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HSBC WHISTLEBLOWER Exposes World’s Elite MEGA-RICH TAX DODGERS In Biggest Banking Leak In History! Now You See Why Governments, Corporations & Filthy Rich Abhor LEAKERS & WHISTLEBLOWERS! President Obama, TAKE NOTE! It’s Not About ‘National Security’ – It’s About Protecting Your Double Dealing Asses! Then We Go Back To Previous HSBC Banking Illegalities From 2012! The Same Crooks Continue To Break Laws For Profit & Gain: RECIDIVISM! Sorry, Guys, But Slapping The Wrists FINES & PENALTIES Won’t Work Against MEGA-RICH BANKING INSTITUTIONS! We Need To Up The Ante – How About “You Can No Longer Do Business in The USA!” And Anyone Who Does Business With You Offshore Goes Straight To Prison – NO EXCEPTIONS! As Taxpayers, Do You Just Love Supporting Wars For Profit & Corporate Tax Cheats, Who Outsource American Jobs, Hide Mega-Rich Incomes, Cheat On Taxes? Maybe You Get Sexual Satisfaction When Mega-Rich Folks Slap Your Face Again & Again & Again!

A global investigation based on leaked banking documents has opened a crack of sunlight into the exclusive and highly-secretive world of Swiss banking and the manner in which the world’s criminal elite hide their vast wealth, launder their profits, and avoid tax payments from governments around the globe.

Published by a consortium of international media outlets on Sunday, the trove of leaked banking documents — considered to be the largest of its kind in history — reveals how a Swiss division of the UK-based HSBC bank colluded with clients from around the globe to shield billions of dollars in assets as a way to maintain secrecy and avoid taxes in the clients’ home countries. Continue reading

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