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Explosive Video Footage Inside Rikers Island Jail Of Beatings Upon 16-Year Old By Guard & Other Prisoners! Teen Boy, Kalief Browder, Spent 862 Days In Rikers, Refused Judge’s Plea Deals, Never Tried Nor Convicted Of Any Crime! Case Against Him Finally Dropped! America’s Prison System Is Worse Than You Could Imagine Unless You’ve Been In The System. Starvation Punishment & Solitary Confinement For Refusing To ‘PLEAD GUILTY’ Because He’s ‘INNOCENT’, ‘POOR’ & ‘BLACK’! This Boy Is Innocent – A Guilty Teen Would Have Taken ‘Time Served’ Deal! Kalief Did Not! Instead He Endured Undeserved 862 Days! In At 16 – Out At 19! This Stuff Happens In America, Not Just Some Foreign Country! In America Justice Is Neither BLIND Nor FAIR To Poor Black Youths!

KALIEF BROWDER: No weapon, no money, anything he said that I allegedly robbed him for. So the guy actually changed up his story and said that I actually tried to rob him. But then another police officer came, and they said that I robbed him two weeks prior. And then they said, “We’re going to take you to the precinct, and most likely we’re going to let you go home.” But then, I never went home. Continue reading

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