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“SAUDI ARABIA IS CENTER OF RADICAL ISLAMIC EXTREMISM Spreading Among SUNNI Muslims! Cut Off The Flow Of Arms & Stop Bombing To Stem Atrocities”, Noam Chomsky To Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & Republican Party. Chomsky Explains What Mainstream American Media Dare Not Mention: Why ISIS Even Exists In The First Place. Also, How Obama Mimicked Bush By Concocting Terror Threat To Justify Syrian Strikes As Bush Did In Iraq (While The Media Meekly Goose-stepped That Old Rubber Stamp). And That’s Not The Only Political War Trickery Obama Learned From Bush Regime: ENDLESS WAR To Achieve ENDLESS PROFITS, Leading To National INSECURITY For The Rest Of Us! To Paraphrase/Recreate An Old Phrase, “Arms For The Poor” (And What Did Einstein Say About Insanity?)

Tabacco: The whole Truth is that President Obama and Hillary Clinton MUST COMPETE with the Republican Party – and in particular DONALD TRUMP for MSM Coverage and Street Cred! If it’s NOT DRAMATIC, Dems get no coverage nor does the Public think Obama and Dems are doing their jobs! That’s the double-edged sword wielded by the GOP & Donald Trump!

Noam Chomsky: Saudi Arabia itself has one of the most grotesque human rights records in the world. The ISIS beheadings, which shock everyone—I think Saudi Arabia is the only country where you have regular beheadings. That’s the least of it. Women have no—can’t drive, so on and so forth. And it is strongly backed by the United States and its allies, Britain and France. Reason? It’s got a lot of oil. It’s got a lot of money. You can sell them a lot of arms; I think tens of billions of dollars of arms. And the actions that it’s carrying out, for example, in Yemen, which you mentioned, are causing an immense humanitarian catastrophe in a pretty poor country, also stimulating jihadi terrorism, naturally, with U.S. and also British arms. French are trying to get into it, as well. This is a very ugly story!

But, Noam! The Saudis are our OPEC OIL BUDDIES of long standing! What are you attempting to do here – make Politicians respond honorably to Inconvenient Facts they already know and scrupulously ignore? (Remember how George W. Bush escorted Saudis out of America for their own Safety via Government Airplanes when nobody else in USA could fly immediately after 9/11/2001!) Continue reading

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