washington have offered all kinds of advice on how to salvage it. But perhaps it’s worth stepping back from Iraq and looking at another country where America has been involved: Afghanistan.

The United States has been engaged in Afghanistan militarily, politically and economically for 15 years. It has had many surges of troops. It has spent more than $1 trillion on the war and counterinsurgency there by some estimates and it still pays a large portion of Afghanistan’s Defense budget. And yet last October the United Nations concluded that the insurgency had spread to more places in the country than at any point since 2001. Some argue in Washington that 15 years is not enough. They point to South Korea and Germany and say the United States should simply stay in Afghanistan unendingly.

Now I’m not opposed to a longer-term U.S. presence in Afghanistan, especially since the country’s elected government seems to want it, but the analogy is misplaced. In Germany and South Korea, American forces remained to deter a foreign threat. They were
not engaged in a never-ending battle within the countryto help the government gain control over its own people.

The more appropriate analogy is Vietnam. Much has been made recently of a pair of interviews on American foreign policy: one by President Obama and the other with one of his closest aides, Ben Rhodes. Both men have been described as arrogant, self-serving, and brimming with contempt for the foreign policy establishment.

Certainly, as most administrations would, Obama and Rhodes sought to present their actions in a positive light so Obama congratulates himself for stepping back from the edge of military invention in Syria. He never grapples with the fact that it was his own careless rhetoric about Assad’s fate and red lines that produced the crisis in the first place.



But on the most important issue of substance, Obama is right and his critics are wrong.


The chief lesson for American foreign policy over the last 15 years is that it is much easier to defeat a military opponent in the greater Middle East than to establish political order in these troubled lands. In Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, it took just weeks to defeat the old regime. But years later, despite varying approaches, all these countries remain in chaos.

Can anyone seriously argue that a few more troops here or a slightly different strategy there would have created stability and peace when you have instability in all three?

Most of Obama’s critics want a quick plan to defeat ISIS or more troops or greater U.S. intervention. They are blind to this dominant lesson of almost two decades,


the failure of nation-building in the Middle East.

In Syria, Washington’s real dilemma would be if its strategy actually worked and ISIS were defeated, this would result in a collapse of authority in large swaths of Iraq and Syria that are teaming with radicalized Sunnis, who refuse to accept the authority of Baghdad or Damascus.



Having led the fight of course Washington would then be forced to assert control over these territories, set up prisons to house thousands of ISIS fighters, provide security and economic assistance for the population. All the while fighting the inevitable insurgency.

You know you are in trouble when your strategy’s success produces more problems than its failure.

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and read my “Washington Post” column this week. And let’s get started. [10:05:17] On Friday I sat down with Susan Rice at the Eisenhower Executive Office building on the White House grounds. It was an important time to talk to the national security adviser as President Obama is about to head out to Japan and Vietnam as ISIS continues to wreak havoc in the world, especially the Arab world, and just days after Ambassador Rice made controversial remarks about the lack of diversity in her own cohort: the U.S. foreign policy community.


ZAKARIA: Ambassador Rice, pleasure to have you on.

RICE: It’s great to be back.

ZAKARIA: The news reports suggest that the battle against ISIS is not going as well as it was initially thought because it is proven more difficult to get the Turks and the Kurds and the Iraqi army to work together, and most importantly that the Iraqi army, when it goes into places, is viewed by a lot of the Sunnis on the ground there, the locals, as an army of occupation.

Are these political, regional problems slowing down the fight against ISIS?

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2 Responses to FAREED ZAKARIA On USA’s ‘PERPETUAL WARS’, “You Know You Are In Trouble When Your Strategy’s Success Produces More Problems Than Its Failure”.

  1. admin says:

    Today, May 23, 2016, I Sent Following e-mail To Family Members & Close Friends:

    Watch CNN Tonight 9:00pm – Fareed Zakaria ‘WHY THEY HATE US’

    I have NOT seen the program. CNN is promoting the hell out of it though. My latest Post, May 22nd, is dedicated to Fareed’s intelligent analysis.

    FAREED ZAKARIA On USA’s ‘PERPETUAL WARS’, “You Know You Are In Trouble When Your Strategy’s Success Produces More Problems Than Its Failure”.

    Tonight we find out if Fareed has the CHUTZPAH to tell the truth (implied in his title ‘Why They Hate Us’). It refers to Muslim Terrorists and how they perpetually attract new Converts to their cause. I trust Fareed, but I do NOT trust CNN and its bosses. Let’s see if Fareed sticks to the Media Analysis, which blames this growing Attack on the West on Islam, ‘self-radicalization’ and Muslim ‘insanity’ – OR – if he actually analyzes what the West has done to provoke this Response. I will be shocked if he does, but we can always have hope.

    After you watch CNN tonight at 9pm, then read my own Post for comparison to see if Fareed is allowed to tell the Truth on this touchy subject in America, (January 17, 2015):
    “What Did We Do That Provoked Muslim Terrorists To Do What They Do?” – The Pink Elephant In The Room! That’s The Question Our Mainstream Media Has Such Difficulty In Posing Or Analyzing. They Know The Question; They Just Refuse To Ask It! Wouldn’t You Like An Intelligent Analysis & Conclusion To That Q? I Know I Would! Since Nobody Else Will, Tabacco Steps Up To The Mic To Demand An Answer – “What Did We Do That Provoked Muslim Terrorists To Do What They Do?”

    Tabacco (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization)

    PS Your personal comments on the subject are invited after watching ‘Why They Hate Us’ and reading ‘What Did We Do That Provoked Muslim Terrorists To Do What They Do?”

    • admin says:

      Around 10:30pm tonight, May 23, 2016, I sent the following e-mail to the same recipients above:

      FOLLOW-UP CNN’s ‘Why They Hate Us’ – More Of The Same! BAIT & SWITCH

      First you must understand that all the Terrorists’ interviews for American TV are edited! CNN includes Comments that make Muslims appear like Religious Fanatics, Terrorist Propagandists and others, which reinforce the concept that Terrorists are just plain looney!

      If you interview American Soldiers serving in the Middle East, most cannot give you a reasonable and logical answer as to what that War is about. That’s because they have not been briefed on the Rationale for any War, only the PROPAGANDA! Similarly, Terrorists are like American Soldiers, who don’t even know what the Real Reason is for this particular War or any War for that matter. Generals don’t want them to know because those Reasons are ALWAYS SELFISH & NEVER HUMANITARIAN. Caesar’s soldiers, Napoleon’s soldiers, Hitler’s soldiers, Alexander’s soldiers, Patton’s soldiers – none of them knew the Real Reasons for that particular War or any War! And, like Donald Trump, they learn to speak – not the Truth – but what inspires the Troops! Truth is generally very dangerous and too risky to reveal to regular people.

      If you doubt this, ask yourself why the U. S. Government doesn’t tell us what they know about ET! Jimmy Carter admits it! Ronald Reagan had 2-close encounters of the 3rd kind. How many U.S. Presidents does it take before your Government will admit what most of us already know?

      CNN uses the same techniques it used in its oft-repeated Documentary on Wayne Williams in ‘Atlanta Child Murders’, while ignoring Fact that no charge, no indictment, no evidence has ever been presented in any Court or in their TV shows to demonstrate that Wayne Williams ever murdered any CHILD!

      Years ago I published ‘How Outsourcing Creates Jobs’. I found a Post by a College Prof. using that same title. His Post discussed all sorts of tangential Issues but never dealt with ‘How Outsourcing Creates Jobs’ – at least not how they are created in America. I contacted that Prof. and when I demonstrated his failure to answer his own title re Outsourcing, he replied, “It’s a moot point now; Outsourcing is now a Fact!” Except for continuing denials, that’s pretty much the same Tactic used by Bush once we knew for certain that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11/2001 and his supposed witness ‘Curveball’ had lied. Once we were in Iraq, even Obama couldn’t get us out after Bush’s DUPLICITY got us into War!

      Both these Scenarios are examples of SOPHISTRY! I have published numerous times on Sophistry; here is just one such Post:
      SOPHISTRY In Politics! http://tabacco.t-a-b-a-c-c-o.org/?p=3652

      The Goal of the Sophist is NOT TO ACHIEVE TRUTH! The Goal of the Sophist is TO WIN THE ARGUMENT!

      When you interview persons, who are in a highly emotional state, you will always get insane response, not intelligent rationale. I’ve seen guests on Bill Maher’s shows, who demonstrate the same type of lunatic fringe demeanor. And most are Christian and Jew, not Muslim!

      Muslims execute homosexuals today. America executed Homosexuals, Witches, Innocent Blacks, perpetrated Gentlemen’s Agreement against Jews and African Slavery yesterday. Muslims may be behind us in many ways, but our own history is far from pristine! “LET HIM, WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE!”

      The Subject was supposed to be ‘Why They Hate Us’, not ‘Why Are Terrorists So Looney’! Of course we already know that Murder/Genocide/Slavery/Rape/Exploitation etc are all WRONG! If you conclude the Muslim Terrorists are Evil, I most certainly agree! There is no doubt about that! But what about American Murder/Genocide/Slavery/Rape/Exploitation! Why is that NEVER DISCUSSED? Not even on a TV Special entitled ‘Why They Hate Us’. Even on that program, American TV cannot approach the subject of American Evils, American Exploitation, American LUNACY!

      If nothing else, American TV is very clever. That goes double for the ?News? You will never view Tabacco being interviewed on the Mainstream Media. I only reproduce Comments on my Blog, which discuss the Issue, regardless of point of view. If I couldn’t handle the heat, I would get out of the kitchen. I CHERRYPICK! I’m not going to bore my Readers with Readers’ comments on the excellence of my Posts! Thank you, but no thanks! Anyone, in control, CHERRYPICKS!

      But I digress!

      “Why They Hate Us’? CNN never even attempts to answer ‘What Did We Do To Provoke Muslim Terrorists To Do What They Do’. I was pretty damned sure Fareed Zakaria would not dare do it. Why not? Because if he said what Tabacco said in my Post, Zakaria would never work in Mainstream Media again! That’s why! When Tabacco asks a Question, Tabacco answers that Question. I leave the Sophistry and Evasion to the Mainstream Sophists.

      It’s now 9:52pm and Zakaria promises to give his analysis of ‘Why They Hate Us’ after the commercials. Tabacco has been writing during most of this Farce! Now I’m waiting for the commercials to end so I can hear what Fareed Zakaria has to say re Zakaria’s own title ‘Why They Hate Us’.


      His analysis is about most of 30,000 dead at hands of Muslim were themselves Muslim. Then he meanders off into Religious dogma and ‘broken politics’ (his phrase, not mine), but not a single word about what responsibility Americans have for Terrorism – not one word…yaddah, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah! Fareed Zakaria is very intellectual, very clever and very sophistic!

      Even if Fareed Zakaria could not answer his own Question, Tabacco already has:
      “What Did We Do That Provoked Muslim Terrorists To Do What They Do?” – The Pink Elephant In The Room! That’s The Question Our Mainstream Media Has Such Difficulty In Posing Or Analyzing. They Know The Question; They Just Refuse To Ask It! Wouldn’t You Like An Intelligent Analysis & Conclusion To That Q? I Know I Would! Since Nobody Else Will, Tabacco Steps Up To The Mic To Demand An Answer – “What Did We Do That Provoked Muslim Terrorists To Do What They Do?”


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