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ATLANTA CHILD MURDERS! Is Wayne Williams The Murderer? Why Was He Never Indicted For The Murder Of Any Child? Even If He Did Murder Nathaniel Cater (Age 27) And Jimmy Ray Payne (Age 21), His Alleged Homosexual Lovers, That Does Not Prove Wayne Williams Murdered Even 1-Child! And If Wayne Williams Was “So Disgusted With His Own Race That He Hoped To Wipe Out Future Generations By Killing Black Children Before They Could Breed”, According To The District Attorney, Then Why Was Wayne Williams Involved In Romantic And Sexual Relationships With BLACK Men, Ages 21 And 27? You Can’t Have It Both Ways – But Atlanta Juries Did Not See That Contradiction Because The Prosecution’s Presentation Was So Prejudicial With ‘Atlanta Child Murderer’ Innuendo That Hearts Ruled Heads. Even Atlanta’s Black Mayor Wanted To Find A Black Murderer Because A White Murderer Would Have Meant RACE WAR! Not The Way Sherlock Holmes Would Investigate Serial Murders!

Tabacco: How do you argue that Wayne Williams loves Black men and hates Black boys? Doesn’t the Prosecution know that Black male children grow up to be Black men! Killing Black male children would defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it! Why didn’t the Prosecution produce witnesses to testify that Wayne was seen holding hands with White men? Then you might be able to make the argument that Wayne hated Blacks. But such was not the case. Continue reading

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