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JUST ANOTHER DAY ON PLANET EARTH: DemocracyNow! Headlines For Thursday, October 13, 2016! Features Include Donald Trump, President Obama, USA In Yemen, Wells Fargo CEO (John Stumpf), Russia In Syria, Honduras’ 2 Assassination Attempts, Another Murdered Transsexual In Cleveland, Oregon Arrests 10 BLM Activists After Pepper Spraying Them 1st, Iowa Lockup, North Dakota Return & On The Brighter Side, Bob Dylan Wins 2016 Nobel Prize In Literature!

And an update on our coverage of the Dakota Access pipeline and the resistance to it: Democracy Now! will be heading back to North Dakota to continue our coverage of the standoff at Standing Rock. As has been reported here and elsewhere, as a result of Democracy Now!’s reporting over Labor Day weekend last month, Amy Goodman was charged by the state of North Dakota with criminal trespass. A warrant was issued for her arrest on September 8—five days after we released video of the Dakota Access pipeline company’s security guards physically assaulting nonviolent, mostly Native American land protectors, pepper-spraying them and unleashing attack dogs, one of which was shown with blood dripping from its nose and mouth.

Protester: “These people are just threatening all of us with these dogs. And she, that woman over there, she was charging, and it bit somebody right in the face.”

Amy Goodman: “The dog has blood in its nose and its mouth.”

Protester: “And she’s still standing here threatening us.”

Amy Goodman: “Why are you letting their—her dog go after the protesters? It’s covered in blood!”

Goodman will be turning herself in to authorities at the Morton County jail in North Dakota on Monday morning at 8 a.m. North Dakota time and intends to vigorously fight this charge as she sees it as a direct attack on the First Amendment, freedom of the press? and the public’s right to know. More information is available at democracynow.org. Continue reading

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