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DONALD & HILLARY: A Marriage Of Convenience! Donald Doesn’t Care One Way Or The Other About Abortions. He Could Send Women Who Have Them To Jail Without A Minute’s Remorse Or He Could Ignore Their Complicity Altogether And Jail The Doctors – Whichever Tactic Gains Him The Most. And Hillary Doesn’t Give 2-Cents About The Middleclass. She’s A Politician With Personal Goals. Talk Is Cheap And Politicians Don’t Mind Spending It Lavishly. Flip-Flopping Is Their Only Telltale. Donald Flip-Flopped On Abortion & Hillary Flip-Flopped On TransPacific Partnership. That Proves Neither Has A Conscience Or Principles – Except The Money Principal That Is! – Editorial

The Ethics Negotiable ones are generally – but not always – Democrats. The Morally or Religiously Immovable ones are invariably Republicans. Donald Trump used to be a Democrat before he became a Republican. Both Hillary and Donald belong to the Ethics Negotiable Class of Politician. Neither is ‘wed’ to any moral or religious concept except for the moment when it suits their political advantage. Continue reading

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