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Karl Rove’s Secret GOP Kingdom! So You Thought “Bush’s Brain” Was Politically “Dead”! No, Today Rove Runs The Republican Party With An Iron Fist! CRAIG UNGER: He (Roger Ailes) had a proposal back then that he called ‘GOP TV’. This is the Republican TV network.” (TABACCO: Unger is talking about today’s “FOX NEWS”! And you thought Fox was just another Network like CNN or CBS! Think again!)

Once known as Bush’s Brain, Rove was big winner in 2000, when the court’s conservative majority gave the presidency to his client, George W. Bush. Rove became Bush’s political czar, but left seven years later as damaged goods, enmeshed in president’s failures and in scandals of his own, including millions of missing emails, congressional hearings, and a near indictment over leaks that outed covert CIA agent Valerie. But then 5 Supreme Court conservatives came down with the Citizens United decision, giving Karl Rove a second lease on life as a bagman – the biggest in town. Bush’s Brain has become Boss Rove, virtuoso of what BusinessWeek calls “partisan money management”, the undisputed maestro of the politics of plutocracy. – Bill Moyers Continue reading

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