July 25, 2016 NATIONAL POLL: GOP Donald Trump 44% – Dem Hillary Clinton 39% – Libertarian Gary Johnson 9% – Green Dr. Jill Stein 3%! Yes, Folks, There Are 2 Other Candidates In Presidential Race, Who Garner 12% Of Total Vote In CNN Poll.






If there is any way for Democrats to GRAB DEFEAT from the Jaws of Victory, they WILL find that way! Democrat Leaders think they are clever, smart and devious. They should watch ‘Forensics Files’! They would learn that this is NOT the 20th century, and there is generally a Trail of Evidence if anyone cares to look. No, this isn’t a case of Forensic Evidence; it is one of Technological or Computer Evidence. And it is equally effective when exposed to the Public.


On one Forensics show, a family of (3) members, including 2 cops, robs banks in North Carolina. After robbing the same bank 3 separate times and clearing about $800,000, they get caught by a plaid shirt, posing with a gun in a police stance and using the family car instead of stealing and dumping one after the robbery. Did I mention the Bellamys are Black!


As for Black Democratic Voters, who gave Hillary about 80% nationwide, Blacks are known for their ‘Faith’, ‘Feeling’ and ‘street smarts’, none of which are either Logical or Effective. But Illogic and lack of Efficacy have never stopped my people from foolhardiness!


Had Blacks voted for Bernie instead, and had the DNC’s DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ not scheduled Primary Debates on Saturdays & Sundays when few are watching TV so as NOT to give Sanders EXPOSURE, Bernie would have won the Nomination and Trump would be sweating now instead of smirking! Remember, Hillary was already well known to the Public.


I knew this stuff months ago without any aid from the Russians. Why else would Democrats (DNC) schedule Debates when nobody is watching!





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