Tim Scott, ONLY BLACK GOP SENATOR, From South Carolina Stopped By Police 7-Times In 1-Year BECAUSE HE’S BLACK! If You STILL DON’T BELIEVE a) Stop & Frisk and b) Racial Profiling Are Both Unjust, Unconstitutional & Unworkable, You Are A Certifiable BIGOT! Case Closed! TIM SCOTT, (R) SENATOR OF SOUTH CAROLINA: “In the course of one year, I`ve been stopped seven times by a law enforcement officer. Not four, not five, not six, but seven times. Was I speeding sometimes? Sure! But the vast majority of the time I was pulled over for nothing more than driving a new car in the wrong neighborhood or some other reason just as trivial.” Tabacco: BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE AS USUAL – MSM Focuses On Police Training – WRONG! The PRIMARY FOCUS Must Be On HIRING, NOT TRAINING! Psychological Testing Is Already Available! It Makes No Difference How Much Or How Good Training Is For Racist Cops; Training Won’t Change Them!


“There is not a man beneath the canopy of heaven that does not know that slavery is wrong for him”. – Frederick Douglass


Tabacco: Replace ‘slavery’ with ‘racial profiling’ and Douglass lives again!









Police Racial Profiling. Aired 9-10p ET

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TIM SCOTT, (R) SENATOR OF SOUTH CAROLINA: In the course of one year, I`ve been stopped seven times by a law enforcement officer. Not four, not five, not six, but seven times. Was I speeding sometimes? Sure! But the vast majority of the time I was pulled over for nothing more than driving a new car in the wrong neighborhood or some other reason just as trivial.


MIKE SLATER, “DR. DREW“ HOST: That was Republican Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina. I`m Mike Slater sitting in for Dr. Drew tonight.

Joining me, AnneElise Goetz, Attorney, Tiffanie Davis Henry, Psychotherapist, Eric Guster, Trial and Civil Rights Attorney, and Randy Sutton, Former Lieutenant for the Las Vegas, Metropolitan Police Department, and National Spokesman for Blue Lives Matter, thank you all for being here.

Senator Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate, talked about his own brushes with the law on the senate floor and talked about an experience his brother had. Listen in.


SCOTT: I also think about the experiences of my brother who became a command sergeant major in the United States Army, the highest rank for an enlisted soldier. He was driving from Texas to Charleston, pulled over by a law enforcement officer, who wanted to know if he had stolen the car he was driving because it was a Volvo.


SLATER: I got to star with the police officer here, Randy. Randy, we`re talking about a US Senator, OK, not a gang member on the south side of Chicago. Why would a police officer pull over someone seven times like Senator Tim Scott?

RANDY SUTTON, LAS VEGAS METROPOLITAN R.D., (RET.): Well, of course, we don`t know the reason for that.

Tabacco: Oh yes we do know the reason for that!

I mean, and I understand what he`s saying.

One of the things that he mentioned was driving in a neighborhood with a nice car. I have no idea why he was stopped or if that`s accurate, Tabacco: Even a Republican Senator has his honesty questioned – or his sobriety or sanity – when he reaffirms Racism in America, particularly a BLACK GOP Senator! – but perception is reality, and that`s part of the problem is when you perceived that this type of conduct is taking place, and you`re on the receiving end of it, why the very dramatic effect on you? And that`s a — this is one of the problems we`re having all over the country.

Tabacco: Oh, that’s the problem: Black folks, even Black US Senators, are JUST PARANOID! We Black folks just expect to be PROFILED, and we exaggerate the trivial to reaffirm what we already believe. What bothers me is that CNN would bring a BIGOT in to analyze the ‘obviously mentally-troubled Black GOP Senator’ anyway! That’s what bothers me!

SLATER: Yes, traffic stops maybe one thing, Randy, but he also went into the US Senate wearing the US Senate pin, and they stopped him, and the guy said, we know the pin, but we don`t know you. He`s a US Senator! This type of stuff happens a lot, no? Not just in cars!

SUTTON: Well, I don`t know, you know, I mean, I don`t know what your security arrangements is. You know, maybe when you go into the particular building that is so secured, if the guy does not recognize you, and he does sees a pin, I mean, it was seem to be pretty much in common check identification. It doesn`t seem unreasonable.

Tabacco: I wonder if Sutton ever spent a day while driving and wearing Al Jolson type Black makeup?

See, America! If you are an average White person, who expresses unfair treatment in America, the Media sits quietly, listens attentively, then retells your story ad nauseam!

But if you are a Black Republican US Senator, who expresses unfair treatment in America because of his color, CNN brings in an honorary member of the KKK to shoot down your story! That’s the difference between being White and being Black in America – and this is on CNN (the Good Guys)!?

SLATER: Yes. Eric, what do you think of Randy, his response here and Senator Tim Scott`s experience?

ERIC GUSTER, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: I give Randy a gold star for trying on this one, but the reality is Senator Scott was stopped because he was black, and that happened with so many of us, is driving while black, being corporate while black, all of us experienced that type of situation.

When I was watching Senator Scott today, I was floored with that video, just floored because being a GOP Senator telling his colleagues exactly what he`s experiencing because so many of us, who talk to people and talk to others about this, they simply don`t understand. And he had some wonderful quotes where he stated where if you — just because you don`t understand what we`re going through does not mean it does not exist. He said, to ignore our struggles does not mean they would disappear. That was his quote, which is so true. So many people want to act like it did not happen or this perception is maybe reality. No, it`s beyond perception! This is what happens on a daily basis to so many people who are being race profiled.

SLATER: Yes! And this is powerful. So I`m a conservative, I`m a Republican, I love Tim Scott, and for him to say that, I think it`s going to cause all Republicans to think about that, think about his experience.

And we also have a little whistle blower situation here as well. I want to tell story of Michael Birch, he`s an officer in the transit division of the NYPD. He claims that there is an illegal quota system in the department. He has proof, he says, we have an audio recording that he made during a meeting with a supervisor back in 2012. Here`s part of it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who commits the crimes in the city?

MICHAEL BIRCH, NYPD OFFICER: Who commits the crimes? Well, it`s mostly teenagers, anywhere between the ages of 15 and 19, mostly male blacks and Hispanics.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. Who are you stopping?

BIRCH: Everybody! I stop everybody.
Tabacco: In a pig’s eye!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 54 up to 8/20. 25 of those are female. Half!

BIRCH: OK. Like I said, I stop everybody. I`m not targeting anybody. First of all..

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You just told me who the bad guys are.

BIRCH: Yes, I know that. But also –there`s also other people who are committing violations as well. I`m not saying that there`s not violations being made.

Tabacco: Then why single out ‘blacks and Hispanics’!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The male blacks, that you told me commit the crimes!

BIRCH: Plenty of people that I write summonses to are male blacks and male Hispanics.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You stopped two male blacks.

BIRCH: Not for the whole year! And I have — You`re telling me for the whole year I only stopped two male blacks on summonses?


SLATER: I want to start with Eric on this one. Eric, try to put yourself in the shoes of police officers here. Is there any justifiable reason why the supervisor would tell the officer that he`s not arresting enough of a certain type of person? Any justifiable reason at all you can think of?

GUSTER: There is no justifiable reason. The supervisor could claim maybe this officer is a little lazy, and not doing his job. However, so many NYPD broke rank and came out and say, there`s a quota system. There`s over a dozen of them last year here in New York who broke rank and said, look, we`re going to stop arresting people just because there`s a quota system, and what they do is they put these people into certain areas of town where they can`t afford representation, they can`t afford lawyers, they can`t afford to fight back. So what they are doing is arresting these young people and people who are poor, people of color, and getting them in the court system to try to get money out of them.
Tabacco: All those NYPD cops are alcoholics, paranoid schizophrenics or worse! That should be obvious to you all!


When killer cops say they had to shoot the black guy – this they believe – but when cops say there is a Cop Quota on Blacks – that they do NOT BELIEVE!

Miraculous how that works!


GUSTER: It is legal extortion.

SLATER: Tiffany, I want to go to you here, as psychotherapist. What is — try to explain to everyone watching the ramifications that — especially kids, right, talking about teenagers who are going to be repeatedly being targeted by police officers. It feels …


SLATER: What`s the ramifications of that long-term?

HENRY: Well, I think you`re setting up a system of mistrust, of disregard, for our police officers who quite frankly, I think that it looks like and feels like a system of “I got You, I`m just waiting on you to do something, looking for you to do something. I know that you did something.” So let me go ahead and stop you. Let me go ahead and frisk you. Let me go ahead and catch you in act, even before you`ve done something. This is not a system of suppressing crime. This is a system of catching someone even sometimes before they even commit a crime.

Tabacco: If this is “PREVENTITIVE POLICING FOR BLACKS ONLY”, it appears to be FAILING!

SLATER: Randy, I`m all about proactive policing, and I`ve talked to police officers who say stuff, like, listen, yes we pull over people — cars of black people but 95 percent of the time, there`s drugs or guns or something. So that`s the reason why we`re doing this most of the time, it`s successful, but that crosses a line when get to a quota, right? What`s the logical purpose finding a quota, other than police departments trying to make money?

Tabacco: No! It crosses the line because cars of white people (5% of the time) get away with the same violations for which blacks are routinely arrested! Oh to be white in America!

SUTTON: You know, this has been a topic of discussion for many, many years. Legal quotas are — that is when say, you have an actual written rule that you have to do so many tickets, so many arrests, that doesn`t really happen anymore. So it`s under the surface a little bit. And it`s — it can be — it`s damaging because when you force people to make arrests and you pressure them to do it, then you get low quality arrests and you get low quality citations.

You know, just to make supervisor happy. And this happens in big department, in small department that there is pressure put on these officers, and it backfired.


SUTTON: The other part of this thought is that, you got a — you also have lazy officers, and so.

SLATER: That`s fine, yes.

SUTTON: ..as a supervisor, you got to try and stimulate that.

SLATER: Yes, lazy officers is one thing, but I don`t think that`s exactly was going on here. Actually guys, we have the attorney for the officer Michael Birch. Mr. Scola is here. Mr. Scola, a big fun of whistle blower, I think we do not need a lot more of them, what motivated your client to blow the whistle in this case? What moved him to do this?

JOHN SCOLA, ATTY. FOR OFFICER SUNG NYPD: Well, first of all, thank you for having me.

It`s a little bit more (inaudible) because we`re also presenting the NYPD as well, and a quite action against the NYPD which consist of 12 minority officers speaking out against the quotas, which are very active, and they are being enforced in NYPD as we speak.

Now, the reason why Michael Birch came out with the recording this week is because that officer, who was stressing that he targets minorities in order to make his numbers, was not promoted by Commissioner Bratton to a higher rank within the NYPD.

SLATER: Is your client being retaliated against by any of the other officers?

SCOLA: Yes, and again all of clients have been retaliated against. They are –they don`t make — so this is the way — I mean, I think the problem to look at all of this is that the targeting is in place so that the police officers can make the quota so that the NYPD can makes money.

SLATER: Yes, that`s..

SCOLA: And push the staff.

SLATER: The for-profit policing has to stop! Listen, conservatives — fellow conservatives are watching here. This is something progressives, black lives matters conservatives need to jump on board and its support. For-profit policing and civil forfeiture has to stop. It does not help anyone. It`s just creating tons of distrust, as Tiffanie was saying. And we can stop this low hanging fruit, quotas, for-profit policing no more that.

Guys coming up next up, we have the story of a man who used to protest the police. Now training with them, why? And later, what happens when white police officers shoot and kill an unarmed white man? Back after this!


DIMITRI ROBERTS, FORMER CHICAGO POLICE OFFICER: Before I was a police officer, I was a young black man on a south side of Chicago, who was racially profiled but who was also bit by the police.

And it was only because community members put their arms around me and said, turn your hate, turn your frustration into something positive that led me to the military, but then, brought me back to that same neighborhood as a Chicago police officer where I was profiled.

But then, as a law enforcement officer, I had to do some profiling to protect the citizens that I swore that I would do.

DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: Did you profile black men?

ROBERTS: I profiled all people. And here`s why, because it`s an effective policing tool.


SLATER: What an amazing perspective! That was a clip from CNN Town Hall Black, White and Blue. The officer said, he`d been on the negative side of profiling too. So he can see both sides.

Oh, what an amazing perspective there. That was a clip from Cnn`s Town Hall “Black, White, and Blue”, and the officer said he`s been on the negative side of profiling too, so he can see both sides.

I`m Mike Slater, and back with AnneElise, Tiffanie, Randy, and Eric. And I want to talk about the perspective, getting both sides.

Joining us, Reverend Jarrett Maupin, a Progressive Baptist Preacher, and Activist who was organized civil rights marches in Phoenix. Reverend, I`m glad you are here, sir. Why did you spend an afternoon about a year ago at police training? Why did you do that? And what did you learn there?

JARRETT MAUPIN, TRAINED WITH THE LAW ENFORCEMENT: Well, the purpose of the training was to give us some perspective about what law enforcement deals with when they`re in tough and violent situations. And what I came away with was a deeper appreciation for the importance of compliance, not a complete new perspective about police and engaging the community, but certainly a deeper appreciation for the life saving power that`s in compliance.

SLATER: I think this is important for everyone watching now, who`s not gone through the training, which is most everyone who does not realize how quickly things happen for the police officers. I remember watching some footage of you going through that with a guy in the training who was casing

vehicles, and you`re, like, sir, sir, sir, step away from car, show me your hands, within 1.2 seconds, he killed you with his gun. It happens that fast, is that what you picked up?
Tabacco: Everyone, whom CNN interviews or hands over a microphone to, focuses on TRAINING! NOT! The MSM is generally DEAD WRONG (often on purpose). On the subject of RADICALIZATION, the MSM focuses on Islam, while completely IGNORING AMERICAN PROVOCATION!



MAUPIN: Absolutely! I pick that up. Now, I know they`re different options, and offices have backup in different scenarios. It just give me a general sense of what it was like to be under that kind of pressure, so, you know, for my fellow African-American men and women who are watching, compliance is key. Compliance is not mean surrender, it does not mean acquiescing to racism or racism profiling; it means abiding in the law. If you`re dealing with a cop who is a brutalizer or excessive force user, I think it increases your odds of surviving the account, so you can sue the hell out of them after.  (Tabacco: If you should survive!)

SLATER: Eric, is that racist of the reverend to say something like that? Because I know, if white people say that, then they`re — it`s critical, right? Why do we have to comply? Black people, what do you say to that?

GUSTER: It`s not racist to say comply. That`s something that I talk when I talk to young people and adults all over the country, that`s what I tell them to do. You will not win a fight on the side of the road because the police officer has the gun, they have baton that is not the proper way to – proper place to win a fight. What you are to do, comply, try to record the event similar to the lady who recorded an event in the recent shooting of Philando Castile. Record the events, and fight in the courtroom. Because some of the officers, they are strong, some of them are — have weak personalities and trigger happy, so you have to make sure that you don`t know what kind of personality you`re dealing with. Be very careful, comply, and fight it later.

Tabacco: When the Police are in the WRONG, they FORBID RECORDING THE EVENT! If you are the ‘Focus’ of Police WRONGS, rots of ruck in doing that!

SLATER: Yes. Would you be willing to go to that training to get that perspective?

GUSTER: Oh, I would! That would be very interesting. I`ve been through some law enforcement training with BPD. They`ve taught me some things, but I will still look at that as normal.

SLATER: Yes, everyone needs to see that. Everyone needs to know how quickly things move. And I think we`ll have a little more empathy for what the police officers are going through.

Now reverend, you`re not completely on the — I don`t want to say, on the police`s side, but you`re still doing some activism. I heard that you`re planning on shutting down from traffic this weekend. What`s up with that?

MAUPIN: Absolutely!

SLATER: Why? Why what do you mean? Why are you that?

MAUPIN: Because we`re dealing with systemic racism!

SLATER: What is shutting down — try to listen. I apologize, sir. I`m — we can have a conversation about systemic racism, the rest, but why are you shutting down traffic?

MAUPIN: We`re shutting down traffic for the same reason that Dr. King and other civil rights leaders did to draw attention, non-violently through means of civil disobedience to grave injustice that people of color are facing particularly with so called, 21st century policing.

SLATER: AnneElise, what do you make of shutting down traffic. I think we can all agree on the cause, but unjust means for ?unjust? ends doesn`t make sense, does it?

ANNEELISE GOETZ, ATTORNEY: Well, Mike, I mean, I`m maybe even susceptible on this. We had traffic shut down a couple times in San Diego. I`ve been caught behind it. And it`s frustrating, but I understand what they`re coming from. And I understand the idea of the civil disobedience.

They are breaking the law. So there`s a risk to it. There`s a risk that you get arrested. There`s a risk that you have a criminal record. I think that you have to go into this understanding. This isn`t just a going to a demonstration, a nonviolent demonstration! This is more. You`re actually — it`s a criminal activity when you stop the traffic and you`re impeding traffic. And I wonder if everyone knows that. Because there comes a point, I think we`ve been seeing less of these demonstrations. And I wonder if the reason we`re seeing less is because people are trying to get charged for them.

Tabacco: You STOP TRAFFIC because the ESTABLISHMENT doesn’t leave Activists much room to Protest legally. The Establishment has all the Money, runs all the Ads on TV, manipulates public opinion, boycotts businesses that do not conform, controls the MSM, controls the Supreme Court, controls the Politicians with Lobbying, writes the Laws, collects the Taxes and determines what is Right and what is Wrong.

What VIABLE ALTERNATIVE do Activists have? You tell me! Where is there any Democratic Activist Strategy that stands any chance against the Establishment beside the rather passive ‘Stopping Traffic’?

Would you prefer guns and bombs instead? If you respond – which I seriously doubt – remember the idea is to succeed, not to carry signs quietly and be forgotten tomorrow. Solutions please – NOT PACIFIERS!

SLATER: And they`re wildly unproductive to your cause, Reverend. So again, I`m a conservative, you want to win me over and people like me, if I`m driving to work or I`m home to be with my family. And you block traffic. There`s not a single person in the history of the universe who — you are endearing to your cause by blocking me preventing me from going home, right?
Tabacco: Alternatives, please! Or SHUT THE FUCK UP!

MAUPIN: Well, the people blocked there are likely not allies of the cause. I`m not saying..

SLATER: Don`t you want to make allies?

Tabacco: The correct response to that bit of Sophistry is, “Since you seem to be so preoccupied with our popularity, why don’t you just cease the Exploitation, the Oppression and the Corruption so we don’t have to ‘STOP TRAFFIC’!”

This is a Prime Example of the Sophists at work! What Establishment types want is for Activists to SHUT THE FUCK UP & TAKE IT WITHOUT COMPLAINT!

NEVER HEED THE ‘ADVICE’ OF YOUR ENEMY! There is NO PERFECT SOLUTION! Your Enemies want to remove the few ‘non-violent’ solutions still remaining to us! Then they wail and whine when Terrorism rebels with Violence! Your Enemies Advice: INACTION!


“Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong, which will be imposed on them”. – Frederick Douglass


SLATER: Don`t you want — of course? Yes, that`s not helping.

MAUPIN: So that`s what we do, of course, we do. But our country has ignored race — racism in policing for a long time. So our march in Phoenix on 24th Street and Camelback Road, I called that the intersection of affluence and apathy. It will force people to deal with a situation that they have luxury. You know, there I see the white privilege of ignoring that black lives matter. And we demand our civil rights to be affirmed.

SLATER: I suggest there is more creative ways to do that one. When Martin Luther Kings Jr. engaged in civil disobedience, he was breaking a specific unjust law, right? Like Rosa Parks sitting in the front of the bus, right? Like, or she wasn`t allowed to sit in front of the bus, so she broke that unjust law by sitting in the front of the bus. She didn`t just break other laws or random laws to bring awareness. She broke a specific law here.
Tabacco: Now just exactly what is the ‘Specific Antidotal’ Strategy against White Policemen MURDERING Blacks? You tell me! See why you NEVER TAKE ADVICE from ENEMIES! They place you on top of a lead pencil, standing on end, and advise you not to lose your balance! What kind of Advice is that!

MAUPIN: There are no..

GUSTER: Martin Luther King broke — he blocked traffic, but that got attention. So police have saying that because that`s simply not true. He blocked traffic to get attention.

MAUPIN: No, unjust law. He broke unjust law.

Tabacco: The Unjust Law here is White Cops KILLING INNOCENT BLACKS! Just how do Blacks break that ‘Unjust Law’?

GUSTER: No, he didn`t.

MAUPIN: And marches in the street for as long as we had a similarity and.

SLATER: Not necessarily for the purpose that you guys are doing. You guys are just doing it to cause trouble. And listen, I`m trying to help you!

Tabacco: I’d believe that if I were uneducated, stupid and gullible – but I’m none of those things, so you are NOT TRYING TO HELP US! What you are trying to do is deceive, proselytize and neuter us!


I got to go. I`m trying to help you! You`re not endearing yourself to anyone when you do that. So I`m suggesting you think of something more creative.

Tabacco: Some White said to Rosa Parks, “Whites on buses won’t like you if you continue this opposition to the Law”.

Rosa responded, “I don’t care whether they like me or not; I just want to be able to sit down on a bus when I’m tired!”

MAUPIN: We`re not doing it to..

SLATER: You`re making everyone uncomfortable!

Tabacco: GREAT!

MAUPIN: ..very similar to you.

SLATER: I don`t know what good it does. Randy, we got to go to you real quiet. Randy you`re a police officer; this puts people in harm`s way, doesn`t it sir?
Tabacco: All Black people, who come in contact with men in Blue, are “in harm’s way”!

GUSTER: If you make people on.


SLATER: Randy, we go to Randy here.

SUTTON: Yes! Here`s what`s happening. This is — they want to have trouble. That`s the whole problem here. By particularly going into the streets knowing that it`s going to lead to arrest situations, all it does is it creates more violence and more of this madness that`s going on.


These people use every Sophist Trick they can think of to ‘keep us in our place’! If they can find one, they even use another Black to ‘Advise’ us to ‘be good citizens’!

SLATER: It`s law — I feel like it`s increasing madness.

SUTTON: ..and that is police brutality?

SLATER: Sure! And that`s true, and if you can think of a great way to prove — guys, we have to run, if do you think a way to do that without hurting your cause, we have to think about without hurting the cause, I think it would serve you guys a lot better. Lawlessness is the perception, why do more lawlessness.

Tabacco: Murder is the Perception, not mere Lawlessness! If you continue to throw Propaganda at us for attempting to achieve détente here, eventually you get Dallas! It had to happen! And, just like Cops who kill Innocent Blacks, that guy in Dallas murdered Innocent Cops. It made NO MORE SENSE; but it made NO LESS SENSE either!

We got to go, guys. I appreciate you. White police officers kill an unarmed white man. Just the other day, where is the news coverage, where is the outrage there, where is the blocking traffic there? Tabacco: Hallelujah! Finally Blacks find a way to get attention that Whites don’t get in the Media! Hallelujah! Now if only Robert Blake could get a fraction of the attention lavished on O. J. Simpson!


Later, Megyn Kelly, D.L. Hughley have an epic disagreement about race on live TV. We`ll play that for you, back after this.


SLATER: Mike Slater sitting in for Dr. Drew tonight. Let`s discuss another police shooting. One that received little national media attention, it`s the story of Dylan Noble, 19-year-old, unarmed, white man, killed by police in Fresno, California. Family, obviously, outraged, claiming police executed him.

Tabacco: I will not republish this here and undo the one advantage Blacks now get over Whites! If you want to read about White on White Crime, go to the URL and read it there!



SLATER: And Tim Scott and the police offer just say every time they got pulled over — guys, I want to go to this real quick. We had a heated moment last night between — and real quick Segun. Segun, Segun, I want to go right to you next Segun after this clip. Here`s Fox`s Megyn Kelly, actor D.L. Hughley, listen to what happened when they started talking about Michael Brown and Ferguson. Here it is.


MEGYN KELLY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Michael Brown was the aggressor.

D.L. HUGHLEY, POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Wow, here`s what I`ll say.

KELLY: Don`t wow me.

HUGHLEY: Don`t tell me not to wow you.

KELLY: That`s what they found.

HUGHLEY: It is not uncommon for you all to see one thing. The only place racism doesn`t exist is Fox News and the police department. That`s the only place — that`s absolutely true.

KELLY: Come on. That`s insulting. You just insulted millions of people watching this channel.

HUGHLEY: And you know what, I`m insulted by the things I hear on this network, so we`re even!
Tabacco: My LOVE to D. L. Hughley! Thank you so much!


SLATER: Segun, I believe there are racists in America, but I don`t believe we are a racist country. What say you?

ODUOLOWU: I — guys I would have to disagree. I think we are a racist country. I think that racism, it`s all basically no pun intended in the shades that we choose to look at it.

I mean, if we`re already saying that black motorists are being stopped more often, disproportionately more often, none of you have ever really been stopped for driving while black, I have. So if we`re already saying that the people stopping me are biased towards me driving a certain car, or acting a certain way, how can I comply with the rule by people that are already skewed against me?

SLATER: OK, let me.

ODUOLOWU: That`s what black people are complaining about. It`s not that we don`t want to comply with the rules, the rules are already skewed. The deck is stacked against us.

SLATER: I talked to a police officer yesterday, echoing his sentiment. He said, “The reason why we tend to pull over more black people is because often times when I pull over a car with five black guys in it, there are indeed guns and drugs and all the rest.” What do you say to that?

ODUOLOWU: I drive around with plenty of black people in my car and we don`t have guns and we don`t have drugs.

SLATER: You don`t, but statistically maybe more do.
Tabacco: How would they or you even know since you only stop Black Drivers!

In the 1970s, I rode around NYC with a Black schoolteacher, Alphonso Burney. He had bad brakes so drove very slowly. Cops stopped us 3-times on Boston Road in the Bronx, but never mentioned Al’s brakes!

My White friend, Peter Mansour, came to a stop light in Central Park. The car next to us, also driven by Whites, was a Red sports car just like Peter’s. The 2-drivers looked at each other and a drag race was on! I was the unwilling passenger. Nobody ever stopped Mansour because he was White. A Black passenger made little difference to New York cops – it’s the skin color of the DRIVER that counts!

ODUOLOWU: Statistic — OK, so again black men make up 6 percent of the population. So we`re saying statistically that me, a journalist, I have more guns than say, I don`t know, a neo-Nazi skinhead. Why do we just.


SLATER: I guess my point is — I really got to go. Last question, last question, I guess my point is when a police officer pulls over a car, and there`s things in there that are illegal, they`re going to keep doing it. Why would they keep doing it if there was nothing illegal ever when they pull over black people? Twenty seconds.

Tabacco: Some time ago, I published here a 4-parter entitled ‘Black Bermuda Triangle’. If you put that in the Search Box, you can read my Posts. Government statistics reveal that Blacks stopped in autos are arrested at a much lower percentage than Whites in auto stops. That indicates that Black Racial Profiling is INEFFECTIVE – more EFFECTIVE is stopping cars for suspected illegal BEHAVIORS (as is done with White Drivers), not ILLEGAL SKIN COLOR!

ODUOLOWU: Because as you just said we`re living in a racist society. Listen, I`m not saying all cops are bad. I`m not saying all black people are angels. What I`m saying is that to assume that one is evil and one is good is the wrong assumption.

And when cops are pulling over black motorists disproportionately at a greater rate than they are white motorists, and black motorists are getting shot on video way more than any other race in America, it`s very hard to stand on the soap box and say we`re not living in a racist time. We won`t need a town hall meeting if everything was great.

SLATER: Segun, I appreciate you. Appreciate you, Segun. Slater says is up next.


SLATER: Mike Slater sitting in for Dr. Drew. So Segun says we are a racist country. I don`t believe we are. But either way, racism doesn`t need to define us, because here`s the bottom line. We have way more in common than things that make us different. The differences are shallow, surface level like, you know, how light reflects off of our skin. But the things we have in common, those are deeper and infinitely more valuable.

Our passions, our fears, wounds from the past, hopes for our kids and in the end, almost all of us really want the same things. And if we can put down our guard, we can see that, even Segun and I.

Look at these protesters in Dallas marching down the street. They came across the redneckiest bunch of hillbilly Texans you could find, American flags, belt buckles, the works. These are perfect stereotypes of these groups. But instead of fighting each other, they ignored the battle lines, hugged as they introduced each other and talked about things they have in common and then prayed. Black, white, and the police officers who were there to separate the groups from each other, they joined in the prayer, as well.

There are things we can fix in our police departments. There are things that need to be fixed in the families and communities. If we`re ever going to fix those things, first, we need more of that. Mike Slater here, Dr. Drew back on Monday. Nancy Grace is up next.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We do begin tonight with breaking news out of Arizona.




As I proofread this Transcript, I found so much Propaganda, Lies, Half-Truths & Racism, that I was forced to insert contrarian Comments to explain and expose such as I haven’t done for years. But it was absolutely necessary. That’s known as impugning one’s own witness!


CNN tackles some good issues. But on Terrorism, Politics, American Foreign Policy & Race, CNN is as Bad as it is Good & often More Bad than Good!


Unlike CNN, Tabacco rarely permits Stupidity & Lies to pass without challenge! Perhaps CNN doesn’t recognize Lies & Stupidity such as Donald Trump. Or perhaps they just try too hard to be FAIR!


Tabacco admonishes CNN that being FAIR to Adolf Hitler would never have occurred during WWII! Being FAIR to the GOP, the Tea Party, the Tobacco Industry, the NRA and Donald Trump should NEVER be tolerated in the 21st century!


The FAIRNESS DOCTRINE is now and ever was MANURE! It was installed to prevent Networks such as yours from being UNFAIR to the Good Guys and MORE THAN FAIR to the Evil Ones! The Reason was Valid even though the Concept was deeply flawed! CNN is Proof of that Assertion!

Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.



If Tabacco is talking about a subject that nobody else is discussing, it means that subject is more, not less important, and the Powers-That-Be are deliberately avoiding that Issue. To presume otherwise completely defeats my purpose in blogging.



Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981′s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People



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