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CNN’s ’25 Shocking Medical Mistakes’: IATROGENESIS Is 2nd Or 3rd Leading Cause Of Death In America, But That Word NEVER Appears On A Death Certificate! 25-Baby Security Breach, 24-Fake Doctors, 23-Treating The Wrong Patient, 22-Pharmacy Faux Pas, 21-Botched Plastic Surgery, 20-Dosage Disasters, 19-Toxic Transplants, 18-Dumb Discharge, 17-Ambulance Errors… Read On! There Are 16 More Medical Malpractice Errors Still To Go. Ever Hear Of Joan Rivers, Michael Jackson, & Countless Other Celebrities? Even The Super-Rich Are Not Safe From American IATROGENESIS (Pronounced ‘e-at-tro-genesis’)

(Aside) Wait till you read No. 15/ Medical Souvenirs – sponge left behind inside man’s body after being operated on!

COHEN: Here’s how a sponge can get left behind by mistake…

CNN Reporting is very UNEVEN! In this instance, for example, they report the Facts – Facts, which are rarely reported in the Mainstream Media. The Subject Matter determines whether CNN’s reporting can be trusted or NOT!

However, not even a ‘Fact-Based’ report by CNN is immune from Bias, Prejudice & Utter Falsity! CNN Reports go from the Sublime to the Ridiculous. And you have to be very sharp to know which is which!

These Subjects are either Verboten or Deliberately Mishandled at CNN:

TransPacific Partnership (TPP) (mum’s the word)
Israel’s Nuclear Program (WMDs) (mum’s the word)
ISIS vis-à-vis USA Evils (“Why They Hate Us”)
‘Atlanta Child Murders’ (still dumping on Black Patsy)
Donald Trump’s ‘Reality Show’ Political Campaign
Brits’ Chilcot Report Calling Tony Blair War Criminal (mum’s the word) Why not? Answer: Because exposing Tony Blair as a War Criminal on US MSM would invite the obvious discussion about Bush-Cheney as War Criminals also!

We can NEVER TRUST CNN just because it is CNN! Trust must be parceled out on a Case-by-Case Basis! There are no Cronkites, Murrows, Brinkleys and Lara Logans anymore on the MSM, who are there to protect the Public – Moyers, Donahue, Rather & Olbermann have all been FIRED – some more than once!

Super-smart, super-informed, very likeable Fareed Zakaria can only be trusted 50% of the time! He wants to keep his Gig! (Please don’t call Fareed a ‘Sell-Out’ even if he is!)

Watch the Democratic National Convention, Folks, and please report back to Tabacco when you see Jimmy Carter on the dais speaking his mind! Jimmy might mention ET or discuss Israel’s NUCLEAR PROGRAM! That’s why our former President is persona non grata at the Democrats’ Biggest Bash! Continue reading

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