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NIGGER! – RI10 Getting MAD Is Exactly The Response The Bigots Want! If Being Called “NIGGER” Upsets You, The Bigots Have Won! Whining About It Only Incentivizes Name Callers! The Solution: Parry, Absorb, Assimilate & Regurgitate The Same Invectives While Smiling At Yourselves, Not At Them! That Removes The Bullets From Their Guns & Drives Your Enemies Crazy! Having Deployed That Strategy, Now What Is Their Fallback Position? Tabacco Dedicates This Post To My Newfound Friends, America’s ‘NIGGERFUXATIONISTS’!

Now that a Black can complain about racism in America without being strung up to nearest Poplar tree, Whites want Blacks to shut up & not use the pejorative. No more “Nigger” or “Nigga”. Let’s all be politically correct. Well I shall not be silenced!

So you think that since we only hear the ‘N-word’ used on TV rather than the actual word itself – NIGGER – that everything is hunky dory in America! Bigotry, Racism & Ethnically motivated insults are a thing of the past, right! Boy have I got NEWS for you!

I originally published this Article in 2007, and it ranks No. 11 on my Blog-City list of Posts. I had to add quite a bit to my original 2007 Post. It seems ‘Nigger’ has NOT disappeared but has been hanging out on the Internet.

You remember the Internet, don’t you? That’s the Institution everyone with a computer or a Smartphone uses these days, including our children! So don’t jump on me; Tabacco is just the messenger! Don’t hide your head in the sand like an ostrich – you cannot breathe or see that way! And for heavens sake, don’t take the coward’s way out and go to the next Article here! You need to know what I know!

I once published an Advisory Post to folks about how Homosexuals get around “Fag” by calling each other that ‘term of endearment’, how War Doves should have gotten around “Cut & Run” by manufacturing T-shirts with that phrase prominently placed on the fronts and backs, and young male Blacks get around ‘Nigger’ by using ‘Nigga’ with each other and their White buddies!

Those Remedies have worked marvelously while former “Negroes” of advanced years keep trying that same old Tactic: DENIAL! What’s that saying? Oh yeah, “Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is one definition of INSANITY!”

But the Elders in the Black community think their way is the BETTER WAY, that absorbing those Slings and Arrows with a smile and using them in everyday banter to remove the Pain and Hurt that word used to foster, is both Wrong and Counterproductive. Sorry to burst your Bubble, but NIGGER has NOT gone anywhere except where everybody can find it – ON THE INTERNET!

Read on! I double-dare you! Continue reading

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