AFTER THE FACT! San Francisco QB, Colin Kaepernick, Refused To Stand For National Anthem Because Police Murder Innocent Blacks In US And Are Not Punished For It, So White Media/Sports Sophists Use Following TRICKS To “Change The Subject” They Refuse To Discuss: 1- ‘TAKING A KNEE’ DEMEANS MILITARY (Change Of Subject: We’re Not Discussing Military; We’re Discussing KILLER-COPS) 2- TEAM UNITY: If You Want Team Unity, Let All Players & All Coaches Follow Suit And Take A Knee Too! 3- KAEPERNICK Is This Or That: The Subject Is KILLER-COPS, Not Kaepernick – You Are “Killing The Messenger”/ ”Changing The Subject” (And Avoiding Discussion Of Real Issue: KILLER-COPS) 4- Not Standing At Football Games Is WRONG TACTIC: Then Exactly What Is The ‘Right’ Tactic To Get America’s Attention After 500 Years? (Discussing Ground Rules, Not The Issue). And Since When Do Oppressors Get To Set ‘Ground Rules’ For Resistance By The Oppressed! 5- If You Bigots Come Up With Any More Sophist Tricks, I Will Interpret Your Sophistries & Defuse Them As You Dig Them Up From Socrates’ Detractors!


a) Bench Trials By Lone Judges