REPUBLICANLAND: A Parallel Universe! GOP Presidential Candidates All Agree On Same Lies Repeating Them Ad Nauseam & Fox News Reiterates & Reinforces Those Falsehoods!



Rachel Maddow 9-13-11 Show NOT INCLUDED HERE!


WHAT IS THIS? ‘Swiss Cheese’, you say? Sorry, but it is TV News! It is so full of holes that anyone could mistake it for Swiss Cheese! So don’t feel bad!



TABACCO: I have often said that if I didn’t know better, I would think my Blog was written by someone, residing in a PARALLEL UNIVERSE. However, I do know better; and, if you subscribe to that assessment, it is you, not I, who lives in that PARALLEL UNIVERSE!


The reason you live in that PARALLEL UNIVERSE is because you believe in your American education and TV News without question. It is inconceivable to you that your education and your TV could have told you a pack of lies, half-truths, and denied you essential truths on purpose!


I do not refer to the wrong information we have all received; I refer to the deliberate misinformation, misdirection, withheld essentials, and downright lies we’ve been told by people and groups with agenda that required fabrication in order to be believable and/or profitable. Ever hear of TV COMMERCIALS!


In elementary school, nobody told me that George Washington owned Slaves. And I went to Dyer and Harriet Beecher Stowe in Cincinnati, both Black elementary schools in the West End. If you don’t think that information would have made a difference to me in my teenage years, you are a damn fool!


Nobody in Sunday School discussed the meaning of a CIRCULAR ARGUMENT when promoting and quoting the Holy Bible. How was I to know that saying, “I believe the Bible because it is the Bible” was a CIRCULAR ARGUMENT! How was I to know that saying, “God inspired the Bible” was only hearsay, not a Proven Fact!


Now we have all those poor, misguided Atheists, who realize the Bible has as many holes in it as that image at the top, but have concluded that since the Bible is not credible, there is NO GOD! That, of course, is a LOGICAL FALLACY! That’s like saying, “Because the Clifford Irving bio on Howard Hughes was FAKE, Howard Hughes never existed.” Of course Howard Hughes existed; it was Clifford Irving, who had the existence problem. This does NOT prove the Existence of God, but it certainly does NOT DISPROVE IT EITHER!


I like Atheists as persons, and I certainly don’t think the True God, not the Biblical Impersonator, would send Atheists to Eternal Damnation because they arrived at a Logical Fallacy! Perhaps they never took a course in Syllogistic Reasoning and don’t understand Logical & Illogical Inference. Thank God we all did and do!


Major Premise: All men wear shoes

Minor Premise: Alice wears shoes

Inference 1: Therefore Alice is a man


That inference is INVALID, even if the Alice is Alice Cooper!


FYI: Had I said,


Major Premise: All men wear shoes

Minor Premise: Alice is a man

Inference 2: Therefore Alice wears shoes


The 2nd Inference IS VALID!


If you don’t get it, Google “Syllogistic Reasoning” or “Logic” and study! If you do “get it”, keep reading!


I dug up this Post, which had been gathering dust in my Files, because of a conversation I had today with an erudite and learned man, whom I suspect is not a Republican. (I could be wrong)


I have added my own observations – this time without Research References – because I have either published or plan to publish on every single subject already. I have NOT included the Rachel Maddow 9-13-11 TV Show because I want to publish today. I may republish that Maddow show at a later date.


However, despite his learning and erudition, his faith in his American education (particularly Economics) and our American TV is abundantly clear – at least to me!


Since he now has my URL, I want to explain to that gentleman why his Universe and mine are not the same. He may still arrive at the Conclusion that it is I, not he, who habituates the Parallel one; but at least now he has an option!










Republicans deny Minority Votes (Voter Caging) through a variety of DIRTY TRICKS, not through Racial Animus, because Minorities tend to vote Democratic: Pennsylvania, Florida & Ohio to name just 3 – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?



Bush Administration’s T.A.R.P. included no “Strings” such as Lenders must actually Lend T.A.R.P. Loans; Homeowners got no “Safety Net” at all – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?


Social Security showed profit every year until 2010; government took profits and handed over IOUs – there is a Social Security Trust Fund that reached $2.6 Trillion without any Interest being paid into Social Security for those IOU LOANS – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?


Israel & Its Nuclear Weapons: Jimmy Carter knows it, the Israeli Press knows it, the rest of the planet knows it; only Americans are oblivious – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?


Bush’s Afghan & Iraqi Wars have little or nothing to do with 9/11/2001; Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11/2001 or Osama bin Laden; these were merely EXCUSES for WAR – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?


A Poll Of Republicans identified 14% believe Medicare is NOT a government program; 10% did not know whether it was or wasn’t – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?


Presidential Debate Rules require 15% approval from public in certain Polls instead of asking which 3rd Party candidates the Public wishes to be included in Debates. That allows Democratic-Republican MONOPOLY on our Political System – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?


Lobbying is nothing more than LEGALIZED BRIBERY! Lobbying should be a Felony except for Non-Profit/Charitable Groups like the AARP – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?


Judicial Appoints (especially Supreme Court nominees) should NOT be Political Hacks, Appointees or Party endorsed – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?


Until the Presidential Elections of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson (Democrats, 1960 & 1964), the SOLID SOUTH RACIAL BIGOTS always voted Democratic. In 1964 & 1972, US Senators, Jesse Helms & Strom Thurmond, switched Parties and became Republicans. Since, the SOLID SOUTH RACIAL BIGOTS have always voted Republican – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?




The Republican Governor in Wisconsin, who undermines Labor Unions to deprive Workers of any power at the Bargaining Table and to benefit Corporatists (Scott Kevin Walker),


the Republican Senator in Massachusetts, who pays Homeless people for their efforts for his campaign, exaggerated his own Afghanistan military service, and attacks Elizabeth Warren’s Native American credentials (Scott Brown),


the Republican woman in wrestling biz, who spent $50 Million of her own money and lost Gubernatorial race 2 years ago, now running for the Senate in Connecticut and spending $65 Million of her own money (Linda MacMahon),


the Republican woman who lost the Gubernatorial Election in California 2 years ago after spending $155 Million of her own money (Meg Whitman),


the Dem-GOPer-Independent 3-time Billionaire Mayor of New York City, who declines a salary and declines to live in Gracie Mansion and spent $102 Million of his own money for ILLEGAL 3RD TERM (Michael Bloomberg),


Formerly known as Bush’s Brain, now collecting Millions from Billionaires to keep American Workers under Corporatists’ thumbs, this NEVER ELECTED Actual Head of Republican Party, who plans to run Jeb BUSH in 2016 (Karl Rove).





RACIAL, RELIGIOUS & ETHNIC PROFILING is or should be UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It is supposed to be an American Axiom that people are judged by what they do or by their suspicious behaviors, not by their physical appearance, attire or skin color. Being or appearing to be either Black or Muslim should never be a consideration for Homeland Security or Urban Police Forces in Search & Seizure – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?


Why are so many individuals bombing, attempting to bomb or shooting at American dignitaries abroad and American buildings of import at home? The Media investigates WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE & HOW, but NEVER INVESTIGATES ‘WHY’. If the word ‘Why’ is even mentioned, the answer begins and ends with ‘al Qaeda’. That is NOT a ‘Why’ but an evasive response to ‘Who’! Nobody wants to ask or answer any question relating to ‘WHY’ – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?


Fox News had its Origins in the Nixon administration of the early 1970s; Roger Ailes (currently Fox News Chairman) promoted it as GOP TV, which initially became TVN (Television News Service of 1970s and precursor to Fox News – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?


Reversal of the Supreme Court decision in Rowe v. Wade with a RESTRICTIVE NATIONAL ABORTION LAW would impact only the POOR among us, who are financially unable to travel abroad for their abortions. That financial consideration would never stop Bush, Romney, Trump, or Ryan girlfriends or wives from getting their abortions. Poor children of poor Parents are best bets to grow up Poor and enlist in the Military to make a decent living; nobody wants to ABORT POTENTIAL FUTURE SOLDIERS – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?


The DREAM ACT would require ILLEGALS to pursue the Path to US Citizenship by either a) higher education, for which they would have to pay, or b) Military Service, which would pay them. Since most Illegals are Poor, which Option do you think they would be able to select? Why must Illegal Hispanics PLAY RUSSIAN ROULETTE to become American! – Why do Democratic Politicians & Mainstream Media Say Nothing?



And I have not even included Reverend Wright, Obama as Muslim Lie, Birthers, Deathers, Swift Boaters, ObamaCare Killing Grandma, etc. etc.




Tabacco: I consider myself both a funnel and a filter. I funnel information, not readily available on the Mass Media, which is ignored and/or suppressed. I filter out the irrelevancies and trivialities to save both the time and effort of my Readers and bring consternation to the enemies of Truth & Fairness! When you read Tabacco, if you don’t learn something NEW, I’ve wasted your time.


Tabacco is not a blogger, who thinks; I am a Thinker, who blogs. Speaking Truth to Power!


In 1981′s ‘Body Heat’, Kathleen Turner said, “Knowledge is power”.

T.A.B.A.C.C.O.  (Truth About Business And Congressional Crimes Organization) – Think Tank For Other 95% Of World: WTP = We The People




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One Response to REPUBLICANLAND: A Parallel Universe! GOP Presidential Candidates All Agree On Same Lies Repeating Them Ad Nauseam & Fox News Reiterates & Reinforces Those Falsehoods!

  1. admin says:


    American Indians or Native Americans were NOT the “Bad Guys”. Our government broke all those Indian Treaties – and that was after they treated the settlers so nicely with Thanksgiving Dinner and all the fixins!

    Blacks are NOT lazy! Blacks not only built this country (including the White House), a Black man laid out plans for Washington, DC. Moreover, throughout our history, spanking clean White Homes were kept that way by Black House Servants if not actual SLAVES while Rich White folk did nothing but drink Mint Juleps in the shade while the middle class White Overseer made sure the ‘Darkies’ did as they were told. Margaret Mitchell had a lot of nerve writing that “Negro Slaves” fought for the Confederacy. There may have been 10, who did – after all, it’s not nice to lose one’s toes or a foot.

    But Black Slaves in droves escaped the South during the Civil War and fought for the Union Army. I published at Blog-City about Robert Smalls, who “snuck” the Confederate vessel, Plantation, out of Charleston Harbor at night while the White southern officers were partying in Charleston. By the time they realized what was up, Smalls, his family and a few other Slaves were out of firing range. Smalls turned over the Plantation to the Union, fought on board the Plantation against the South, took over command of the vessel when the White Union officer wanted to surrender, and served 3 terms as a House Member from South Carolina. Shame on Margaret Mitchell!

    What’s more, Judas was a Christian (although according to the Gospel of Judas, Christ asked Judas to betray him because Christ knew Peter, a coward, would never do it). Benedict Arnold was a Christian. The Rosenbergs were Jews. Charles Manson was a Christian, if anything. So was Ted Bundy! So was Richard Nixon, and so was John Brown (the only historical White Christian I totally respect). I say this to ask WHY POLICE DON’T PROFILE CHRISTIANS! Hell, Christians started the Crusades, didn’t they! And, if you read this blog regularly, you must know by now that ADOLF HITLER WAS CATHOLIC!

    PS Just thought you ought to know that “The earth is flat” was NOT the only Lie or Misconception that White folks believed. One more! If Christopher Columbus, who couldn’t get a dime from his own Italians and had to get financing from Queen Isabella of Spain, discovered America, then why was he greeted by NATIVE AMERICANS already here!

    That’s your AMERICAN EDUCATION for you!

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