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CLASS WAR & REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH: 2-Terms Invoked By GOP Politicos To Make Average Folk Feel Guilty! I Know Because They Used To Shame Me. Republicans Are Very Clever At Psychological Warfare. The Truth Is Both Began The Day Capitalism Was Initiated. Clever Sophistry: Accuse Opponents Of Your Own Crimes & Misdemeanors! In 2004 GWB Impugned Opponent, John Kerry, On His War Record (Swift Boaters) When It Was Bush Himself With Poor Military Record. Utilitarianism & Socialism Are Both Economic Concepts, Which Unite. Capitalism, By Its Very Confrontational Nature, Is An Economic Concept That Fractures & Divides. Adoration Of Donald Trump For His Capitalistic Egoism Is Comparable To Adoration Of Adolf Hitler! One More Major Terminology Must Be Invoked By Tabacco: Americans’ Penchant For VILLAIN WORSHIP!

The American Revolution circa 1776 was NOT truly a Revolution at all! The Power, Pomp & Circumstance merely migrated from English Nobility to Colonial Landowners. That’s a DISTINCTION without a DIFFERENCE!

Instead of Raising Wages, OUTSOURCING depresses Wages around the Planet, including the USA, wherein American Workers must COMPETE with Indians, Chinese, Filipinos and other countries’ workers, who make much less than Workers in the ‘Good Ole USA’! And Corporations that OUTSOURCE make out like the BANDITS THEY ARE!

Read what Mitt Romney, George W. Bush & Leona Helmsley have to say on the subject in unguarded moments while speaking to their Peers, not us: their Foes in War! Continue reading

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