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AN INVITATION TO VIOLENCE: A Photographic Essay! From Gandhi To King To Mandela, Peaceful Or Passive Resistance Was More Or Less Possible. But In The 21st Century, Turn The Other Cheek Is Gone With The Wind Because It Won’t Work Anymore! VIOLENCE Is The Only Language Imperialists Speak Or Comprehend! Ode To Asymmetric War!

Do You Remember Those Peaceful “Occupy Wall Street” & Other “Occupy” Movements Around The Country? Barely? Over & Forgotten, Right! The MSM Stopped Covering Them & They Died Peacefully Of Starvation. The Civil Rights Movement In The 1960s Was A Different Time. Blowback: When Powers That Be Don’t Listen To People In Pain Peacefully Venting Today, Those Power Brokers Invite Violence. Muslim Terrorists Took All They Were Going To Take. Now Innocent Folks Must Suffer For Power’s Indifference. Baltimore Is In Turmoil. The Days When Peaceful Demonstrations Effected Change Are Gone With The Wind. Clandestine Government & Police Surveillance, Armed Drones, Courts Dedicated To Incarcerating The Underprivileged While Slapping Wrists Of The Rich & Infamous, Government Alphabet Soup Sting Operations, Our ID Society, Technological Tracking Of Any & All Suspected Individuals, Persecution Of Whistleblowers, Prison Terms Before Trial, Stop & Frisk, Rule By The Elite & Corporate, Deliberate Public Under-Education, Phasing Out Of The Middleclass Etc. Etc. Mean The Aggrieved Have No Alternative But Violence Against The Power & Might Of The United States Of Amnesia. Message To The Elite(s): You Brought It On Yourselves! First Stop The Exploitation, And Consequentially You Will Stop The Posse Violence! Do Nothing But Intimidate & Militarize, And Capitalist America Will Look Like South Vietnam During That War. Some Are Willing To Die That Others May Live! The Choice Is Yours! Continue reading

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