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FAST TRACK & TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP (TPP): IMMINENT & PRESENT DANGER! Obama Does 180, Reverses Liberal Appearances & Proves He Is As Right-Wing/Conservative/Pro-Big Biz As Any GOPer Ever Was! B.O. Is G.W.B. With A Suntan! President Obama Shows His True Color: CORPORATE GREEN – The Donkey’s Grab For The Brass Ring! Obama’s No Jackass – But He Is One Clever Politician! After 7-Years, Republican Rank & File Think He’s Liberal, Blacks Think He’s Our Very Best Friend Since Lincoln & White Democrats Are Scratching Their Heads! If It Looks Like A Duck, If It Walks Like A Duck, If It Quacks Like A Duck, It Could Be A Predatory, Capitalist CHAMELEON! O’s Next Gig Should Be In Hollywood! What An Actor!

Well, Folks, all I can say is, “Clarence Thomas is ALSO Black! And he’s a Republican! So enough of this ‘All Blacks are Beautiful’ thinking!

And enough of White Republicans on Long Island and elsewhere pretending that only Democrats do Bad Stuff!”

Obama isn’t doing anything New – Bush sent us to War in Iraq for Oil & War Profiteering! Yes Bush is a Republican!

And how do you think the Yankees got that new Stadium built, mostly from Tax Dollar$! Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, NYC Mayor then, sold it to the Voters and collected a FEE from the Steinbrenners!

Why would a Billionaire do that! He already has enough Money!

Sorry! “You can never be too Thin or too Rich!” Besides Bloomberg wasn’t quite ready to die yet, and he doesn’t know anything else beside MAKING CAPITALIST PROFITS – any which way he can! Bending the Rules creates EXCITEMENT for the Bloombergs of the World!

Why would Jack The Ripper keep on KILLING!

To ease your Pain at reading this Post, I give you the Video of Evillene (Mabel King) from ‘The Wiz’ singing, ‘Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News!’ Continue reading

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