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PSYCHOBIOGRAPHY OF DONALD JOHN TRUMP! Fareed Zakaria Says Trump Is Nothing More Than A ‘BULLSHIT ARTIST’ (His Explicit Term, Not Tabacco’s). David Cay Johnston Has Been Studying, Researching & Writing About Donald Trump For Decades. He Just Published A New Tome On The Subject, “The Making Of Donald Trump”, Tying Trump To Russian Mafia & Drug Traffickers. Although He Never Mentions Him By Name, When You Stream Johnston’s Interview, You Cannot Disassociate Trump From That Other German Narcissist, Adolf Hitler! The Similarities Are Staggering! Trump Knows Nothing About Foreign Policy Or Government, But Even Less About Casino Gambling & Odds! Hunh? Nor Is Donald Interested In Learning! That’s Why The Don’s Politics Are Perpetually AD HOMINEM Because He Cannot Discuss Actual, Relevant Political ISSUES! Trump Is Actually Dumber & More Dangerous Than George W. Bush! Trump’s Tax Returns? You Wouldn’t Submit Yours Either If You Ran For President & Paid ZERO TAXES! Adolf Hitler Had A Better Resume!

Trump’s FOLOWERS have correctly identified Trump’s INTRACTABILITY. But there are 2-types of Intractability:

1- Intractable Honor &
2- Intractable Evil

Both types of Intractability are equally unchangeable and equally enduring because both belong to the same personality type.

Trump’s Followers have unwittingly mistaken Hitler’s INTRACTABLE EVIL for Teddy Roosevelt’s INTRACTABLE HONOR!

Any Fool can spot the Difference! But Trump’s Followers are a special brand of Fool!

Incidentally, Trump has been sued over 3,500 times by service people he neglected to pay, Donald doesn’t pay Taxes, Donald doesn’t know ANYTHING: about Ethics, Odds, Casinos, Politics, and he’s TOO LAZY TO LEARN!

BUT Donald Trump: A HELLUVA BULLSHIT ARTIST! Continue reading

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