How Can We The People Get ‘Too Big To Fails’ To Sit Down And Negotiate With Us In Good Faith? “When You Impede The Rich Man’s Ability To Make Money, Anything Is Negotiable” – Martin Luther King. “OCCUPY MOVEMENTS” Are Prime Examples Of King’s Advisory (Despite MSM Malignantly Ignoring Them). GOP/Dem Chasing The Hispanic Vote! Dems Do Promote ‘Dream Act’, But That’s Little More Than Military “Russian Roulette” For Hispanics – Although Most Hispanic Leaders Miss The Point (Don’t Ask Me Why)! Republicans Promise Hispanics Little And Offer None. In Summation, We The People Must Take Responsibility For Our Own Progress Because Both Major Parties Are OWNED BY BIG BIZ! WAKE UP!






Tuesday, September 4, 2012 Full Show

Baldemar Velásquez Draws on Years of Farm Worker Organizing to Continue Struggle in Anti-Union South


Baldemar Velásquez, founder and president of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee of the AFL-CIO, has been organizing migrant workers since he worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s. An Ohio delegate at the Democratic National Convention, Velásquez has been working to organize migrant farm workers in North Carolina — more than 90 percent of whom are undocumented. On Monday, Velásquez was part of a Southern Workers Assembly here in Charlotte that brought together farm laborers along with others who work in the manufacturing and service industries. Their challenge is significant: The South is the least unionized region in the United States, and union density in North Carolina is just 2 percent. [includes rush transcript]


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Baldemar Velásquez, founder and president of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee of the AFL-CIO and Ohio delegate at the Democratic National Convention.






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Rush Transcript

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AMYGOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,, “Breaking With Convention: War, Peace and the Presidency.” We’re broadcasting from Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s the first day of the Democratic National Convention. I’m Amy Goodman. And I want to turn right now to Baldemar Velásquez. He is the founder and president of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee of the AFL-CIO. He has been working to organize migrant farm workers in North Carolina, more than 90 percent of whom are undocumented. Many of them harvest crops for the nation’s largest tobacco companies, like Reynolds American, which makes cigarette brands such as Camel, Pell Mell, American Spirit.


On Monday, Velásquez was part of a Southern Workers Assembly here in Charlotte that brought together farm laborers along with others who work in the manufacturing and service industries. Their challenge is significant. The South is the least unionized region in the United States, and union density in North Carolina is just 2 percent. Baldemar Velásquez is also in Charlotte to attend the Democratic National Convention. He’s a delegate from Ohio. He’s been a labor organizer since the ’60s, when Dr. King asked him to help organize the Poor People’s Campaign. Today he continues to work with civil rights leaders, including Reverend William Barber.


Baldemar Velásquez, welcome to Democracy Now! So, you’re a delicate on the inside from Ohio, but I saw you on Sunday speaking from the protesters’ platform outside.


BALDEMAR VELÁSQUEZ: Well, I’ve always been protesting on the outside. It just so happens that we’ve been able to get on the inside this time. So, we’ll see if we can get our voice heard inside, as well.


AMYGOODMAN: So, let me start with the question of the Democrats’ choice to have their Democratic convention here in Charlotte, a right-to-work state. No hotel in Charlotte is unionized. What are your thoughts about this? Were you opposed to this?


BALDEMAR VELÁSQUEZ: Well, there’s a lot of things that we consume that are non-union products. Every day, even the best of us trade unionists find ourselves in stores, grocery stores, other places—certainly the food we eat are not entirely unionized in terms of maybe the food processing industry, to some extent. But certainly a lot of the vegetables and fruits that we eat come from the hands of farm workers that feed the nation, and there’s hardly any union representation around the country as far as that goes.


But the important thing is that, here in North Carolina, like you said, the union density being so low, it’s kind of like facing a bully. Sometimes you got to get in his face and tell him what he’s doing is wrong and to inject some reality to that person to change his ways. And the science of labor relations in agriculture in this state is nonexistence. The only precedent we have here is our agreement that we have here covering 7,000 guest workers, where now we are in the process of establishing a science of labor relations with the employers and workers and how to get along and how to resolve problems, and I think it’s got to be expanded.


AMYGOODMAN: Baldemar, talk about the work camps, what are they, about an hour from here.


BALDEMAR VELÁSQUEZ: They’re—in the farms that we have under the union contract, there are much better standards, because they’re under—they’re guest workers that come with a visa, and we’ve been able to guarantee rights of those workers. But outside of that, the majority of the workforce in this state is undocumented, over 90 percent of the workforce. And they live in, literally, squalor. They’re brought here mostly by labor contractors, who are themselves very abusive. And the oversight, in terms of enforcement of the regulatory laws that we have on the books, are difficult to do in remote areas of the state. So they’re out of sight and out of mind, not only to the public, but to the regulators. And so, our job is to go out there and try to expose this and organize those workers and compel the industries that are responsible for this labor force and hold them accountable. And we’re talking about the strategy we pioneered back in the ’80s in terms of the supply chain of the major manufacturers and buyers of the crops that contract crops here in the state.


AMYGOODMAN: Who are the companies they’re working for?


BALDEMAR VELÁSQUEZ: Reynolds America, Philip Morris International, Altria, Philip Morris USA, Lorillard. British American Tobacco uses a lot of tobacco from North Carolina. The Japanese, Japanese Tobacco International, buys a lot of tobacco here. So we’re talking about global corporations, and that’s just in tobacco. Then we have the buyers of our sweet potatoes, the buyers of our vegetables and fruits, some retailers. So, there’s a lot of people in the manufacturing side that have to procure the raw product from the field to get into their processing facilities, and so they designed this procurement system, which is their supply chain. And what they do is they marginalize people on the bottom of the supply chains, and those are the people we have to get to stand up. We have to find a way to get farmers, small farmers in this state, and the migrant workers to work together and to reconcile the inequities in those supply chains.


AMYGOODMAN: Talk about history, how you got involved with organizing. Actually, I mean, we’re here in North Carolina. You’re very involved with organizing in North Carolina, but you’re from Ohio.


BALDEMAR VELÁSQUEZ: Right. I was raised—


AMYGOODMAN: Where’s your family originally from?


BALDEMAR VELÁSQUEZ: We’re originally from South Texas, along the Rio Grande River, the border there. I was born in Pharr, Texas, which is maybe a dozen miles from the Mexican border. And my family was recruited in the 1950s by field men contractors from Ohio and Michigan to come to Ohio to harvest tomatoes and cucumbers and all the crops up here. So, from the time I was six years old, I was working in the fields with my mom and dad, migrating around and harvesting crops, just trying to survive. And so, I know the life.


And I got involved because I was an undergraduate student. I started in South Texas at Pan American. And coming—I was being raised in Ohio, but coming back South to seeing the inequities of the Latino population, here you had like 80 percent of the population was Latino in South Texas, and yet all of the—all of the elected officials were white. I said, “Well, how is this?” Then I saw how my grandparents were being treated, the—oh, the racism, which was more overt in South Texas than it was in Ohio, caused me to get concerned about that, so my attention turned to the social sciences. And I transferred to Ohio, to a college in Ohio, and I got involved in the student rights movement and the civil rights movement and volunteered time with the Congress of Racial Equality in Cleveland, lived in a tenement house with an African American and slept on his couch with the rats, which he questioned me one night—one morning, he says, “You’re the only volunteer that hasn’t complained about the rats. How’s that?” I said, “Well, me and my brother were raised in labor camps, and we didn’t have any money to buy toys, so we played with the rats. We made games of playing with the rats.” And so, he said, “Well, good Lord, son, why aren’t you doing something for your own people?” So that was the question of the decade. And that summer, after my sophomore year in undergraduate school, I started organizing the migrant workers.


So, thanks to the civil rights movement, I sort of took lessons from the civil rights movement, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, which is a name—we coined the phrase “the Farm Labor Organizing Committee” after SNCC, actually. I thought, mistakenly, that all we had to do was tell the regulatory people that these laws were being broken—you know, the child labor laws, the minimum wage laws—and they’d come in and fix everything, right? Well, I learned differently, that the enforcement of laws was practically nonexistence, like it is today, in a lot of places in agriculture.


AMYGOODMAN: You knew Dr. King?


BALDEMAR VELÁSQUEZ: We met one time. It was when I was invited to come to Atlanta and help plan the Poor People’s Campaign. And that was a very shaping experience in my life, because what came forth there, Dr. King had seemed to message us that the civil rights movement was just not about black people, it was about poor people, that it was a class issue, and that all poor people needed to unite to fight against the disparity in our incomes, in our economy in this country. He had come out against the war in Vietnam. And I felt like here was an opportunity to coalesce with other people who are poor, who are exploited.


As a matter of fact, that night, in the evening, he coined a phrase that stuck with me forever. It might have passed other people, but not me. He—the discussion came down to, how do we as poor people, who have nothing, who have no power, who have no money, we can’t influence people—how do we compel the world’s largest corporations, like Campbell Soup Co., Heinz USA, the manufacturers that—whose tomatoes we picked and cucumbers we picked—how do we compel them to sit down and talk to us poor people who have nothing? And the response was that when you impede the rich man’s ability to make money, anything is negotiable. So, every campaign that we do is focused on trying to figure out what is the leverage there.


AMYGOODMAN: Baldemar Velásquez, for both Republicans and Democrats, the Latino voter is the prize. This is the first time you’re a delegate inside, as well as protesting outside. What message do you have for President Obama?


BALDEMAR VELÁSQUEZ: I think that we like fighters. We want him to use his presidency more as a bully pulpit. I mean, they’re trying to deny him anything, so he can’t take credit for anything, to get Mr. Romney in office—Mr. Romney, the candidate of self-deportation, rollbacks of the gains that we’ve made with the DREAM students. And so, that’s the option that we have. It’s serious. We have to do whatever we can to galvanize our Latino population—our Latinos in Ohio are now about 5 percent of the voting population, and it’s imperative that we use these issues to tell him how significant this election is for us as Latinos. So, we’re hoping that we’re going to be able to—


AMYGOODMAN: How are you organizing farm workers?




AMYGOODMAN: How are you organizing people to vote?


BALDEMAR VELÁSQUEZ: Well, see, we work with the established Latino population who live in Ohio, because most of them were former farm workers. And so, some of them were members of our union back in the ’70s and 80s, and now they’re residents in Ohio, so we’re reaching out to those people and organizing in their neighborhoods.


AMYGOODMAN: Well, Baldemar Velásquez, I want to thank you very much for joining us. Baldemar Velásquez is president of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, or FLOC, with the AFL-CIO, also here as an Ohio delegate at the Democratic National Convention, a delegate inside for the first time. And that does it for our broadcast. We’re broadcasting two hours every day. If your station is only broadcasting one, you can go to our website at










There are 2 Basic Groups of Legislation, which no one (particularly the Media) wants to identify – so here goes:






Whenever Republicans such as Mitt Romney discuss (as if they actually ever did) or mention “Entitlements”, they mean us (WE THE PEOPLE). The UPPER CRUST does not need or want


Public Education (who, do you think, monopolizes most expensive Private Schools?),


Medicare (Rich have better Insurance),


Social Security (Cigarette Money), or


Welfare (get real)!


Entitlements (exclusive of Corporate T.A.R.P. etc, which are Economic programs for Have-Mores) are for the Poor and Middle Class, not the RICH ELITE!


Democrats favor Entitlements for We The People & Republicans OPPOSE ENTITLEMENTS for we the People. Republicans just obscure the differential by grouping everyone together semantically, but NOT in actuality. WAKE UP!


Both Parties vote FOR CORPORATE AMERICA (T.A.R.P. is the Prime Example of that Conclusion) – so there is no difference between the Dems & GOPers on that.


From time to time there is an exception. The Exception in this instance is OBAMACARE. Almost everyone favors ObamaCare, though it is terribly flawed because Insurance Companies would not allow SINGLE PAYER or MEDICARE FOR ALL or PUBLIC OPTION. That’s why ObamaCare is flawed because Insurance Industry won’t allow REAL CHANGE.


Those, who oppose it, are the


A) Republican Politicos and


B) Their stupid sponges (known as Rank & File)


on whom the GOP Politicos have imprinted. GOPers don’t want Obama to take all the credit and win this November by monopolizing the votes of those, who find out how much better ObamaCare is to HMOs and PRIVATIZED INSURANCE (its flaws notwithstanding). That’s why GOPers alone oppose it!


The Insurance Companies do NOT OPPOSE OBAMACARE – let me repeat that –


The Insurance Companies do NOT OPPOSE OBAMACARE


How do I know this?


1)   ObamaCare would never have passed Congress in the first place if the Insurance Companies opposed it;

2)   Chief Justice, John G. Roberts, of the Supreme Court would never have crossed the aisle to vote with the Liberals supporting it;

3)   Obama would never have supported it in the first place if he were really in opposition to Big Insurance;

4)   Big Insurance only opposes ObamaCare publicly! I call it a DOG & PONY SHOW! In private, Big Insurance accepts ObamaCare grudgingly because with our Taxes We The People must financially support those 30,000,000 uninsureds today, who must be insured when and if ObamaCare becomes effective in 2014. The name of the game is PROFITS, not Rejection, Preexisting Conditions, or Genetic Anomalies. The Insurance Companies want to MAXIMIZE THEIR PROFITS. OBAMACARE’s 30,000,000 NEW SIGNUPS WILL DO THAT (even with obliteration of Preexisting Conditions etc).

Poll: Republicans turn against Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts

July 16, 2012|By Morgan Little












What a difference a single court decision can make. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s monumental decision on President Obama’s healthcare reform law, Republican opinions of the court and Chief Justice John G. Roberts have plummeted, while Democrats now view both more favorably, according to a new Gallup poll.


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The court’s 5-4 decision held that the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate was constitutional when defined as a tax. It was met with howls from conservatives who wanted the court to strike down all the provisions of the president’s healthcare law, and cheers from the left for leaving most of the measure intact.


The reaction to the decision was reflected in Gallup’s polling, as sentiments about the court are split sharply along party lines. Since Gallup last asked questions about the Supreme Court in September 2011, disapproval of it among Republicans jumped 32 points to 64% from 32%, while approval dropped 21 points to 29% from 50%. Among Democrats, disapproval dropped 16 points to 25% from 41% and approval increased 22 points to 68% from 46%.


Overall, the percentage of Americans who approve of the way the Supreme Court is conducting itself was 46%, which tied the second-lowest ranking over the last 11 years. Disapproval of the court sits at its second-highest level during the same time frame at 45%.


Roberts’ vote in favor of upholding most of the law was met with particular venom from many conservatives, some of whom accused him of kowtowing to political pressure.


And that hostility was matched in the polling. A plurality of Republicans — 44% — hold a negative opinion of Roberts, with just 27% holding a favorable opinion. A majority of Democrats, 54%, view Roberts favorably, compared with 19% viewing him unfavorably.


Republicans held a net 63-point positive view of Roberts the year he was confirmed to the court, after being nominated by George W. Bush, and a net 17-point negative rating following his ruling on healthcare. Democrats, meanwhile, shifted from 4-point net approval in 2005 to 35-point net approval this year. Respondents were not asked, however, what accounted for their shift in views, leaving open the possibility that other factors contributed.

Gallup’s poll was conducted July 9–12 among a sample of 1,014 adults. Its margin of error was 4 percentage points in either direction


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Twitter: @mlittledc


Chief Justice Roberts knew he would take a Popularity HIT if he did this. But that’s all it is – A POPULARITY HIT! Roberts has this job for life, and nobody can take his seat on the High Court away regardless of how he votes. The lesser members (4) of the Conservative Republican Coalition were better served voting against Obama’s Health Care. Just remember that even United HealthCare grudgingly supports ObamaCare, which will INCREASE ITS PROFITS – not HealthCare as it is today with 30,000,000 fewer members. OBAMACARE 2014 YES! GOP opposition is all-political all the time. And Republicans won’t dare expunge it for fear of retribution from – that’s right: THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY!














The OCCUPY MOVEMENTS all over the country are the best thing that has happened to We The People since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s ‘NEW DEAL’, which Republicans want to UNDO! Ask yourself, “If Republicans are so ‘cost conscious’ and want to reduce the National Debt, why don’t they oppose some of these OPEC WARS!” If you’ve been reading, you already know the answer to that one.


Neither Democrats nor Republicans are going to forsake the Fat Cats, who pay them (Lobbying Dollar$ today – Lobbying Jobs tomorrow, Under-the-Table Payola, Jobs for the Family, etc, etc).


We pay the President $400,000 per annum. Even with the decimal and 2 more zeroes, that isn’t much to the most important CEO in America! Senators and Congress people make a good deal less than that. Reelection Campaigns alone cost million$ if not billion$! That pittance we pay them gets little credit in comparison to those BIG DOLLAR$ they get from Have-Mores & Corporations. Which means the most to them?


A)   Their meager salaries, or

B)   Their humongous Corporate Contributions


Now you know why We The People must effect CHANGE and NOT WAIT FOR THE DEMOCRATS (OR THE REPUBLICANS?) to do it for us! After all, we already tried that – for how many centuries!







Vote Democratic, not because the Dems are good and GOPers are bad, but because in Reality in Politics T.I.N.A. (THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE) – at least not today!


The Dream Act grants Illegals in America 2 roads to citizenship:


A)   Higher Education (for which these Illegals must pay money they do not have), and

B)   Military Service (for which the US Government would pay them)


The Dream Act is a “DREAM” all right! It’s a Dream for our Military Leaders! For Illegal Hispanics, it’s a NIGHTMARE or RUSSIAN ROULETTE! Blood for Citizenship is a Choice nobody should have to make! The ‘Dream Act’ was written by The Pentagon with a self-serving motive:




“When War becomes that profitable, you’re going to see more of it!” – unknown (LinkTV)




Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981′s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People

Subdomain re Exploited Minority Long Island community




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4 Responses to How Can We The People Get ‘Too Big To Fails’ To Sit Down And Negotiate With Us In Good Faith? “When You Impede The Rich Man’s Ability To Make Money, Anything Is Negotiable” – Martin Luther King. “OCCUPY MOVEMENTS” Are Prime Examples Of King’s Advisory (Despite MSM Malignantly Ignoring Them). GOP/Dem Chasing The Hispanic Vote! Dems Do Promote ‘Dream Act’, But That’s Little More Than Military “Russian Roulette” For Hispanics – Although Most Hispanic Leaders Miss The Point (Don’t Ask Me Why)! Republicans Promise Hispanics Little And Offer None. In Summation, We The People Must Take Responsibility For Our Own Progress Because Both Major Parties Are OWNED BY BIG BIZ! WAKE UP!

  1. jacksmith says:

    “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!” – Patrick Henry

    What a brilliant ruling by the United States Supreme Court on the affordable health care act (Obamacare). Stunningly brilliant in my humble opinion. I could not have ask for a better ruling on a potentially catastrophic healthcare act than We The People Of The United States received from our Supreme Court.

    If the court had upheld the constitutionality of the individual mandate under the commerce clause it would have meant the catastrophic loss of the most precious thing we own. Our individual liberty. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Supreme Court.

    There is no mandate to buy private for-profit health insurance. There is only a nominal tax on income eligible individuals who don’t have health insurance. This is a HUGE! difference. And I suspect that tax may be subject to constitutional challenge as it ripens.

    This is a critically important distinction. Because under the commerce clause individuals would have been compelled to support the most costly, dangerous, unethical, morally repugnant, and defective type of health insurance you can have. For-profit health insurance, and the for-profit proxies called private non-profits and co-ops.

    Equally impressive in the courts ruling was the majorities willingness to throw out the whole law if the court could not find a way to sever the individual mandate under the commerce clause from the rest of the act. Bravo! Supreme Court.

    Thanks to the Supreme Court we now have an opportunity to fix our healthcare crisis the right way. Without the obscene delusion that Washington can get away with forcing Americans to buy a costly, dangerous and highly defective private product (for-profit health insurance).

    During the passage of ACA/Obamacare some politicians said that the ACA was better than nothing. But the truth was that until the Supreme Court fixed it the ACA/Obamacare was worse than nothing at all. It would have meant the catastrophic loss of your precious liberty for the false promise and illusion of healthcare security under the deadly and costly for-profit healthcare system that dominates American healthcare.

    As everyone knows now. The fix for our healthcare crisis is a single payer system (Medicare for all) like the rest of the developed world has. Or a robust Public Option choice available to everyone on day one that can quickly lead to a single payer system.

    Talk of privatizing/profiteering from Medicare or social security is highly corrupt and Crazy! talk. And you should cut the political throats of any politicians giving lip service to such an asinine idea. Medicare should be expanded, not privatized or eliminated.

    We still have a healthcare crisis in America. With hundreds of thousands dieing needlessly every year in America. And a for-profit medical industrial complex that threatens the security and health of the entire world. The ACA/Obamacare will not fix that.

    The for-profit medical industrial complex has already attacked the world with H1N1 killing thousands, and injuring millions. And more attacks are planned for profit, and to feed their greed.

    To all of you who have fought so hard to do the kind and right thing for your fellow human beings at a time of our greatest needs I applaud you. Be proud of your-self.

    God Bless You my fellow human beings. I’m proud to be one of you. You did good.

    See you on the battle field.


    jacksmith – WorkingClass :-)

    • admin says:

      I e-mailed Jack Smith, but decided not to keep my comments to him a secret. So I am republishing my Comments to him here and now.

      C’mon, folks! Jack Smith cannot be the only qualified Commenter, who has been here!

      And I’m referring to those on the other side of the fence – those, who disagree with me and can say WHY!

      “Go to:

      Thank you so much! You have no idea how many worthless comments I receive daily, which either flatter me and ignore the subject matter while promoting their own website and product – OR – who disagree with me but give nothing to which I can respond.

      Sorry, I published your comments without editorial comment because I couldn’t add a thing! This time allow me to offer the compliments: CONGRATULATIONS! You, my friend, are exemplary! It was a pleasure to read Comments on my Blog that I did NOT write!

      I only hope one day a Right-Winger comments as you do – but it has NOT happened yet, and I’ve been blogging since 2005!

      Did you ever consider blogging yourself?


      Tabacco (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization)”

  2. admin says:

    Are you as sick to death as I am of hearing the repetitive adulation and ass kissing by LB Ray Lewis and others of the recently deceased NFL Browns/Ravens owner, Art Modell? To me Modell is just one more Millionaire/Billionaire with all the money while 1/4 of America’s children go to bed hungry!

    Someone, no doubt, will invoke Modell’s charity donations. If you have Billion$, giving up a few Million$ is no big deal. The 3 Wise Men gave gold and myrrh, but those gifts were less valuable to them than a poor man’s meager gift was to him, which represented a much larger percentage of his money. And if Have-Mores get publicity for their “charity”, they do it for the PUBLICITY, not the charity.

    Until and unless someone with cred can verify that Modell was NOT a voting and politically donating Republican, I say, “Big Deal”!

    If you disagree with me and feel it necessary to respond here, make sure you justify your remarks and explain yourself. I don’t publish unsubstantiated opinion even when it is complimentary to myself. I don’t do it, and I won’t let you get away with it either.


  3. admin says:

    Are you as sick to death of Commercials lying to us even when the lie makes no sense and is irrelevant to their sales goals?

    Firestone is running an ad that states “Firestone is a CAR company that has never made a car!” – No! No! No! No! No! Firestone has never made a car because Firestone is a TIRE COMPANY! We are supposed to be stupid, right!


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