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Fear, Inc. 2.0, The ISLAMOPHOBIA NETWORK’s Efforts to Manufacture Hate in America! The FUNDERS And The PUNDITS!

“As a federal inquiry begins in the killing of three Muslim students in North Carolina and an Islamic center in Houston, Texas, was intentionally set on fire Friday, we look at a new report that exposes the people who fund and stoke anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States. The investigation by the Center for American Progress is called “Fear, Inc. 2.0, The Islamophobia Network’s Efforts to Manufacture Hate in America,” an update of a 2011 report. We are joined by the report’s co-author, Yasmine Taeb, Islamophobia project manager at the Center for American Progress.” – Democracy Now!

In America, there is always some moneyed-interests ready, willing and able to finance some ABOMINATION or other! But who is even capable of spending hard-earned Ca$h to support People’s Policies! That is the BASIC FLAW IN CAPITALISM!

Unless and Until We The People band together to DEFEAT “BIG MONEY POLITICS”, pursuing the Failed Policy of ‘POLITICAL PING-PONG’ (Dem-GOP-Dem-GOP-Dem-GOP) is nothing more than a Panacea or Pacifier for the Middleclass and Poor!

And a viable 3rd Party to oppose Democans & Republicrats is an UNVIABLE SOLUTION because those well-healed Corporatists would just BRIBE those Elected Officials the same way they BRIBE our present Democans & Republicrats! That Solution is NO SOLUTION!

PS SPELLCHECK just gave me an interesting option on my ‘Republicrats’ innovation: “REPUBLIC RATS”! That Option will receive strong consideration at this Blog! Continue reading

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