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Cuban Communist Socialist Drug, HEBERPROT-P, Could Mean End Of Amputations For Diabetic Foot Ulcers. Cuban Medicine Differs From USA Because Cuba Researches Rx To Help The Most People (UTILITARIANISM) While US Big PhRMA Researches Rx To Yield The Greatest Profits (CAPITALISM). Lou Gehrig’s Disease Wouldn’t Even Be Known Were It Not For Gehrig! But Under Capitalism, 1 Is Not Enough! If You Are A Candidate For Diabetic Foot Amputation, I Wonder If You Will Care That HEBERPROT-P Was Created In Communist, Socialist Cuba Rather Than In Democratic, Capitalist America! (Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face!) And For Those Americans, Whose Feet Were Already Amputated Unnecessarily, Tabacco Identifies Who In America Is To Blame For Your Unnecessary & Totally Preventable TRAGEDY!

Heberprot-P is the brand name of a drug developed by scientists at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) in Cuba as a cure for diabetic foot ulcer.[1] The product contains epidermal growth factor (EGF) to be applied by intra-lesional injections directly in the wound site.[2][3][4] It has been found to “promote granulation and healing in advanced diabetic foot ulcers”.[5] Heberprot-P is indicated for the treatment of poor prognosis of deep, extensive, and terminal DFU not responding to comprehensive and/or extensive conventional methods, particularly in grades 3, 4 and 5 of Wagner’s Classification with average ulcer size bigger than 20 cm2,[1] of both neuropathic and ischemic etiology with high risk amputation. Clinical studies in 344 patients with advanced diabetic foot ulcers (Wagner´s grade 3 or 4, median size >20 cm2, ischemic ulcers not excluded) have shown that injected recombinant EGF has the potential to promote complete granulation in more than 80%, with complete wound healing (re-epithelialization) in more than 50% of subjects usually unresponsive to other treatments. Injected recombinant EGF has the potential to reduce amputation rates, with a considerable personal and public health improvement, including longer survival.[1]

Tabacco: Why Don’t We Have Heberprot-P in America? Answer: Because of the EMBARGO STUPIDITY that passes for American-Cuban Foreign Policy – that’s why!

THANK YOU, President Obama, for NORMALIZING RELATIONS WITH CUBA! Finally an American President with the COJONES to do what should have been done half a century ago!

But goddam the Bigots, the Brainless Sponges, Politicians, Capitalists & Cubans who prey on Cubans under the guise of ‘democracy’ for maintaining the US Embargo for so long! Continue reading

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Communism & Socialism Are NOT SYNONYMOUS! “Communism” Is A Political Tag, Not An Economic One. Yes, Communist Cubans Are Socialists, But COMMUNIST CHINESE ARE CAPITALISTS! That’s Why USA Does Business With China – Communism Was NEVER The Abomination; It’s SOCIALISM American Capitalists FEAR! Part 1 of 2

“(Cubans) These are men who work under a US embargo, who have not dramatically changed their ideology in half a century.. By contrast, parts of China are staggeringly opulent.. To get rich in Cuba you have to leave the island..” TABACCO: But author gives barely one word about WHY (Embargo) – I explain THE INHERENT LIE! Continue reading

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