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Tabacco’s All-Time No. 30 Hit @Blog-City: 15,637 Hits – GPI (GENUINE PROGRESS INDICATOR) Vs. All Other Economic Indicators: Only GPI, Not GDP, Tells The Whole Truth! That’s Why GOP & Dems Won’t Use It! GDP Treats Crime, Pollution, Medical Expenses, Home Repair Bills As GDP Pluses – GPI1 of 2 – RI10

Economists, policymakers, reporters, and the public rely on the GDP as a shorthand indicator of progress; but the GDP is merely a sum of national spending with no distinctions between transactions that add to well-being and those that diminish it.

“A rising tide does not necessarily lift all boats—not if the gap between the very rich and everyone else increases. Both economic theory and common sense tell us that the poor benefit more from a given increase in their income than do the rich. Accordingly, the GPI rises when the poor receive a larger percentage of national income, and falls when their share decreases.”

Tabacco: People, who cannot afford to buy Stocks & Bonds, generally do NOT follow the Markets. If you cannot sign your name to a personal check which will clear – greater than or equal to $1-million – all that Growth indicated by the GDP is NOT YOURS! None of that “Growth” affects you in any way. If it belongs to Trump, Bush and the Koch brothers, not in your bank account or pocket, it does you no good. This Process has 3 names, which have become dirty words: “TRICKLE DOWN”, “CLASS WARFARE” & “REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH” – you’d better relearn those terms and verbalize all three early and often! Continue reading

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GPI: GENUINE PROGRESS INDICATOR Is What We Should Use To Measure Quality of Life, Not GNP Or GDP, Which Measure ONLY CONSUMPTION & Increase Positively Because We Spend $ To Repair, Renovate & Reverse Calamities Such As Fire, Sabotage, Flood, Hurricane, Tornado, Tsunami, Medical Disorder & Infirmity, Contagion, Foreign Aid, Loans & Interest, Death, Disease, Military Industrial Complex Expenditures, And Recovery Dollars From Our Own War Destruction Abroad. In Short, GNP & GDP Include NEGATIVE EXPENDITURES, Whereas GPI (GENUINE PROGRESS INDICATOR) DOES NOT – GPI 2

Mark Anielski, Author of ‘The Economics of Happiness’, “Could we develop new ways of accounting for well-being that measures the things that contribute to quality of life in addition to measuring consumption?”

Kim Spencer, Co-Founder of LinkTV and Narrator of Documentary: GLOBALIZATION is often seen as the Solution to many of humanity’s problems. But does Globalization help spread the wealth, or is it just another way to Colonize the Poor?

TABACCO: If your house burns down 3 times in one year, the expenditures to rebuild your house are included in both GNP and GDP all 3 times. That’s known as “Inflating the Figures”! Politicians and Capitalists love it because it makes the “System” we have look good, but is it a “True Indicator”? NOT! GNP and GDP are at best POLITICAL PROPAGANDA TOOLS for the ESTABLISHMENT! And “WE THE PEOPLE” are the SAPS, who buy into those FRAUDULENT FIGURES! + Ladakh, modern day Shangri-La corrupted to our standards by Globalization Continue reading

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ASKING THE WRONG QUESTION (An Old Politician’s Trick): “Is It That Governor Romney’s 15% Effective Personal Tax Rate Means He Doesn’t Play By The Rules?” – Question Should Be: “Are Rules That Allow Gov. Romney To Pay 15% Tax Rate Fair?” How Sophists Trick You Into Irrelevant Thought Processes! The TRUTH Is The RULES ARE UNFAIR! Following Unfair Rules Romney Helped Create & We Did NOT Setup Is INHERENTLY UNFAIR To Middle Class! Example Of Political “Hocus Pocus”! If Republicans Misdirect You To Answer An Irrelevant Question, You Miss The Essentials!

“Why does President Obama deserve a 2nd term in view of the minimal increase in Jobs and GDP?” What is the ALTERNATIVE to a 2nd Obama term? Note all Republicans want to defeat Obama! But that means electing another Republican! Which is better? A) Minimal Economic Growth under a Democrat or B) Maximal Economic Decline under a different Republican? You tell me! Continue reading

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