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LAWYERING & MONEY LAUNDERING AMERICAN STYLE! GLOBAL WITNESS Exposes How USA Ranks 2nd Behind Only Kenya In Ease Of Money Laundering. Attorney MARC S. KOPLIK Of HENDERSON & KOPLIK L.L.P., “They don’t send the lawyers to jail because we run the country! We’re members of a Privileged Class in this country. We make the Laws, and when we do so, we make them in a way that’s advantageous to the lawyers.” (Marc S. Koplik Is The ‘Leona Helmsley’ Of The Lawyering Profession) You Thought It Was Only The Filthy Rich Hiding Assets Abroad; Some GWB Have-Mores Hide Hidden Assets Right Here In Good Old USA. Congratulations To JEFFREY HERRMANN, THE LAWYER WHO SAID, “NO!” CARL LEVIN’S SOLUTION: US Banks & Lawyers, Preparing Incorporation Docs For ‘Anonymous’ Shell Companies Here, Must Ask One More Question: ‘WHO ARE THE REAL OWNERS?’ Of Course That Would Mean Some Other Country Would Move Up To No. 2 As USA Goes Into Free-Fall!

Attorney James Silkenat was selected by Global Witness because at the time, he was president of the American Bar Association. Yet he and his colleague, Hugh Finnegan, provided what former prosecutors told us was a roadmap of how to conceal the source of the funds using layers of anonymous, interconnected shell companies in multiple jurisdictions.

Hugh Finnegan: Presumably, we would set up a little bit of a series of owners to try and, again, protect privacy as much as anything else. Continue reading

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