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AMERICAN CIA IS NOT DOING WHAT IT WAS CREATED TO DO! Covert Espionage, Assassination, Regime Change, Creating Universal Bad Image For USA? HELL YES! Spying & Predicting Foreign Affairs? ZERO! ‘Central Intelligence Agency’ My Foot! Let Me Count Its FAILURES!

MICHAEL MCFAUL, FORMER U.S. AMBASSADOR TO RUSSIA, “We did have conversations, just so you know, when I was still in the 
government, about the likelihood, probability, concerns of him going into Crimea, into Ukraine. We had those discussions. But to predict that, to say, oh, I know with certainty he`s going to go into Crimea on this date, 
we`re not good at that. You`re right.”
TABACCO, “That is an EXCUSE, NOT a REASON! Exact dates are not necessary! But predicting Putin would do it is both necessary and essential so you can prepare your own response before the fact, not after the fact!”

MCFAUL, “We`re not good at that because we don`t have, you know, a lot of connectivity with president Putin personally. He`s a very isolated individual. He meets with only a very small handful of American leaders and the circle around him also, or not, people hanging out with the ambassador drinking vodka talks about what Putin thinks.” – TABACCO, “You’ve got Putin’s historical precedents, not to mention that illusive ‘psychohistorical’ assessment that should be in the CIA files! If we knew how to do it in the 1970s when Nixon was President, why have we forgotten how to do it in the 2010s! Is Tabacco the only one in America, who remembers anything prior to 9/11/2001!”

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