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BRITS REPUDIATE TONY BLAIR FOR JOINING BUSH IN IRAQ WAR AS USA HAS NEVER REBUKED BUSH-CHENEY! U.K. Iraq Inquiry Confirms The War Was Based On Lies! Iraq War Was Fought For US Economic Interests, Not Because Of Any Threat Posed By Saddam Hussein To U.K., U.S.A. Or The World. And Negotiated Solutions Were Never Exhausted Before U.K. Joined U.S.A. Invasion Of Iraq For Unmentionable, Unprovoked & Unnecessary Selfish Reasons! Tabacco: “I Told You So!” After You Read This Post, You Can See Why US Cable Carriers Will NOT CARRY LINKTV/DEMOCRACYNOW! Hypocritical Countries Such As Ours Cannot Abide Unflattering Truths Dispensed Willy-Nilly Over Our Own Mass Media! Even Brits Are Less Insincere Than Americans! MSM Understands Why 5 Cops Were Murdered Indiscriminantly In Dallas, But Hasn’t A Clue Why ISIS Grows & Commits Murders Even Against Other Muslims? Can You Spell ‘HYPOCRISY’!

IRAQ & USA are NOT so different! In Iraq the Victims are Muslims; in America the Victims are Blacks. MSM understands why 5 Cops were MURDERED in Dallas, but hasn’t a Clue why ISIS is growing, regenerating & thriving?

American Mainstream Media is Universal in its ?Confusion? re the Emergence Of ISIS, the Taliban & al Qaeda – perhaps now they will be slightly less confused, but I sincerely doubt it!

If Tabacco has known this since 2003, American MSM has known it too! The Difference is the MSM won’t/can’t/don’t say it, but Tabacco will and often!

Now HOW is CNN handling this story? Is it repeated every half-hour or is it being buried under the latest in a long, long, long list of Murders of a Black by ‘White Police Officers’ coupled with CNN’s Presidential Horse Race Scandals?

CNN & its brethren understand why 5 Cops were MURDERED INDISCRIMINANTLY in Dallas, but they cannot understand why ISIS is committing Murder all over the planet? GIVE ME A BREAK! Continue reading

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