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JULY 4TH, The RACIALLY BIFURCATED AMERICAN HOLIDAY: July 4, 1776 (Caucasian Independence From England) – July 4, 1827 (New York State MANUMISSION DAY Freed All Slaves Of African Descent). Tabacco Did Not Invent History; I Merely Tell You The Unadulterated Truth About It! Orientals, Jews, Hispanics, Africans, Muslims, Atheists, Poor People, Middleclass, Disenfranchised Americans Of All Kinds & Honest White Folks Are ALL INVITED To Celebrate MANUMISSION DAY ANNUALLY ON JULY 4TH, Whether You Have Ties To NYS Or Not! Caucasian Historical Lies Are Not Limited To July 4th! Europe As A Separate Continent (Note: ‘Eurasia’ Puts ‘Eur’ 1st/Asia Last – Why FDR/Harry Truman Had To Win WWII In Europe 1st So USA Could Nuke Yellow Peoples Of Japan, Not White Folks Of Germany – Western Asian ‘European’ Colonialization Of Africa For Their Own Benefit With No Subsequent Indemnification Of African Blacks Once Blacks Regained Control Of Their Own Countries – NATO (AKA ‘NACTO’: North Atlantic Caucasian Treaty Organization) Because Australia Is Nowhere Near The NORTH Atlantic – Creation Of Israel In 1948 By Caucasian Powers (USA/European Asiatics) & Destruction Of Muslim Palestine!

Tabacco: Caucasians not only LIE to everybody else; they also LIE TO THEMSELVES! In 1776, in order to vote in America, you had to OWN PROPERTY! Of course you also had to NOT BE BLACK! But even Whites without PROPERTY could not Vote! (White women had to wait until the 20th century).

Worse than that was the CON Landed Gentry played on their ‘fellow Americans’ with that ‘NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION’ Mantra! Whites, without Property or Voting Rights, merely traded in England’s Taxationists for Colonial/Landed Gentry Taxationists! That’s a Distinction without a Difference! Sorry, White Folks, but Truth is Truth! Continue reading

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