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GLOBAL WARMING Exacerbates Earth’s Weather & Turns ‘Not Even A Tropical Depression’ Into A Category 5 HURRICANE MATTHEW Because Of Deep Warm Waters In The Caribbean! Media Weathermen Discuss Hurricane Matthew, But Persist In Blackout Of ‘CLIMATE CHANGE LINK’ TO MATTHEW That Is Its Cause. Republican Political Pressure On Media Is Obviously The Source Of That Silence! Donald Trump & Mike Pence Are CLIMATE CHANGE DENIAL DREAM TEAM. Those ‘Lost Souls’, Who Believe Donald Trump Will Change Things In Their Favor, Have Only To Look At This Issue To Know They Are Being Deceived BIG TIME! Trump Will Only Serve Corporate Capitalism, Not We The People! But Undereducated People Are Reality Show ‘Feeling’ People, Who Do Not Analyze & Cannot Cogitate! This Is The Main ‘Achilles’ Heel’ Of Democracy – Democracy Will Never Work Well If The General Population Is Undereducated! Mainstream Republicans Cannot Understand Difference Between Real Sincerity & Political Promises. Saying It’s So Does NOT Make It So!

MICHAEL MANN: Thanks, Amy! You know, it’s unfortunate that some in the weather community are not providing that critical context for understanding this trend towards increasingly devastating tropical storms and hurricanes. Matthew is a very good example of a storm that was unique, unprecedented, in certain respects. It intensified far more quickly than any other storm that we’ve seen in modern history, basically going from not even a tropical depression to a near-hurricane-strength storm over the course of, you know, less than half a day, and then, the next day, of course, strengthening into a major hurricane, a Category 5 hurricane. It’s weakened a little bit, but now it’s restrengthening.

And where that intensification, where that rapid intensification occurred was in the region of the Caribbean that has the greatest heat content, not just that the ocean surface temperatures are warm, but there’s a very deep layer of warm water. And that’s important, because that helps sustain these storms as they churn up the ocean. The churning doesn’t bring cold water to the surface to weaken the storm, if there’s a deep layer of warmth. And that all has a climate change signature with it, not just the fact that the ocean surface temperatures in the Caribbean are at near-record levels, but the—just the sheer depth of that warm water is unprecedented. And as the surface warming penetrates into the ocean, we are seeing increases in ocean heat content. Last year was the warmest our oceans have ever been on record. And that’s critical context. It’s that warmth that provides the energy that intensifies these storms. And it isn’t a coincidence that we’ve seen the strongest hurricane in both hemispheres within the last year. Continue reading

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