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JOURNALISM 101! “Who, What, When, Where, Why & How”! If Anybody Advises You To Do, Say, Think Or Feel Anything And That Advisor Is Incapable, For Whatever Reason, Of Explaining To Your Satisfaction Each Of These 6-Essential Journalistic Requisites, Investigation Must Precede Action! Whether That Advisor Is Manipulative Or Just Plain Ignorant, You Cannot Follow The Advice Of Someone, Regardless Of Who It Is (‘Appeal To Authority’), Just Because That Person Or That Source Says, “That’s The Way To Go!” This Is Particularly True Of ‘Why’ & ‘How’! Do Your Homework – And Do It Without Interference From That Advisor And That Advisor’s Sources! Acceptability And Current Accepted Thought Are No Substitutes For Research! That’s How Tabacco Makes Decisions As To Correct & Incorrect!

There is a free PRINTABLE copy on the Internet of Journalistic Worksheet (Who, What, When, Where, Why & How) meant mainly for young students. But anyone would benefit from it. Worksheet facilitates good writing and prevents forgetting salient points. Continue reading

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