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“As A Bonus, You’ll Get A Second One Free – Just Pay Additional Processing & Handling!” How Could ‘Processing & Handling’ A Second $10 Or $20 Item Be Worth $15-$25 More Than ‘Processing & Handling’ Just One! Advertisers Are Scamming You With That BS, Folks! If You Are Willing To Buy A Second Item, Then Why Not, After You Buy One, Just Call Back Tomorrow And Reorder Just One Again. That Way You Get Two For The Price Of Two, Not 2+1/2-3! They Deceive Us Even Further With $199.99, $299.99, $399.99, $499.99 – That’s So They Don’t Have To Say $200, $300, $400 or $500 – Even Though That’s What It Is! Subliminal Sales! $300 Sounds Worse Than $299.99? If It Does, Let Your Kids Do All Your Buying For You! But You May Have To Give Junior Or Sis That Saved Penny! – Editorial!

Once, at a Supermarket, they listed the price of a quart of milk at $1.50 (I don’t remember the exact price) and a half-gallon of milk at $3.10. I did the math in my head and bought two quarts of milk for $3.00, saving $.10! I then advised the manager of the error in pricing. Continue reading

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