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GLOBAL CAPITALISM’S FATAL FLAWS! Earth Demands An Alternative Economic System To Replace This Scam, Which Fails Every 10-Years, Bribes & Dominates All Politics To Benefit The Few, Creates Unconscionable Disparity Of Wealth, Produces Vast Poverty On A Planet Of Great Prosperity & Swallows Up Even Large Corporations To Gorge The Strongest Behemoths! Capitalism Makes People Yearn For The Days Of Dynasties & Monarchs Before Democracy & Its Twin Vulture, Capitalism, Reared Their Double-Headed Anathema. Democracy Is Worthless If The Populace Is Denied Adequate Education As In America. Capitalism & Democracy Cannot Be Amended, Patched, Modified Or Revamped; No Corrective Alterations Are Sustainable Because We’ve Had Them, And Elitists Removed Them One-By-One! None Of These Abominations Are Accidental! Machiavellian Planning Is There For All To See! The Election Of Bernie Sanders Would Signal The End Of Capitalism As We Know It!

I –Great Concentration Of Wealth In Hands Of The Few
II –Entitlements Are Never Considered Unless They Contain Inherent Elements For Capitalistic Profits
III-Perceived Intrinsic Item Value Is Actually A Subjective Concept, Not Objective
IV-Money Has Only ‘Proxy’ Value, Not Naturally Intrinsic
V-Capitalism Considers First: Productivity, Growth, Prosperity, Second: Individual Freedom & Third: People. This Hierarchy Should Be Reversed, And Computers Must Not Rule People
VI-U.S. Politicians Have Removed Laws, Which Prevented Themselves From Accepting Corporate Bribes; Lobbying Now Makes Political Bribery Legal
VII-Vast Majority Of Investments Made In Speculation, Not Production
VIII-Global Neo-Capitalism Induces Consumers, Businesses & Governments To Buy On Credit By Borrowing, Placing Consumers & Nations in Debilitating Death Traps Continue reading

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GPI: GENUINE PROGRESS INDICATOR Is What We Should Use To Measure Quality of Life, Not GNP Or GDP, Which Measure ONLY CONSUMPTION & Increase Positively Because We Spend $ To Repair, Renovate & Reverse Calamities Such As Fire, Sabotage, Flood, Hurricane, Tornado, Tsunami, Medical Disorder & Infirmity, Contagion, Foreign Aid, Loans & Interest, Death, Disease, Military Industrial Complex Expenditures, And Recovery Dollars From Our Own War Destruction Abroad. In Short, GNP & GDP Include NEGATIVE EXPENDITURES, Whereas GPI (GENUINE PROGRESS INDICATOR) DOES NOT – GPI 2

Mark Anielski, Author of ‘The Economics of Happiness’, “Could we develop new ways of accounting for well-being that measures the things that contribute to quality of life in addition to measuring consumption?”

Kim Spencer, Co-Founder of LinkTV and Narrator of Documentary: GLOBALIZATION is often seen as the Solution to many of humanity’s problems. But does Globalization help spread the wealth, or is it just another way to Colonize the Poor?

TABACCO: If your house burns down 3 times in one year, the expenditures to rebuild your house are included in both GNP and GDP all 3 times. That’s known as “Inflating the Figures”! Politicians and Capitalists love it because it makes the “System” we have look good, but is it a “True Indicator”? NOT! GNP and GDP are at best POLITICAL PROPAGANDA TOOLS for the ESTABLISHMENT! And “WE THE PEOPLE” are the SAPS, who buy into those FRAUDULENT FIGURES! + Ladakh, modern day Shangri-La corrupted to our standards by Globalization Continue reading

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