PUERTO RICO’S ‘AMERICAN’ PAYDAY LOANS: No Principal Or Interest For 47-Years, But Then Loans Balloon To Unrepayable Dimensions! CITIGROUP, GOLDMAN SACHS, MERRILL LYNCH (BANK OF AMERICA), MORGAN STANLEY, UBS, BANCO SANTANDER, Etc. Knew What They Were Doing & Knew How Desperate Puerto Rico Was For Financial Aid. Add In President Obama’s Evil, Political, Capitalistic PROMESA BILL Of June 30, 2016 (Establishes Federally Appointed Control Board To Run Puerto Rico’s Economy & Disenfranchises Puerto Rican Democracy – You Thought America Was In Favor Of ‘Democracy’, Didn’t You!), And Just Like Greece, Puerto Ricans Will Have To Borrow Another $1 Billion In 47-Years To Pay Off The Original $97-Million Loan And So On And So On. See Why Tabacco Always Rails Against ‘Deregulated Capitalism’! Yet THEY Always Tell Us How WONDERFUL CAPITALISM IS! And YOU Believed Them: P. T. Barnum’s ‘There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute!’ Democracy Is Wonderful For THEM, But Not For US! – DEREGULATED AMERICAN CAPITALISM AT ITS WORST!