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SECRET TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP (TPP) DEAL EXPOSED AT LAST! Full Text Of TPP (Monsanto’s Dream Trade Deal AKA Obama’s FTA), Is Much Worse Than Anyone Thought (Except For Tabacco, That Is)! Only 1-Issue Organizations, Greedy Corporatists & Greedier Politicians Would Support This FTA! $400K Per Annum Is Not Enough For Obama Or Bush! There Will Be No More Lincolns In The White House, Only Bushes, Obamas, Trumps & Hillarys! Hillary Wants To ‘Earn’ All Those War Profiteering Dollar$ Her Hubby Never Pursued – Looks Like Bill Was The Moral One! Trump Is On A Never-ending Ego Trip! Carson Is A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing! Only Bernie Sanders ‘Might’ Represent ALL AMERICANS, And He’s NOT Perfect! In Recent Times, We Had No REAL CHOICE – In 2016 We Do! BERNIE SANDERS, NOT HILLARY ‘MONEYBAGS’ CLINTON! Such Is America Of Democans & Republicrats! Politicians Are Not Patriots Because Patriots Do Not Become Politicians! Patriots Don’t Become Billionaires Either!

AMY GOODMAN: With the fine print now disclosed, the TPP’s opponents say their worst fears have been confirmed. In a statement, Public Citizen said, quote, “The text shows that the TPP would offshore more American jobs, lower our wages, flood us with unsafe imported food and expose our laws to attack in foreign tribunals”.

ORGS IN FAVOR Of TPP: Monsanto! All Big PhRMA, Washington Fair Trade Coalition (there’s that phrase again – “Fair Trade”), Wall Street, US Chamber of Commerce,

ORGS AGAINST TPP: Over 2,000 Organizations now on Record as OPPOSING TPP! A few are listed here! And NO, I do NOT publish the TPP’s 2,000 pages here!

Among the 2,000 are Doctors Without Borders, MoveOn.org, an unprecedentedly united movement of labor, environmental, family farm, consumer, faith, Internet freedom and other organizations escalated their campaign to defeat Fast Track trade authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on April 27, 2015 with a joint 2,008-group letter urging Congress to oppose it.

Other organizations to sign the letter include 350.org, Action Aid USA, Alliance for Retired Americans, American Sustainable Business Council, Consumers Union, Defenders of Wildlife, Electronic Frontier Foundation, League of Conservation Voters, NAACP, National Nurses United, Presbyterian Church USA, Presente.org, SEIU, Union of Concerned Scientists and United Methodist Church General Board of Church and Society. Continue reading

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NIGGER! – RI10 Getting MAD Is Exactly The Response The Bigots Want! If Being Called “NIGGER” Upsets You, The Bigots Have Won! Whining About It Only Incentivizes Name Callers! The Solution: Parry, Absorb, Assimilate & Regurgitate The Same Invectives While Smiling At Yourselves, Not At Them! That Removes The Bullets From Their Guns & Drives Your Enemies Crazy! Having Deployed That Strategy, Now What Is Their Fallback Position? Tabacco Dedicates This Post To My Newfound Friends, America’s ‘NIGGERFUXATIONISTS’!

Now that a Black can complain about racism in America without being strung up to nearest Poplar tree, Whites want Blacks to shut up & not use the pejorative. No more “Nigger” or “Nigga”. Let’s all be politically correct. Well I shall not be silenced!

So you think that since we only hear the ‘N-word’ used on TV rather than the actual word itself – NIGGER – that everything is hunky dory in America! Bigotry, Racism & Ethnically motivated insults are a thing of the past, right! Boy have I got NEWS for you!

I originally published this Article in 2007, and it ranks No. 11 on my Blog-City list of Posts. I had to add quite a bit to my original 2007 Post. It seems ‘Nigger’ has NOT disappeared but has been hanging out on the Internet.

You remember the Internet, don’t you? That’s the Institution everyone with a computer or a Smartphone uses these days, including our children! So don’t jump on me; Tabacco is just the messenger! Don’t hide your head in the sand like an ostrich – you cannot breathe or see that way! And for heavens sake, don’t take the coward’s way out and go to the next Article here! You need to know what I know!

I once published an Advisory Post to folks about how Homosexuals get around “Fag” by calling each other that ‘term of endearment’, how War Doves should have gotten around “Cut & Run” by manufacturing T-shirts with that phrase prominently placed on the fronts and backs, and young male Blacks get around ‘Nigger’ by using ‘Nigga’ with each other and their White buddies!

Those Remedies have worked marvelously while former “Negroes” of advanced years keep trying that same old Tactic: DENIAL! What’s that saying? Oh yeah, “Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is one definition of INSANITY!”

But the Elders in the Black community think their way is the BETTER WAY, that absorbing those Slings and Arrows with a smile and using them in everyday banter to remove the Pain and Hurt that word used to foster, is both Wrong and Counterproductive. Sorry to burst your Bubble, but NIGGER has NOT gone anywhere except where everybody can find it – ON THE INTERNET!

Read on! I double-dare you! Continue reading

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TPP – TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP! Obama’s Top Secret Trade Agreement Deal That Benefits Big Biz All Over The Planet & Penalizes Everybody Else. Wait Till You Read Barack’s Campaign Promises vis-à-vis The TPP! While Republicans Attacked Rev. Wright, His Christian Minister, Then Allege He’s Really A Muslim, Then Go On To Impugn The Affordable Care Act, Which The Deceitful GOP Would Not Fund Properly & Booby Trapped, Calling It “ObamaCare” To Sack Him With Their Duplicities, Obama Is Doing REAL Unmentionable ABOMINATIONS The GOP Propaganda Machine Chooses To Ignore – I’ll Bet You Can Guess Why! No? It’s Because Obama Is Doing The GOP-Corporatists’ Bidding – Why Would GOPers Object To That! They Shut Up And Let Him Take The Heat – And Bitch About BS Issues That Won’t Hold H2O!

DEAN BAKER: Yeah, let me carry that even a step further with the prescription drugs, just to try and put some dollars and cents on that. We spend around $300 billion a year on prescription drugs. Without patent and other similar protection we’d be spending about $30 billion. So this is, you know, how much for paying extra for prescription drugs because we have patent-related protections.

Now you could imagine a trade agreement, if this was really about trade, we’d be going, “How can we bring those prices down?” But instead, what you have is the drug companies there, and they’re not talking about how to bring them down. They’re talking about how to bring them up. Primarily in other countries, but they’d like to bring them up in the United States as well.

BILL MOYERS: Is that free trade?

DEAN BAKER: It’s the opposite.

BILL MOYERS: That law, is the patent law free trade?

DEAN BAKER: It’s a protection. And that’s what I just find–


DEAN BAKER: –so amazing. It’s called patent protection. And then they’re going, “That’s free trade.” And No, this is a government-granted monopoly. And that just speaks to, you know, how convoluted our language has become, that it’s not free trade if we don’t extend the government-granted monopoly long into the future.

BILL MOYERS: Is it conceivable to you that this could affect the enforcement of Dodd-Frank, which was ostensibly passed to prevent another great crash like 2008? Could this affect the enforcement of Dodd-Frank?

YVES SMITH: Yeah. No, I mean, certainly the derivatives regulation, and I would expect the capital levels. There’s no–

BILL MOYERS: How? How would that work?

YVES SMITH: The first language in both these deals goes something along the lines with, “All signatories are required to make their laws and regulations conform to the standards of this agreement.” They are literally required to make their nation-based laws subordinate to the terms of these agreements. And again, we don’t know exactly what’s in them. But the whole notion is that they are to permit very liberalized capital flows and minimal restrictions. So like, Dodd-Frank basically is inconsistent with that.

BILL MOYERS: So foreign trade partners would conceivably be allowed to challenge American laws?


DEAN BAKER: That’s exactly the point— Continue reading

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