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Police Officers – Or – Judges, Juries & Executioners? That Depends On The Color Of Your Skin! To Caucasians They Are Police Officers, But To Blacks They Are The ENEMY. Just As Many Cops Consider Any Black A Potential Target, Blacks Must Now Consider Anyone In Blue Their Potential Killer. Even Black Patrolmen, Out Of Uniform, Fear For Their Own Lives When Confronted By White Cops In Uniform. Any Black Male, Who Says His Favorite Color Is Blue, Had Better Rethink His Preferences! FERGUSON, MISSOURI, Wednesday, August 13, 2014: How Mainstream Media (MSM) Deceives You The Public With Misdirection, Disregard, Bias & Outright Lies To Facilitate A Parallel Universe In America. CNN, CBS & Fox News Use Varying Forms Of Deception To Obfuscate The Truth. Only MSNBC In Real Time Gave Us Candor. I Recorded CNN, CBS & MSNBC To Report Differences In Detail. I Did Not Even Look At Fox News – I Didn’t Have To! A Black Man In The White House Notwithstanding, America – Particularly The Police – Has Changed Very Little Since The 1950s!

Not every Politician is corrupt; Not every Priest is a molester; And not every Cop is a choirboy!
We must Protest Bad Cops & Bad Policing because the Alternatives are unthinkable.
We, who have grievances, have a Constitutional Right to Peaceful Protests though the Founding Fathers used Military Revolution & Civil Disobedience.
That’s WAR over Taxation without Representation??
There are some, who would deny us that Right under the False Pretext that our Pain & our Protests have somehow led to the murders of Police Officers.
That is Sophistry at its worst!
It is Bad Cops & Bad Policing, which demean all Cops, not our Peaceful Protests.
Only the most Evil of Bigots would cast blame on the Victims for expressing our Pain and our Refusal to continue the pattern of meekly submitting to Racial Profiling, Segregation, Slavery, Redlining, Voter Caging, Job Discrimination, Driving or Breathing While Black Subjugation & Genocide.
We are MAD AS HELL, and

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