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TRUMP’S BIGGEST LIE: “I Will Make America Great Again!” Fareed Zakaria Exposes The Fact That America Leads The World – Including The Chinese – In Almost Every Economic & Financial Category Already. So Is Trump Just Dead Wrong Or Is Donald Just A Deliberate Liar, Who Will Say Anything To Become President?

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: This country is utterly a hellhole. We are going down fast.


ZAKARIA: This notion of a country in decline is at the heart of Trump’s campaign and his message, which is of course to make America great again. But in fact it is increasingly clear that the United States has in recent years re-enforced its position as the world’s leading economic, technological, military and political power. The country dominates virtually all leading industries from social networks, to mobile telephony, to nano and biotechnology like never before. Continue reading

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