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SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY! (S 2040: Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act – JASTA) Congress Overrides Obama’s Veto 1st Time Allowing 9/11 Victims’ Families To Sue Saudi Arabia, Which Violates Sovereign Immunity. The President Warns USA Setting A Dangerous Precedent, Which Could Come Back To Bite USA; Obama Is Right If Your Prime Directive As President Is To Protect US World Interests Whether We Are Right Or Wrong! But Tabacco Sees Silver Lining! Just Maybe Our Politicos Have Sown The Seeds Of Our Own Comeuppance! Those, America Has Exploited & Oppressed, May Now Sue USA For Our Own Inappropriateness, Iniquitousness & Incautiousness! The World Can Now ‘Hoist US On Our Own Petard’! We Bemoan ISIS, When We Should Fear Our Own Congress & Our Own Irresistible & Unrestrained Military Superiority Combined With A Callous Disregard For The Lives Of Weaker Foreign Peoples! Has Congress Accomplished What ISIS & All Its Terror Cannot?

ZAKARIA: President Obama has been in office for 2,812 days. And that time, he has vetoed exactly 12 bills. This week, congress voted overwhelmingly to override a veto for the first time in his presidency. The law allows the family members of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. The White House called the override the single most embarrassing thing the senate has possibly done in more than 30 years.

In return, congress wondered why the administration would stop victims from seeking justice. Let me bring in CNN’s Jeff Toobin and the former CIA director, Michael Hayden to give us some much-needed context here.

Jeff, let me ask you, what exactly does this law do and how unprecedented is it?

JEFF TOOBIN, LEGAL ANALYST: Well, the law is designed very specifically so that the 9/11 family members, victims of the terror attack, can sue Saudi Arabia and at least initially begin a lawsuit alleging involvement by the government in the attacks. Continue reading

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