USA Government’s MARIJUANA HYPOCRISY: CNN’s ‘Weed 2: Cannabis Madness’! Internationally, Cannabis Is A Schedule IV Narcotic Drug In The 1961 Single Convention Treaty, Making It Subject To Special Restrictions. In The USA Marijuana Is Considered A SCHEDULE 1 CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE & ILLEGAL! “Politics Of Pot”, Pitting Policy Against Patients! Trapped In The Middle: Sick, Qualified People, Who Want Medical Marijuana But Can’t Get It Because It’s Illegal” – Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Tabacco: Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Get You High – But Even If It Did, It’s Worth It For The Medicinal Good It Does. If You Oppose Medical Marijuana Because Of Some Misconception Perpetrated By Fear Mongers On The Religious Right, Political Right-Wingers Or The Mainstream Media Itself, You Are Part Of the PROPAGANDIZED POPULATION!



Source: Apple Dictionary